Sissy safe porn

*****Looking for a mistress in Berlin***** This blog is NSFW and not for persons under age of 18. I'm a closet sissy from Berlin in my late twenties and most of time locked in chastity, especially while censoring porn. Only allowed to rub my clit to censored/ sissy-safe porn - no tits, no pussy.

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2021-07-13 17:56:03

    Time's crazy

    Tumblr is kinda dead now.

    It was an huge adventure for me to be a part of this, of our community before it was killed by Tumblr.

    I want to thank every one for every reblog, every comment, every like and so on. Every one of you guys was a part through an exciting journey which just seems to begin.

    I learned very much from you and I hope my blog was kinda satisfying for you. Sadly, Tumblr decided to delete most of my content...

    I'm wondering if there is any good alternative to Tumblr and if you would be still interested in new content?

    If so, should it be on the alternative site or do you wish more content here on Tumblr?

    I hope that any of my followers will read this, even if this blog was a lil bit dead in the past few weeks/ months❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you so much for being a part of an wonderful journey which doesn't seem to have found an end yet ❤️

    Update: I just created an account on bdsmlr - >


    Right now the new blog is empty, but I will update it soon. Also, I will try to update this blog too, but I can't promise if Tumblr will let me.

    Thank you all, best wishes ❤️❤️❤️

    Thanks for voting!

    Hi Dears,  thank you so much for voting for my punishment in October.  We got 123 votes overall - that’s amazing! Thank you all so much! I will stay in chastity 24/7, but may rub my clitty once every Saturday to an orgasm (thank you a lot!) and have to eat all the leaked cum. It was a wonderful feeling to masturbate again after 3 weeks of lockup! I came in no time. :D My “reward” was not as big as I assumed it’d be but I didn’t stay hungry at all… It’s not the first time I eat cum, so I’m kinda used to the taste and don’t chicken out anymore but it’s still not as I’d love it… Thank you all again for helping to discipline myself