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2021-09-19 20:22:59

    last night

    i pretty much jumped on my husband’s cock as soon as the kids were in bed – we had sex with most of our clothes on on the couch – I just pulled his cock out, pulled my panties aside, and shoved him in. he got me naked as I rode, sucking my tits and then getting my panties down as he turned me around to fuck me hard from behind. i came and then he pulled out and jerked off against my asshole, coating it and my ass and lower back. 

    i put on a big shirt after i cleaned up and we relaxed on the couch and watched TV. 

    sophie got home around midnight - she’d worked late, and collapsed on the chair next to us. we’d both fallen asleep so we got up to go to bed.

    “i’m too tired to go to bed,” sophie said. “help me.”

    my husband laughed, went over to sophie, and started taking off her clothes. she leaned back against the chair, limp, letting him do it. he unbuttoned her blouse, removed it, unclasped her bra, unzipped her pants, pulled them down, and then went back for her panties. 

    “you’re so good at that,” she said. he picked her up, naked, over his shoulder, and carried her to our bedroom, and threw her onto the bed. 

    i stood there brushing my teeth, watching, as sophie reached over to tug at my husband’s pants. “i’ll help you get comfy,” she said, pulling them, and his boxers, down. his cock flopped out, mostly hard. 

    “if i wasn’t exhausted i would fuck you,” sophie said softly. “but i’d want to do a good job.”

    “sure,” my husband said, laying down next to her.

    “i would fuck you so much better than your dumb fucking whore of a wife,” sophie said, smiling at me. “that stupid cunt.”

    i put my toothbrush down on the bedside table and climbed right on top of my husband. he was rock hard, i was soaking wet, and he was inside me quickly and easily. 

    “be quiet,” he stage-whispered to me. “sophie is trying to sleep.”

    sophie laid next to us as I slowly rode my husband, pulling my shirt over my head. he slowly worked me to a long, slow, gasping, full body orgasm. 

    “cum on sophie’s tits,” i said, as I climbed off of him, still vibrating with pleasure.

    “yes, please,” sophie murmured.

    my husband unloaded on her, and sophie just dozed off like that, a splatter of cum between her breasts.