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    WELCOME BACK! For those who logged off, this is what you missed.

    1. @staff made a post pretty much saying “Your stuff isn’t getting deleted, just hidden from everyone but you” and “Yeah we know you hate the term “female presenting nipples” but we ain’t gonna stop saying it”

    2. If a blog has a pixelated icon that means they got hit by the ban, you cannot view that blog outside the sidebar. You cannot even view their archive. Allegedly if you follow the advice in this post it’ll be fixed but only if it was an accidental flag (aka a real sfw blog)

    3. The post Staff made including examples of what was ok to post. It got flagged.

    4. Yes, the bots are still here. Yes they are still stealing posts and putting porn links on them. Yes there are still ads with stuff more sexual than they allow in posts. Yes innocent things are still getting flagged.

    5. So yes, the site is still here and staff are still morons.


    20 Ways to Abuse a Faggot with Master’s Spit

    White slaves and pets worship everything a Master’s body makes — including His spit. 

    Fortunately, a Man’s mouth has an endless supply of saliva in it. The result is an infinite amount of enjoyment for Masters who are enterprising enough to use their spit not only for chewing up food at the kitchen table, but also for chewing up white slaves in the bedroom. 

    Need some ideas? Here are 20 ways Masters can use Their Alpha spit to abuse a white slave :

    • Spit-fuck Your faggot’s pussy. After all, spit is Mother Nature’s lube.
    • Spit directly into Your slave mouth. A slave face-cunt makes for the perfect spittoon. Spitting in its mouth can also be useful for extra lubrication if its mouth is dry, because nobody likes fucking a dry throat.
    • Use Your spit and Your slave face for target practice. Have Your slave kneel in the corner with its mouth open. Step away from the slave and spit at it from a distance. Aim for its open mouth. If it’s too easy to get your spit in the hole, take a step back to challenge yourself. Have buddies over? Turn this into a game: You score five points for a direct hit in the mouth, three points for the eyes and one point for anywhere on the face. First Man to 50 points gets to use the slave first.
    • Spit in Your faggot’s drink — multiple times if You feel like it — then watch it guzzle its spit-spiked beverage. Even better: do it in public, at a restaurant or bar. Better still: Do it with loogies, which will float in the drink like snotty ice cubes.
    • Spit — regular spit or a loogie — on the floor of a public place when You’re out with Your slave. Order it to get on the ground and lick it up, no matter who’s around to see it do it.
    • Spit on the floor and tell Your slave to put his tongue on it. No licking it up; just touching it with its tongue. Make it stay like this for several minutes — or perhaps even longer — until You give it permission to lick it up. It’s a good exercise in restraint and obedience.
    • When Your slave comes home from work, leave a trail of spit on the floor leading to the bedroom, where You will be waiting to fuck the living daylights out of it . It’s like leaving a romantic trail of rose petals — but for slaves.
    • Spit Your used toothpaste into Your slave mouth as the only thing it ’s allowed to use to brush its teeth.
    • Spit on Your slave face and/or in its hair. Make it leave it there to dry and forbid it from washing its face. It has to wear Your spit on its skin all day — to work, the grocery store, etc.
    • When out to lunch with Your slave , spit a loogie onto its burger or sandwich; Your spit is the only condiment a slave needs/deserves.
    • Spit some spit and a few loogies into condiment cup so Your slave can dip its french fries in it. Only Master get ketchup for Their fries.
    • If Your slave had been a good boy, give it a facial massage — and use Your spit as the massage oil. Your spit will get deep into the pig’s pores, and the scent of it will linger on its  face for hours after.
    • Sit comfortably with Your slave at Your feet and see how far across the room You can spit. Make the slave crawl as fast as it can to lick it up and get back to You before You do the next one. For added fun, blindfold the slave and make it crawl with his nose on the floor until it finds it.
    • Messy slave ? Make it wash its hands or face with Your spit. Soap and water is for Masters.
    • Men in public restrooms often spit in the urinal as They’re pissing in it. Do the same with Your slave— piss in its open mouth, and spit in it as You’re pissing. Because spit and piss are the perfect complements.
    • Keep a small water bottle with You throughout Your week. Spit in it periodically throughout the day, every day for the week. You’ll be surprised at how much spit You’re able to accumulate. At the end of the week, make Your slave drink the spit-beverage from a cup, jack off with it while You watch, or use it as lube while dildo-fucking itself.
    • Put Your slave out on the street and then go upstairs — the higher the better — and spit large drools of spit out the window. The faggot must catch it with its mouth. If it misses, the huge splat on its forehead will be entertaining anyway.
    • Choose one day a week where the only thing Your slave eats is chewed and spat from Your mouth onto the floor.
    • Spit a few loogies into Your slave underwear and make it wear them; sitting in Your spit and snot will remind it of its place serving You. At the end of the day, instruct it to remove the underwear and suck on the dried loogie stains to prove its obedience to You.
    • If Your slave fancies itself a foodie, create Your own “foam” for the top of his meals by getting a good mouthful and swishing it around Your mouth to create that extra foamy effect. Make sure everything is covered.

    BBC rules


    Excellent ideas - if Master spits on the soles of His trainers then that gives slave extra help to do its work


    Number 8 got me 😳😳👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤢 fuck that’s sicKKK 😈😈😈😍


    And yet, still luxury for a faggot

    You Know Who You Are ---                  --- And So Do We.

    Fuck you for affirming you are sexist in saying “female presenting nipples” are an offense and male nipples aren’t.

    Fuck you for affirming you are racist in allowing continued searching for “white power” but not permitting searches for boobs.

    Fuck you for affirming you are homophobic in prohibiting the destruction of LGBTQIAK+ safe spaces for sexual exploration and networking.

    Fuck you for being the worst of the worst during the holiday season.

    Fuck you for promoting intolerance and bigotry in the name of being more welcoming and friendly.


    How to Become More Passive as a Faggot

    You may have heard people preach the benefits of being assertive. While it’s definitely true that you should be able to articulate and defend yourself if you are in any sort of threat or danger, there’s something to be said for being the one who always lets others get their way.

    You won’t be seen as an angry, shrill, cunt and in fact will increase your potential for making others happy, avoiding conflict, and, most importantly, putting others (particularly Men) before yourself.

    If you are a passive person, it’s important to surround yourself with people you trust that can defend and stand up for you if necessary. That’s one of the reasons why finding a true Man to be your valiant white knight is so important for a passive faggot.

    Passivity is not a negative trait- in fact for faggots it’s an aspirational ideal that will prime you to become the perfect, moldable resource for a Man to please Himself with. I’m trying more and more to be as passive as possible and I encourage other faggots to be as well.

    Here’s my advice for becoming more passive.

    1. Realize it’s not about you

    It’s a big world we live in filled with many accomplished Men that are smarter, stronger, and more successful than us fags are. We’re really nothing special so quit wasting the energy on feeling entitled to things.

    I’m realizing more and more that by channeling the negative energy away from being upset over not getting my way I’m able to able to devote myself fully to more important things like skincare and exercise.

    2. Accept blame as the default

    We all make mistakes. Some fags more than others. While it’s true that sometimes you technically aren’t at fault when others are upset with you, often it’s better just to take the blame anyway.

    You’ll avoid making others even angrier, and then you can move on instead of just arguing. This will also make you easier it easier for a Man to discipline you when you take blame and adjust your behavior to His liking.

    3. Apologize more

    Saying “sorry” as often as possible shows others that you are not only kind-hearted and sensitive to their needs, but also a pushover. Men will find this adorable!

    4. Pick your battles (or don’t!)

    Only contradict someone if it’s an absolute necessity. Trust me, at least 90% of the time it just isn’t worth it. An argumentative faggot is really just a joke, so don’t get angry or pushy about anything.

    Better yet, depend on Men to do the confrontation for you.

    5. Keep your opinions to yourself

    Most people don’t want to hear a pushy faggot droning on about how it’s too cold outside or how their boss at work is an asshole. You’ll usually just come across as being whiny and a bitch.

    Just remember again that you’re nothing special and aren’t entitled to anything and move on. A Man with His true masculine intelligence will always have better standing to express His opinions.

    6. Accept the benefits of giving in

    You’ll be more well-liked, appear more approachable, but most importantly more easy for a Man to control. The more you learn to just give in to others, the more naturally submissive you’ll be!


    I think most faggots (including my self) at some point in our lives we are whinny and pushy and we argue about everything because we still don t find peace after all the bullying, we have this need to argue and “win”. But when you learn to be fully passive and let go and specially say sorry for everything, you find your self peacefull, is a faggot s nature to be happy