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    My tutor

    Ok so I’m not good at math at all and ps I’m a girl light skin and really cute but I’m 18 in high school about to be 19 I failed math and I had to take it again in summer school but the tutors at school are Future teachers so their in their early 20’s so I get there and I hate it and I had a attitude the whole time and another tutor Mr.flint takes me aside and yell at me but he kinda cute so it doesn’t bother me plus he’s the only one I feel comfortable with so he personally takes me under his wing. Anyway we get close and I started to crush on him and I flirt with him every chance I get and he liked it I mean he got red and never tells me to stop

    Ok this is when we started to get good with each other I was sneaking to McDonald’s it’s down the street and lunch is 55 minutes out of no where I see this car and someone yell my name mind you I’m off school grounds and that’s how you get expelled I was so scared I couldn’t move so the car pulls to the side of me and long and be hold it’s flint I was so happy and relieved he asked me where I was going and I told him he told me the school rules then he told me to “ hop in” I did then and he told me that he was still getting his lunch then he taking me back but I was going with anything as long as he didn’t snitch we went and he ate in the parking lot where he got his food then he started telling me he had to report me and I bust in to tears telling him I’m sorry everything then he just stopped and stared at me like a weirdo and I stopped crying he told me to come here for a hug when we hugged he rubbed my neck down to the end of my back it felt like more than a hug to me so I looked at him and kissed him I don’t know why but I did but once again he didn’t stop me he sat me down and drove somewhere with a bunch of trees and kissed me again I wasn’t a Virgin so I knew what was going on at that point I pulled down his pants and sucked ,licked every inch of his cock while he fingered me it felt so good his fingers were thick and he held my head down with his other hand if wasn’t that long but it was thick too while he was fucking my mouth he moaned over and over then flipped me over on his lap pushed the chair back put his cock in my pussy with out anything getting in the way it hurt like hell I tried to get off but he pushed me back down and and said “ relax if you relax it would hurt “ and fuck me so good I could feel his cock pushing in me I came on him because he wouldn’t let me move or change positions he held me by my neck and pushed his cock in me as much as he could because of how thick he was it didn’t fit so he pushed me up put his fingers in my mouth then in my pussy he was such a nice guy I never would of thought he was so nasty but he was always he never reported me and this is secret fucking is still happening


    Fun Cruise

    My wife treated my son (her step son) and I to a Disney Cruise for new years. Her sister came too (which i was fine with because of our sharing relationship).

    We set sail and for the most part nothing happened. I would finger my wife at night and she would try not moan and wake my son. It changed when we got to Castaway Cay (Disneys private Island). We spend most of the day at the beach, my wife and i headed back to the ship while her sister and my son stayed and enjoyed the beach. My wife and i got to out cabin and started kissing. We stripped down and i pushed my wife over to our “Large porthole window (which overlooked the lagoon) and pressed her face and bear chest against the window. I then began to lick her ass and finger her.

    She was cuming down my hand enjoying having my tounge explore her ass hole when the door opened. we stopped and turned around in surprise to find my sister in-law. She said that she dropped my son off at the kids club then she locked the door and quickly stripped down. I went back to eating my wifes ass as her sister got on the floor beside me. She took my dick into her mouth for a moment and slobbered all over it then pushed my wife away from the window and sat with her back against the wall and pulled my wifes pussy to her mouth and began the eat her out. I put my hand between my wifes shoulder blades and pushed her face back to the glass then i slid my dick up and down her ass before i lined the head up with her sopping opening and slid it rite in.

    I loved having my wife bent over tits pressed against the window for all to see (at a long distance) she was enjoying having her clit sucked and pussy stuffed at the same time. She began to moan and i could feel her pussy clamp down on my dick as she sprayed her cum on her sisters face and down her chest. Feeling her tight pussy and hearing her cries of pleasure sent me over the edge and i unloaded a massive load if cum in her. When i was finished i slid out if her and took a step back. I saw a glob of my cum drip out of her used pussy and land on her sister’s chest. My wife lasted about another minute of her sister eating her pussy before she staggered back and flopped onto her back on the bed knees bent at the edge legs spread wide. I stepped forward and put my hand on my sister in-laws head and thrust my hips forward as she opened her mouth taking my dick in sucking it clean.

    After about a minute i was at about half mast again she got up (glob of cum still on her chest) and knelt between my wifes thighs and finished cleaning her pussy. Then she climbed on top of her sister straddling my wife. I saw my wife lift her head and suck the glob of cum before focusing on her sisters nipples. I stepped behind them and slide my dick into my sister in-laws now wet pussy. I lasted a lot longer she had two orgasms before a blew my second load. With a load of cum in each sister i laid on the bed next to them to catch my breath.

    We got cleaned up and picked my son up from the kids club and headed to dinner. We had one other sexual encounter before we made it home.


    This isn’t Mom and son but it is about aunt and nephew that happen on thanksgiving this year. We were at thanksgiving and my dad passed away a year ago so i had to do all the cooking. As i was standing outside cooking the turkey and the pulled pork that we do every year my aunt walked up. She was wearing this short skirt and this low cut shirt that her tits almost fell out of when she walked i already for a long time wanted to watch her suck my cock and slide it in her tight lil pussy. She say me and came over and gave me a long hug my dick was already throbbing. She then whispered in my ear “ i will be staying here tonight for a couple days we should go to a movie tonight.” And of course i jumped at the chance to be alone with her in any way. We went to the movies to watch The new Thor movie. The whole movie theater was empty and I was so nervous because i was hard the whole time. It got about half way through the movie and i feel a hand on my knee and i turn and look at her and she is staring at me with eyes of a goddess so i lean in to give her a kiss on the cheek to tell her i love her. As i do so she turns her head and meets her lips with mine and we start this long make out session that turned into me rubbing her tits and her rubbing the head of my cock. I couldn’t help but to lift up her shirt and put my mouth on her nipples and started sucking and she leaned me back pulled my pants to my ankles and starting give me this sloppy head with spit going everywhere. I told her i was about to cum and she lifted her head and said “cum in my mouth i am your dirty slut aunt now i want to swallow your huge, thick, warm load of cum.” Damn did i give it to her having the biggest load of my life come out of the head of my cock. It was the best feeling in my life. That night was even better but i don’t have time to write all that out right now. Hope you like my story of my aunt and me having some fun at the movies.

    Thanks for sharing this story! I’m sure some of my fans will appreciate it.

    Over 18!

    Please remember that this is a blog for 18+ I will only post photos of people over the age of 18. Only people aged 18+ should be viewing this blog. If your under 18then you have no place viewing this blog please go and look at more age appropriate blogs and please DO NOT CONTACT ME. Also anyone trying to send me photos of people under the age of 18 please DO NOT BOTHER! I will forward details on to the correct authorities. If I have mistakingly put up anyone you know or believe to be under 18 please message me with the link and it shall be removed as soon as I see your message. This is a blog containing people who are 18+ for people who are 18+.

    Pictures of Girls under 18 years old

    Hello everybody. It has recently came to my attention that there was a picture uploaded to this blog of a girl who i was told was under 18 (This post has been removed). Whether this girl was under 18 or not, i deeply apologise for the mistake. I DO NOT condone child pornography of any kind. That being said, because i upload large amounts of pictures at a time to a queue, each photo has evidently not been recieving adequate inspection (this is not an excuse) before uploading and it is also evident that some inappropriate images may have made it through to the uploading stage without my knowledge. I will make further effort to ensure this does not ever happen again so this blog can continue running.

    If you ever see a photo that you are even just concerned with and you do not know for sure, please send me a message so i can delete it, no questions asked. Even if i know the person is over 18 i will not dispute it, just let me know via message/ ask and i will reply usually within 24 hours. Please allow me some time to reply as his blog is over 11,000 followers and i get several messages a day on top of having to process posts and then my usual work day. That being said, i WILL get to your message, you do not have to send 5 about the same instance as i will reply withint 24 hours.

    Thank you to everyone who is following this blog and again i must stress that i deeply apologise for the matter ever happening in the first place.

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