I am a sissy fag!

I have always wished I was a Female! I am newly single, I love to suck cock, and getting fucked, this is my time to be Who I really am! DetroitMi! over 18 only! anybody want to chat or get together? ?please don't be shy,lam in need of training on how to be a total sissy!

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2019-10-09 13:55:05

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    Most definitely the latter


    happy that i can never go back of course


    You’ve always known. You’ve always wanted to change.


    I wish with all My Heart!!


    Each month for a year add a feminine element to your wardrobe while introducing light makeup accents and growing your hair and nails. You can absolutely do this if you really want.

    Question those who would make you feel ashamed about what makes you happy. Do not let them use guilt and threats to make you conform to their expectations. We are all God’s children. He wants for us to be happy and content. You are not harming anybody. You do not need permission to do this. All you need is courage and determination.


    Words to live by!! ❤❤❤❤


    Thank You for the wise words