Anyone else's wife dress cuter and more bold whenever their boyfriends are coming over? Walking around in just her little panties or other lingerie that YOU haven't gotten to see in forever?? Is your HotWife always happier and more excited when HE'S on the way???

    Yeah... You're the loser too! ☺️😊😄😆🤣

    I love my panties... BUT... Snug, fluffy, crinkly diapers have a special place in my heart too!

    Not for getting wet in... Or other bathroom play... I'm a big girl ☺️

    But the big, adorable, round bottoms they give a girl are sooooooo cute!!! The ultimate humiliation you get to feel as a pathetic, little, baby girl in your Mistresses eyes is sooooo sweet!!! And the feeling of thick, snug, warm protection of your little, baby bits all day is sooooooo wonderful!!!

    Being her slutty girl is fun... Being her sweet, pathetic baby-girl is intoxicating!!! ❤️😄❤️