“What. Is. Your name?” He asked the new subject. She acted more a mindless zombie than a hypnotized slave.“ “I am a fuck doll. I am a fuck doll. I am fuck doll. I am a fuck doll. I am-” “Okay stop talking now.” She obeyed. The only thing she could say was the mantra from the brainwashing file. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He tilted up the subject’s head, trying to see how far her eyes were rolling back in her head while speaking to his idiot roommate.

    “Jesus dude, how long did you let her listen to the Fuckdoll file?”

    “Yeah I thought I put a limit on the looping.  I guess it’s been playing through her headphones all weekend.” 

    72 hours of fuckdoll brainwashing would do this. Could they even sell her? There was no way she’d function in everyday life. They looked over the fuckdoll’s body. Well, at least she was good for one thing.


    Dumdums blacked iut n woke up like 4 times listening kts like a good file


    WISH SUM1WOOD DO THAT 2 ME~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Machines, Wires and Brainwashing!

    Welcome to The Laboratory!


    It’s a long dark night but you’re spending in your room, listening to my voice and falling down. The next thing you know you are in a Laboratory, What is happening? How did you get there? only one way to find out


    Amnesia, Brainwashing, A shady conspiracy. If you are into any of this, this file is definitely for you!


    By the end of the file you will comment “Transformation Initiated” to confirm your acceptance of this transformation


  • Beta Beats
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    omg~! lik, sum1 kidnap me and tie me up and force mme in2 that room~!


    This is Bimbo.  Its a 60-minute hypnosis file for encouraging bimbofication from a MaleDom/femsub point of view.  It has strong story elements in addition to the induction, deepener, suggestion, and waking portions.  There is encouragement to listen to the file again.  Like most of my public files it contains no connections to me or anyone else.  Enjoy!



    Love this track! This one helped me so much!! Thankyou @hypdom


    Thank you!


    Holy shit, I don’t even know what else to say. I just edged 15 times during this, I usually can’t edge to save my life. This was super fantastic.


    Thank you! I always love hearing people’s responses to my files. I’m sure you’ll find that it keeps getting easier.


    i wanna b a bimbo


    This is an idea from a very close friend of mine who together we have been coming up with some Entranced ideas. This was one of them that I was so pleased with I recorded two versions, her version and this one to share with all of you! Check out the transcript below to see what’s in it!

    WARNING: This is a brainwashing fantasy which depicts signing your mind away to me, such things in real life would be an abuse of power and thus this is just a brief scene and fantasy file. Keep that in mind!

    This contract is to transfer ownership of one, your brain to The Secret Subject for the period of time in which she has her pocket watch on her person on the date of whenever she feels like it.

    While your brain is missing, you agree to be left in a blank and brainless state in which you will be The Secret Subject’s little doll sinking into a deep, deep, deep trance state and will remain as such for the remainder of the period in question or until The Secret Subject opens the pocket watch before your eyes.

    Through signing this contract, you understand that you will no longer need to think, because thinking is just too difficult anyway and you know it’s much easier to listen and obey. You agrees that The Secret Subject is a trusted party in which to openly give your brain to and can feel safe, secure and relaxed in the knowledge that you will always be taken care of.

    You know that it is much easier to just follow and be led, you know that it is much easier to sink rather than think and she agrees to the following clauses:

    5. You will listen and obey to whatever The Secret Subject says, The Secret Subject is a trusted party and shall be treated as such.

    4. You will sink deeper and deeper while time passes her by, occasionally aided by the whispers inside her head reminding her to be a good subject.

    3. You will remember to relax and sink into the blissful feelings of being a little doll for The Secret Subject, enjoying your time of being happy and bubbly.

    2. You will remember to forget to think about thinking, as thinking is just so difficult anyway. Like decisions are hard thus so thinking must be hard.

    1. You will sleep deep for The Secret Subject and sign your mind away for the remainder of the day or until The Secret Subject decides to let you have it back.

    Be a good subject and sign on the dotted line, thus giving me control on your mind and allowing you to be my mindless, little Doll.



    I still need to do that, next time you are here my love? @little-alicin-kinkland 😘😉😈


    Sissy Girl Emily

    take it~!