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2021-07-26 06:45:34

    I was told, very clearly, that I don’t need to worry. It’s ok. I don’t need to cum. I don’t need orgasms. I won’t burst. I won’t break from denial. Not physically. My wife can keep me aroused, full and swollen indefinitely. I only got praise and encouragement. I was earnest, polite and submissive. She had empathy; it seems important to guys that they should spurt. But I don’t need to. Those slow gentle pours and spills are good enough to keep me healthy. And horny. I can live on edge. Floating in blissful unending arousal. It’s ok. I don’t need to cum. She examined my balls swollen from three months of denial. Her nurse knew my wife was in charge, and made a point to meet me after the consult and exam to give me a knowing smile and support.

    Advise from another wise, kind and dominant woman:

    “Your wife might take orgasms off the table altogether. A milking is all that’s ever required. I am definitely leaning towards no more full climaxes. My impression is that full chastity and edging are yielding better results. Orgasms disrupt the progress. Any orgasms (if any at all) should never be a reward or service, but a further mindfuck. Your real reward is the chastity, in its entirety.”

    My wife knew. She knows.

    “You’re not breaking. Yet. It’s better this way.

    It’s a transitory thing. In the short term you want to cum. In the long term you don’t. I enjoy edging and spilling you. You’re lucky. You don’t need to cum. No one ever died of blue balls. You won’t burst.

    It’s good to be relaxed. Let go. Float. Don’t worry. Don’t be concerned. There’s nothing to fear. No expectations. No promises. No disappointments. Just be. Accept. Surrender.

    It’s not in your hands. Literally.

    I could keep you like this forever.

    Oh poor boy wants out to be touched. You can pour. It’s ok. Pour out. You can gush in your cage”