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2021-02-24 20:11:05

    Dovete stare sempre e solo sotto le piante dei piedi 👣


    You are now my property! I will make you sniff and lick my feet for hours until you absorb the scent and implore me to crush you under my bare feet! Yes, ma'am ...


    She does an excellent face rub ! This will make sure the skin of his face is deeply penetrated with her foot fragrances. Not allowed to wash, his face will carry the aromatic flavour of her feet for the rest of the day. The perfect ownership stamp. People encountering him will immediately notice he is owned by her feet. 


    She knows how to humilliate her oponent..


    The perfect annihilation of her opponent with her bare feet ! The first clip tells it all:  look how she attacks her victim with her foot : as soon as she plants her bare foot full into the face, her opponent’s resistance drops to zero as soon as she inhales the intoxicating aroma of that bare foot !


    Sometimes weaker women need to be put in their place.