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    hi…i just have to say if you’re questioning your gender and you think you might be trans but you’re a gay guy/lesbian and you feel like transing your gender is some sort of betrayal to the gay community well just know that it’s not. you are who you are, i know it’s hard to go from thinking you’re gay all your life to realizing you may be straight but, but it’s okay. being straight isn’t wrong, you aren’t wrong for loving who you love.. you don’t have to censor and closet yourself to please other people. you deserve to be happy you deserve to be who you are


    CPD just killed a fifteen year old child.


    a fifteen year old black girl was shot four times in the chest by columbus police in columbus, ohio.

    as derek chauvin was found guilty, a black child lost her life to police.

    we still don’t know her name, but we’ll scream it the minute we do.


    “well that can’t be worse”

    except it is.

    except this child got jumped by the other girls present. she was afraid for her life enough to grab a knife and call the cops herself.

    let me repeat that.

    the black child that they killed was so afraid she called the cops herself.

    they killed the very person who asked for their help.

    and before you flip over the knife, they didn’t even ask her to disarm. they got out and immediately opened fire on her and shot her four times with deadly intent.


    did y’all think i was kidding.


    her name is ma’khia bryant.

    i’m such a small blog but i’m begging y’all to spread this story. i can’t speak directly to this- no matter how hurt and angry and thrown by all of this i am, my voice isn’t the one that matters. i recognize that. but i’m still begging for this to not be overlooked. say her name, remember her- remember that this fight never ended, and keep fighting it.

    derek chauvin being found guilty is a victory, but we can’t let that blind us to the fact that this has kept happening and never actually stopped. even if the protests went quiet, that doesn’t mean things changed. we have to hold them accountable and we have to remember those who have died and will continue to die beneath the shadow of everything else that’s happened this year.

    my heart is going out to her family.

    rest in peace, ma’khia.


    Just saw the video after reblogging earlier, fuck cops but this one isn't unjustified. Kid was trying to kill another kid.


    This guy plays the footage in slow motion and goes over the specifics, the police are required to take action if someone's life is in danger. The officer didn't shoot because he felt personally threatened, but because if he'd hesitated that other girl may have died. And people saying he should've aimed for her arm, her arm was in front of the other girl she was trying to stab, if he'd missed he might have shot the girl he was trying to protect. Like yeah it's important to be aware of police brutality when it's unjustified and racially motivated but watch the footage and see what she's doing.

    Also stop infantilizing 15 year olds, they're not complete babies incapable of rational thought. 15 year olds definitely know not to try to stab other people.

    I hope people realize that cults never look like cults. You think you're doing the right thing, that you're on the side of justice, and they're right enough in the beginning so it makes you more trusting. Maybe the first few times you looked into stuff like this and were sure that the shooting was unjustified so it inventivizes you to not do research the next time. Now every single time it's unjustified. You just want the world to be black and white, because obviously every time a cop shoots someone it's unjustified, because otherwise you have to look at nuance and actually think and everyone already believes that they're thinking freely. Because many times the police are disproportionately using unnecessary force against black people and that is true. But all lies are made easier to swallow with a grain of truth. You need to research every single time this happens because you can't be sure. Chasing someone with a knife isn't self defense.

    And before anyone argues with me, should the officer have done nothing and let her slit someone's throat? Should the officer have lost precious seconds switching to a taser when she was using deadly force against someone? If he'd switched to a taser and that other girl had been stabbed and died, would that have been better?


    Help us convince Discord to support the plural community

    Hey folks! Discord is currently considering integrating functions such as proxying in order to support plural folks, who currently have to rely on bots to communicate as ourselves. We just need to convince them that there’s a demand for this. We have a plan for that, outlined in a message from our friend @alaneiii which I’ll copy/paste below. Please consider helping us out with this, thank you

    Hey everyone!! This is a long message, but please read.

    There is currently an effort to have Discord integrate features aimed at helping the plural community (think what PluralKit does with proxies) into discord itself! It’s being seriously considered, but it won’t be an automatic add and they need to know there’s a demand/widespread desire for it.

    What is being asked here is for people - systems, singlets, anyone - to show their support and desire for this. Their email is support@discordapp.com, their twitter is @discord, and the direct support line is linked below. It’s all right here, so please consider sending them a message!

    We want to ask them to consider integrating functions aimed at the plural community, such as proxying!

    That’s the main idea and is the most important part, but other ideas you can include involve: By doing something simple to support the plural community, they give systems a platform where they can express themselves - something rare, and not seen when it comes to purposefully helping systems. If they do this, they can be the first large group to take such a significant step, they can provide real help that matters to many people, and they’ll get to support a large community that already uses discord a great deal - as well as attracting new members.

    It would be incredible to have happen, and if it did happen, systems could have so many more options open to them, things that just aren’t optional when using bots like PK.

    Also, please consider passing the message along! You can copy paste this message yourself. Send to servers, friends, post it wherever you spend your time - get it out there, and let’s see if this can happen!

    https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (the proper type of request should be Help & Support!)


    yup, that’s me!!

    first off, some explanations for anyone confused:

    what is a system?

    multiple people in one body!

    here’s a link that reviews the basics

    this one has some educational videos

    and here is a ton of links if you want to research

    what is pluralkit? proxying?

    pluralkit’s website + explanation

    proxying is simple:

    it allows discord accounts to create “sub-profiles” all connected to the main account, complete with their own profile picture and name for each proxy account/sub-profile.

    so what does this mean? basically, a system has one discord account. and each system member, their own separate but connected proxy account, with their own name, icon, and sometimes info card. it’s like sideblogs on tumblr - connected, but still unique.

    what exactly should i say to discord?

    we prefer you write your message yourself, as the exact same copy pasted message will get labeled as spam.

    but basically: say that you think it’s important to support plural communities. say that you know many systems on discord. say that you want proxy accounts to be available through discord itself.

    a message may be formatted like this:

    - introduction, state your name, say your purpose

    - if you know systems or are part of the plural community, talk about that!

    - say that you think it would be great if discord supported the plural community. say how they could do that (reminder, main goal here is proxy messages/accounts!!), and that it would help

    - state how important it is, how this could be groundbreaking, how it would inspire others, how it could help the plural community in many ways (such as visibility), how it could bring new people to discord, and how much you care

    - end the message, thank them for their time

    In summary:

    This could be really important to a huge community, and we have a serious chance at making this happen! If we work together now, spread the news, get messages sent in, this really is a time we can make a difference.

    So whether you know systems, are part of the plural community, or are learning about all of this right now - please consider sending a message. Please reblog this post, send the above copy/paste message to people you know, and help us make this a reality.

    Thank you.


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    I can’t watch anime that pauses the action to show the characters’ thoughts. Except death note, because the thoughts are like

    Light: If I ask him if he’s British will he think I’m trying to get more information so I can kill him because I’m the murderer? But if I don’t ask he’ll think I’m scared to ask because he thinks I don’t want him to think I’m the murderer. No, there’s no way he would think that far into it—I’ll ask anyway.

    L: If he asks me if I’m British he’s definitely the murderer.


    On the issue of the ‘q slur’...

    So, yesterday, I got into a rather stupid internet argument with someone who was peddling what seemed to me to be a rather insidious narrative about slur-reclamation. Someone in the ensuing notes raised a point which I thought was interesting, and worrying, and probably needed to be addressed in it’s own post. So here we go:


    The word ‘queer’ itself seems to be especially touchy for many, so let me begin to address this by way of analogy.

    Instead of talking about “queer”, let’s start by talking about “Jew” - a word which I believe is very similar in its usage in some significant ways.

    Now, the word “Jew” has been used as a derogatory term for literally hundreds of years. It is used both as a noun (eg. “That guy ripped me off - what a dirty Jew”) and as a verb (eg. “That guy really Jew-ed me”). These usages are deeply, fundamentally, horrifically offensive, and should be used under no circumstances, ever. And yet, I myself have heard both, even as recently as this past year, even in an urban location with plenty of Jews, in a social situation where people should have known better. In short – the word “Jew”, as it is used by certain antisemites, is – quite unambiguously – a slur. Not a dead slur, not a former slur – and active, living slur that most Jews will at some point in their life encounter in a context where the term is being used to denigrate them and their religion. 

    Now here’s the thing, though: I’m a Jew. I call myself a Jew. I prefer that all non-Jews call me a Jew – so do most Jews I know. “Jew” is the correct term for someone who is part of the religion of Judaism, the same way that “Muslim” is the correct term for someone who is part of the religion of Islam, and “Christian” is the correct term for someone who is part of the religion of Christianity. 

    In fact, almost all of the terms that non-Jews use to avoid saying “Jew” (eg. “a member of the Jewish persuasion”, “a follower of the Jewish faith”, “coming from a Jewish family”, “identifying as part of the Jewish religion”, etc) are deeply offensive, because these terms imply to us that the speaker sees the term “Jew” (and by extension, what that term stands for) as a dirty word.

    “BUT WAIT” – I hear you say – “didnt you just say that Jew is used as a slur?!?”

    Yes. Yes, I did. And also, it is fundamentally offensive not to call us that, because it is our name and our identity.

    Let me back up a little bit, and bring you into the world of one of those 2000s PSAs about not using “that’s so gay”. Think of some word that is your identity – something which you consider to be a fundamental and intrinsic part of yourself. It could be “female” or “male”, or “Black” or “white”, “tall” or “short”, “Atheist” or “Mormon” or “Evangelical” – you name it.

    Now imagine that people started using that term as a slur.

    “What a female thing to do!” they might say. “That teacher doesnt know anything, he’s so female!”

    Or maybe, “Yikes, look at that idiot who’s driving like an atheist. It’s so embarrassing!”

    Or perhaps, “Oh gross, that music is so Black, turn it off!”

    Now, what would you say if the same groups of people who had been saying those things for years turned around and avoided using those words to describe anything other than an insult?

    “Oh, so I see you’re a member of the female persuasion!”

    “Is he… a follower of the atheist beliefs? Like does he identify as part of the community of atheist-aligned individuals?”

    “So, as a Black-ish identified person yourself – excuse me, as a person who comes from a Black-ish family…”

    Here’s the fundamental problem with treating all words that are used as slurs the same, without any regard for how they are used and how they developed – not all slurs are the same.

    No one, and I mean no one (except maybe for a small handful of angsty teens who are deliberately making a point of being edgy) self-identifies as a kike. In contrast, essentially all Jews self-identify as Jews. And when non-Jews get weird about that identity on the grounds that “Jew is used as a slur”, despite the fact that it is the name that the Jewish community as a whole resoundingly identifies with, what they are basically saying is that they think that the slur usage is more important than the Jewish community self-identification usage. They are saying, in essence, “we think that your name should be a slur.” 

    Now, at the top I said that the word “Jew” and the word “queer” had some significant similarities in terms of their usage, and I think that’s pretty apparent if you look at what people in those communities are saying about those terms. When American Jews were being actively threatened by neo-Nazis in the 70s, the slogan of choice was “For every Jew a .22!″. When the American Queer community was marching in the 90s in protest of systemic anti-queer violence, the slogan of choice was “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!” Clearly, these are terms that are used by the communities themselves, in reference to themselves. Clearly, these terms are more than simply slurs.

    But while there are useful similarities between how the terms “Jew” and “Queer” are used by bigots and by their own communities, I’d also like to point out that there is pretty substantial and important difference:

    Unlike for “queer”, there is no organized group of Jewish antisemites who are using the catchphrase “Jew is a slur!” in order to selectively silence and disenfranchise Jews who are part of minority groups within Judaism. 

    This is the real rub with the term queer – no one was campaigning about it being a slur until less than a decade ago. No one was saying that you needed to warn for the word queer when queer people were establishing the academic discipline of queer studies. No one was ‘think of the children”-ing the umbrella term when queer activists were literally marching for their lives. Go back to even 2010 and the term “q slur” would have been basically unparseable – if I saw someone tag something “q slur”, like most queer people I would have wracked my brains trying to figure out what slur even started with q, and if I learned that it was supposed to be “queer”, my default assumption would be that the post was made by a well-meaning but extremely clueless straight person.

    I literally remember this shift – and I remember who started it. Exclusionists didn’t like the fact that queer was an umbrella term. Terfs (or radfems as they like to be called now) didn’t like that queer history included trans history; biphobes and aphobes didn’t like that the queer community was also a community to bisexuals and asexuals. And so what could they possibly say, to drive people away from the term that was protecting the sorts of queer people that they wanted to exclude?

    Well, naturally, they turned to “queer is a slur.”

    And here’s the thing – queer is a slur, just like Jew is a slur, and no one is denying that. And that fact makes “queer is a slur so don’t use it” a very convincing argument on the surface: 1) queer is still often used as a slur, and 2) you shouldn’t ever use slurs without carefully tagging and warning people about them (and better yet, you should never use them at all), and so therefore 3) you need to tag for “the q slur” and you need to warn people not to call the community “the queer community” or it’s members “queer people” or its study “queer studies” – because it’s a slur!

    But the crucial step that’s missing here is exactly the same one above, for the word “Jew” – and that step is that not all slurs are the same. When a term is both used as a slur and used as a self-identity term, then favoring the slur meaning instead of the identity meaning is picking the side of the slur-users over the disadvantaged group! 

    If you say or tag “q slur” you are sending the message, whether you realize it or not, that people who use “queer” as a slur are more right about its meaning than those who use it as their identity. Tagging for “queer” is one thing. People can filter for “queer” if it triggers them, just like people can filter for anything else. Not everyone has to personally use the term queer, or like the term queer. But there is no circumstance where the term “q slur” does not indicate that you think queer is more of a slur than of an accurate description of a community.

    If I, as a Jew, ever came across a post where someone had warned for innocent, positive, non-antisemitic content relating to Judaism with the tag “J slur”, I would be incensed. So would any Jew. The act of tagging a post “J slur” is in and of itself antisemitic and offensive.

    Queer people are allowed to feel the same about “q slur”. It is not a neutral warning term – it is an attack on our identity.


    Finally, someone managed to coherently articulate what I’ve been trying to tell people.

    Any word can be used as a slur- I mean really, the term “queer” was around before “gay” was


    and gay was a slur before it was a self-identifier, while queer was coined by american gay men in the 30’s


    fuck off with the "kill all men" shit genuinely


    like do u not.understand how that may be a red flag for trans women????? good fucking lord


    same with that post thats like "men can never love women the way women do" its genuinely some of the most pervasive terfy biological essentialist bullshit on this site and i see it on my dash from tmes all the time


    I’m not sure what’s weirder: AOC accidentally posting a link to one of the most popular Lumity fanfics in The Owl House fandom to her official Twitter account, or the fact that she didn’t try to cover up or deny anything and just admitted that she was the author and forgot to switch accounts


    God I love it when my followers submit something that’s funnier than anything I could come up with because it makes reading the comments and weblogs so much fucking funnier /srs


    Read the URL but also gotta say that in mobile it actually hides most of the url cuz it’s too long


    I hate that this and the darker timeline blog are still so indistinguishable from our current reality I have to double check to make sure it’s fake.


    God we really need to give credit to the person who submitted this cause they created the post that has fooled the most people so far