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    Tw vent???

    (It will also talk about shein and what their doing)

    I hate when I told my mom I won't order things on shein she got mad at me and said "but it's cheap and beautiful", then when I told that shein exploited oïghour that were captured and put in a camp in china she also got mad saying "it doesn't exist anymore" and when I told her to do her research about it,she said "don't believe everything on facebook",mom,between u and me,ur the only one who use it.

    She also said that she didn't care and that she will still order things from here even tho I don't want to and said "I'm sure u say this but when you'll have and try it on u,u will change ur mind" like,no. I'll either sell/give it to someone or send it back,I don't want any shi from here,idc if it's cheap or not. And also,things made in China aren't always cheap quality,remember that.