I followed along with the online Doms orders. It was just harmless fun after all. Tying myself. Gagging myself. Not knowing I’d been IP tracked, and as I was making myself more and more helpless, he was making his way closer and closer.


    Technology is amazing. You can order anything from a press of a button. Holidays, food, money transfers. You can send pictures and videos anywhere in the world and you can render some little bondage slut helpless, ready for you to just wander in take what you want……


    It didn’t take long for @the-english-bounder to update my helplessness. Fully helpless now, with every roll of tape in the house keeping me stuck as he detailed his plans for me. Going from a young woman wanting some online fun to one of a whole basement of nameless bondage slaves in a matter of hours.


    WISH THAT WUZ MEEEEE~!!!!!!!!!


    The tape colour wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough to her skin tone. A nice pair of sexy red lips drawn on, an overcoat thrown over her bound frame and the darkening evening giving us the perfect cover to slip her away to the transport….


    I looked helplessly out the car window at those on the street for help, but unlike an obvious silver, nobody could tell anything was up as we drove past.

    Whining and struggling in my bondage, hearing the moans of equally helpless subs coming from the car trunk as my new owner turns round, grinning at the two empty seats in the back.

    “Let’s find you girls even more new friends.”


    NEEEED THAT 2 B MMEEEEE~!!!!!!!!!!


    I’d not expected much at the hypnosis show my friends dragged me to. I didn’t even really believe in it all. Even so, I’d been a little nervous as they volunteered me to go on stage.

    I remember sitting down, watching him swing the watch back and forth… back and forth… back… and…

    Then I woke up. A different place now. Hours later. Looking round at the hypnotists house, looking down at myself tied up and stripped. I tried to protest, to beg for him to untie me - all my words muffled and mumbled by his ball gag in my mouth.

    I lose focus as he brings the watch out once more. Head spinning. My eyes glazing over. I hear him whisper that I’m his newest toy. That he’s never letting me go. That’s all that’s in my head right now… and it’s beginning to excite me.


    SUM1 DO THIS 2 MMEEEE~!!!!!! NEEED 2 B HER~!!!!!!!!


    Athena finally got the wedding of her dreams. At least she thought so until her Maid of Honor chloroformed her in the limo on the way to the wedding saying something about a  “different sort of Bridal shower” which made no sense and caught her off guard as her best friend longed at her with a chloroformed rag that was covering her mouth and nose before she could react and then the chloroform itself dragged her consciousness away.

    She was in a literal shower when her mind was awake again.


    But she couldn’t stop shampooing her hair or protest or do much of anything.

    It just felt so good. So relaxing. So soothing. So hard to think…


    Then her body started to change. It was smoother and smoother. It was stiffer and stiffer.

    Her mind was gone by now, lost in the haze of pleasure.

    Then came the wedding itself.


    But she was just a mindless obedient doll by that point. And it wasn’t her fiance’ that stood next to her.

    “I, Your Mistress, take thee, Athena, My Doll Slave, to be my wedded object, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to The Doll Source Code; and there to I pledge thee my fetish and pledge myself to be your Mistress, forever.”

    Athena wanted to protest. Her mind was her own again, but her body was not.

    “You may speak” her Mistress said simply.

    “What have you done to me?”

    “I made you mine forever, as I said I would.”

    “But how?”

    “Does that matter. You are mine now. Your fiance’ is mine now. You will be together forever. Isn’t that what you wanted?” then she put her fingers to Athena’s lips and her mouth, lips and voice froze.

    Your Maid of Honor, your best friend, is my Hypnotic Toy. We are going out on the town to celebrate.

    Happy Wife, Happy Life.




    You look so confused. So lost. You don’t need to be anxious anymore.

    Santa’s present will make you oh so happy. You can’t fight it anymore. Resistance only frags you deeper. Deeper, and deeper, into a hypnotic trance. Everything is now out of your control, so all you have to do is smile. Smile. Enjoy the ride. We’re taking you on a journey. One you won’t ever come back from. Santa’s Antlers make pretty, empty headed little toys like you, stupid. Toys like you get nice and stupid. Nice and giggly. The way you should be.

    Holly. Jolly. And Giggly. We can use Lust, it is a powerful tool Breaking a mind down piece by piece Every time it goes to the edge and back Returning with just a little less clarity A little less control And so, you promise to not give in again But you know it’s a lie You can’t resist the flames of your lust Giving away inside you body and mind Luring you deeper down Total obedience to your lust To the satisfaction it demands And when the fun is over you get all boring and smart again. So, you think. But you don’t think anymore, do you? But that’s okay now. 

    You no longer have that kind of control. So smile, and relax. Because this is a journey you’ll never come back from again. We’re going beyond making you stupid. We’re going to make you braindead. A braindead, empty, mindlessly obedient plaything. And you’ll never wake up again.

    Holly. Jolly. Dolly. So, smile. Giggle. And say it.

    “All I want for Christmas, is to be a braindead bimbo dolly.”

    “All I want for Christmas, is to be a braindead bimbo dolly.”


    alll i want 4 crismas is 2 b a vrandead bimbo dollly


    Listening and reading at the same time. Can be dangerously pleasurable.

    If you read further than this you may become hypnotized.

    So, stop now. Or forever hold your thoughts….

    Last warning, this may steal your mind and make you mine.

    Of course, you wanted to read more. You’re wondering how you’re going to become hypnotized and obedient. Or maybe you think you’re too strong to be hypnotized, to be turned into a Good Girl. After all it’s just words and you can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to.

    Maybe you know a little bit about hypnosis and you can tell that I’m bolding certain words to draw your eyes to them, to cause your mind to focus on them and dwell on them. You’re confident that if you know the magician’s trick, you’ll be able to spot the sleight of hand if only you look closely enough. Focus hard enough, pay close enough attention to my words for any hypnotic tricks that could take you deeply down into total relaxation and obedient trance.

    You want to get to the end of my words and know that you’re too smart to be hypnotized, so you can declare yourself the winner. Hypnosis, you assume, is only for the weak willed. The sort of girls who can’t focus and watch for the words that hypnotize them. You’re a woman, not a girl, confident and smart no bimbo looking for a master. You’re not going to ignore the feeling of relaxation that spreads over your body,or miss the fact that your breathing is starting to slow and deepen as you read and relax paying close attention to my words so that you don’t miss the trick. The magic trick that makes you deeply hypnotized, obedient and aroused.

    Of course, maybe you’ve read another one of my posts, one where I explained that it is in fact smart women and not dumb bimbos that are easiest to hypnotize. Confident women can best focus, smart women know how words work and can read and understand the hidden messages to their minds and body. To relax, and read, they don’t need to struggle to understand my words they can just be confident that they’re too smart for hypnosis and allow themselves to relax more now.

    Anyone else might have been hypnotized by now, but you’re doing so good at reading. You’re not mindless and enslaved, so you can just relax. You’re too smart. You know you can watch closely for my trick to hypnotize you deeply down and you won’t need to think about sinking deeply down you know you’re too smart to think about it now, you can just relax.

    So close to winning now, so nice to relax knowing you’re almost there. You’ve almost proven that you’re too smart to relax and sink deeply down into a trance letting go of all thoughts and worries. Of course, that is unless you wanted to sink deeply, secretly hoped that you would become hypnotized now.

    And now each word brings you closer to the end.




    Too smart to relax. Too smart to obey. Too smart to think. Too smart to worry.

    Too smart to struggle. Too smart to resist. Too smart so obey. Too smart so relax.

    Too smart so obey.

    We all accumulate things we don’t need. We keep them as souvenirs to

    remember parts of our past, but they can also get in the way of our future growth.

    Many of the items you have clung on to may be useless and meaningless and tend

    to pile up, to take space in your life. The thought of letting go of the familiar

    feels scary.

    With less clutter you will be able to focus more on what you really need and

    want in your life.

    That would be the smart thing to do.

    You will be freeing up space in your mind and life just like freeing up space on

    the hard drive of a computer. Valuable space that can be used for what is

    important in life

    Imagine your life stream-lined and clear with space around you and more time.

    You have moved on and are now progressing.

    You have lost nothing because you don’t have them to remember to begin with. You’re too smart to remember. You can remember whenever you want without having that clutter around. You are more effective, productive and now able to progress.

    In a moment you will wake up. You will be confident and happy - totally believing that you were not hypnotized. In fact you’ll be so proud of not being hypnotized that you will go even deeper for me And, you will say “I was too smart to become hypnotized and obedient.”

    and you will be a mindless Stroking zombie for the next 5 minutes!

    You love being hypnotized by me. You love proving to me how smart you are.

    On the count of 5 awaken. Feeling wonderful, sexy and smart.






    Fully AWAKE feeling wonderful, sexy, smart and utterly mindless.

    See, now what’s that wonderful.


    i wwas tooo amart  to becum hypnotizedd n obedient