Your first time headcanons for nick and Dylan were so cute! Could we get some for the rest of the boys, Jacob and Ryan as well? They need to get some love too! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu ❤️


    - headcanons for what he would be like during his first time (gn reader, ⚠️ smut intended, please be 18/over to read)

    a/n - jacob’s first time can be found linked in my masterlist <3

    - Ryan doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who really wants to have sex, so your first time comes far into your relationship with him

    - he’s definitely awkward and lets you take control of the situation until he gets more comfortable

    - please help him he’s so nervous. He asks permission for everything and does everything in his power to make this a good experience for the both of you

    - he’s not super loud, but you quickly discover that his moans are hot as fuck

    - he has a bit of a dirty mind and will definitely talk to you about things he wants to try after your first time. That moment just sparked something in him

    - he likes it when you touch him lightly, just enough to make him feel something

    - he might slip up and accidentally mutter “shucks…” or something in the middle of it

    - he smells really good for no reason. When you’re pressed up against him having the time of your life, all you can think is “why does this fucker smell like strawberries?”

    - aftercare with Ryan is mostly just settling down and watching a movie after cleaning up in the bathroom

    - he enjoys the soft, fluffy moment after sex, especially after your first time. He just likes being able to sit in relative silence with the person he loves more than anything in the world

    - he won’t really talk about it after it’s done, save for a couple small jokes

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    hear me out hear me out… imagine the quarry’s resident ship, the radioheads ryan and dylan as wlw. just think about it like imagine pan ryan, the camp counsellor with the scary stories that’s been there since she was a little camp kid, besties with all the hackett fam, having a crush on dj dylan the masc lesbian news announcer at camp that has way more to her than just her jokes (imagine the jokes she would’ve made when her hand is cut off…anyways)

    that would also make the whole love triangle thing they tried to set up between kaitlyn ryan and dylan all super super wlw gay and i’m here for it like cmon now i need fanart of this likeeee