Download Pokémon Uranium:


    After 9 years of development, the full version of POKÉMON URANIUM is available to download!

    This is a FREE fan-made game for PC that re-creates the classic feel of the Pokémon games you know and love, but with new twists and turns! Explore the lush, diverse Tandor region and discover and capture more than 150 NEW species of Pokémon. Gather all 8 Gym Badges, and take on the Tandor Championship to be the very best, like no one ever was!

    Plus, battle and trade with your friends using the Online Features! This game includes trading, battling, as well as a GTS and Wonder Trade to help you on your quest to catch ‘em all!

    And that’s not all! Here’s some of the other features that make Pokémon Uranium unique:

  • A Custom Soundtrack
  • A new type of Pokémon, the Nuclear type
  • A different kind of story - save Tandor from a Nuclear crisis!
  • Nuzlocke Mode
  • Multiple Save Files
  • 3 Playable Characters, including a gender neutral protagonist
  • …And more!
  • Pokémon Uranium is an original game, not a ROM Hack, which means you won’t need any extra programs to play it. Simply install it and launch Uranium.exe to begin your new adventure!

    From all of us on the Uranium Team, we hope you enjoy playing!

    ~JV, Twitch & the Uranium Team


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    Where did you get that?! // Sex Toys & Lingerie

    I get a lot of questions about where I buy lingerie, toys, sex gear, etc. Because today is Black Friday… I thought it was a good time to finally do a round-up of my favorites and recommendations.

    Almost all of these retailers are having sales today - yay consumerism holidays!!! 🙃

    For those wondering - this also doubles as my Christmas list. Please/thank you.


  • Savage x Fenty - “Created for the female gaze, not the male gaze.” Rihanna has our back with cute AND CHEAP lingerie! Huge fan.
  • Honey Birdette - The highest tier of lingerie in my eyes. I absolutely love every single thing they create. Fucking stunning.
  • Thistle and Spire - Sensual and edgy. And currently, with an incredible Medusa snake collection for all you Slytherins out there.
  • Marie Mur - Luxury leather accessories, harnesses, and lingerie. This is where kink and lingerie meet in the most beautiful way.  
  • Agent Provocateur - Just simply superior lingerie. Goddess level. Always releasing new and creative pieces.
  • Journelle - More luxury lingerie. If you couldn’t guess… luxury is my vibe when it comes to lingerie.
  • Creepyyeha - Y’ALL. THE QUEEN OF THE KINK WARDROBE. I don’t own anything by Creepyyeha YET, but mark my words. I fucking will. My life will not be complete until I own a custom creepy piece. (Currently on hiatus until after the holidays - so check out her Instagram.)
  • Amazon - No explanation here. Good for very cheap pieces that usually don’t last more than a couple sessions of play. But usually photograph well enough.
  • Zaful - Same vein as Amazon. Fast fashion. Not ethically great. VERY cheap if you’re working on a tight budget though. Low quality, photograph fairly well. I don’t necessarily recommend, but I know budget options are important to many people… so, I’m including it. 
  • Victoria’s Secret - Okay, VS is obviously problematic and can’t figure out how to stop fucking up, but their downfall can sometimes be our win. Sales and outlets have been fully stocked due to lower popularity, and I’ve been able to grab panties/thigh high stockings for $1, bras for as low as $3, and random other lingerie pieces for less than $7. It’s a freaking steal. (Don’t buy full price VS though - go to Savage X Fenty first for similar/lower price point, better quality, AND inclusive business practices!!!)
  • Sex Toys - All retailers except Etsy are 100% discrete, and most Etsy sellers are careful to be discrete as well. Just be sure to double-check if you’re worried about that.

  • Sub-Shop - A good place to start for “serious” bondage gear that’s also accessibly beginner. The gear is much higher quality than what you’ll get from Adam & Eve/Lovehoney etc, but not as intense or as expensive as some of the other shops I’ll list below. I recommend Sub-Shop if you’re just diving into building your kink gear collection. **Having an INSANE Black Friday sale. I spent a lot of money.
  • eXtreme Restraints - Generally, a step up from Sub-Shop, in price/quality/intensity.
  • The Stockroom - Similar to eXtreme Restraints, but usually with a better selection - especially in sex furniture. I tend to jump between eXtreme Restraints and The Stockroom when placing orders. (My favorite collar is from The Stockroom!)
  • Restrained Grace - Feminine beautiful kink accessories!
  • Etsy - Various sellers. There are stunning pieces on there, but you need to put in the work to search for the good stuff.
  • Lovehoney - My go-to vanilla sex shop. Many of my dildos, basic anal plugs and lubes have come from Lovehoney.
  • Amazon - Can sometimes come through with the basics. Not usually, but it’s worth checking.
  • misssmeat

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday recommendations!!


    Get ‘em on sale!


    Butt Plugs 101

    I get a lot of questions about my plugs… so, here’s the long-awaited butt plug post !!!!!!!! 

    🌟Presenting a breakdown of some of my favorites with context and links. 🌟

    Remember: the longer you plan to wear your plug, the softer it should be. I recommend a soft plug for any wear that is longer than 3 hours.

  • Squarepeg Egg in SuperSoft - This is the plug for longterm wear. It has the curved T-base that will fit snug between your cheeks and is very soft and squishy. The softness makes it flexible and easy to wear for long periods. It’s probably not the best plug to start with due to the higher price tag and the thicker neck. You’ll be stretched the whole time the plug is in - something I love and it helps make anal sex less painful. 
  • Fetish Zone “Ballistic Penetrator” - I don’t have this one, but I’ve seen it recommended a lot. Again, a nice T-base for long term wear. This plug is nice because you can choose your specs - size/base color/tip color/firmness. Again, if you’re looking for a long term plug, order SOFT. The base may chafe a little because of the round center. 
  • nJoy Pure Plug - A solid choice longterm choice if you want the weight of steel (something I’m quite fond of!). It has a tapered stem that won’t keep your sphincter stretched like the Egg. Favorite thing about this plug… you never forget its there. The weight simply doesn’t let you. 
  • Ergo Plug - Another option for longterm use as it is available in soft. 
  • Anal Trainer Kit - If you’re new to anal play, this is my FAVORITE training set. This set is not cute, but it’s practical. If you are prepping to be fucked in the butt, stretching will make the experience much more enjoyable and much less painful. The bases of these plugs are thick, forcing you to work your muscles continuously when they are inside you. This is super important if you’re training for a cock because there’s no tiny skinny bases for your butt to close up around when you’re being fucked. When I’m training, I do about an hour of stretching on the largest size each night before bed with 10 minutes of active fucking. 
  • Princess Plug Set - The classic feminine aesthetic cute plugs that are the perfect finishing touch for all of your nudes. These plugs have the weight and looks, but they are not a good choice for training or longterm wear. The skinny base allows your sphincter to relax which won’t help prep for fucking, and the round jewel can chafe if you’re trying to spend a whole day in the plug. 
  • Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Lube - My go-to lube for all things anal. There are tons of options, but I love this one because it lowers the pain for me quite a bit and allows me to enjoy being fucked/plugged.
  • Some of the plugs I recommended are pricey, but if you take care of them properly… they’ll last forever. Think of your plugs as an investment in your sex life - they’ll make anal sex so much more enjoyable! 

    Also, if you have plans for longterm wear, DO NOT GO CHEAP. You want to be able to focus on the fun discomfort of the plug, not on the painful chafing/the plug falling out in public - which WILL HAPPEN if you don’t get the right plug. 

    Yay for butt stuff!


    Thank you @misssmeat 💕💕👌