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Male 43 Live near san diego, Ca. If you’re on my blog i hope you’re stroking your cock, or rubbing your clit right now. Feel free to send me a pic. πŸ˜ˆπŸ†πŸ’¦

I have to state that even though i may re-post content that is submissive or sissy in nature I AM NOT SUBMISSIVE TO WOMEN. I AM DOMINANT WITH CIS WOMEN AND tgirls and submissive with top men.

Thank you for understanding 43Bisexual, recently discovered i have a serious thing for transgirls!! LOVE LOVE LOVE eating pussy and sucking cock, ( men/tgirls) i’m well endowed, ( but tmblr won’t let me post a cock pic, fuckerz)

This is just a collection of kinks and people i find HOTT!!

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    Napa13 πŸ’‹


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    Fuck me like a gurl!!!!!! Β I want to feel your cock slide into my sissy ass slowly and sensually. I want you to give me long, deep strokes taking your cock deep in my ass until I feel your cock pulse with pleasure, erupting your jizz of joy as it fills me to overflowing with your gooey goodness!!!!