In 300 years someone’s gonna make a Hamilton-esque musical with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and teenagers on the internet are gonna stan Donald Trump like “uwu my trash son Donald being a drama queen as usual” and I’m gonna have to do it. I’m gonna have to come back from the dead and destroy the planet.


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    I have been commanded to post this request of use and to beg for it to be reblogged:

    I Neva Thompson, Internet Whore, seek the ultimate public Internet humiliation in the form of having an account created in my name on every social media site, every dating and adult site, every porn site and every photo sharing site in the world, all done without my control but with my full knowledge. I make this request to tumblr of my own free will, my identity to be used universally without limit, regardless of consequence.

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    The knowledge that i am losing more and more control over my name and reputation and that it is in the hands of total strangers makes me have to accept the fact that i am just a whore, a piece of meat for the passing amusement of anyone who wishes.

    My email address may be used to create these accounts - neva.thompson@yahoo.com - I will confirm any sites that accounts are created for me although I may not have any control over them once created.      

      Signed: Neva Thompson Whore.

    Dropbox for this whores info, photos and videos to use:

    To open the shared files    https://backup.filesanywhere.com/fs/v.aspx?v=8c726a89616374b6a4ad

    "That’s how I’ll keep you: dreaming”

    I read the words again and again and my heart sinks a little. It’s not like I don’t know. He grants me little things here and there: a small conversation every few days, the privilege to have him as my God, to get on my knees and pray to him every night, to be able to wish him good night and good morning every day, even the rare smoking video (a personal favorite and something that always makes me smile all day long). And these are things I don’t take for granted; I truly and genuinely appreciate every one of them wholeheartedly.

    But sometimes…I selfishly want a little more. I can’t help it. If you knew him, you would too. And I think that maybe if I’m good enough, one day I’ll get a little bit more. But he reminds me. He doesn’t want that. He likes me beyond desperate, constantly swooning, always thinking and daydreaming of being just a speck of dirt on his boot. And so I shall remain. Pathetically, desperately, a little sadly but always happily dreaming.

    “Night, moron. Dream of me.”

    “Always”, I respond.

    There’s a smile on my face as I fall asleep, excited for the dreams to come.


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