My Top 10 Favorites: Number 1 – Story #227

    Here’s the original post.

    This by far is my favorite story.  It was one of the fastest to write.  It probably took me longer to photoshop the porn onto his computer screen in the pic than it was to write the story.  The idea of a father confronting an alpha male to stop fucking his son was the idea.  I had to find the right picture.  Surfing through my photo collection was tough as I wanted the alpha to be instantaneously recognized as one.  Once I found this amazingly hot pic, I started writing.  I had to stop to insert the porn on the screen.  But once the revised pic was finished, it did not take me long to write the rest.  He’s one of a few subjects of my story that reminds me of Sgt. Tate form my novel.  He’s intelligent, highly manipulative, and delightfully sadistic.  What gets me about his sadism is he targets the father and not the son.  The son plays a part, but it is the dismantling of the dad that got me going.  The fact that he and Greg have a healthy Dom/sub relationship only added to it.  So much control, so much manipulation, so much domination.  I love every single word.

    I have received a number requests to write specific stories.  I have done a few.  And while I love interacting with those that are fans of my work, if you are going to do it, there are some general guidelines I follow for my stories.  If what your story/pic can work within these, great.  If not, then I will most likely pass.

    #1.  I have to be drawn to the pic, scenario, or story.  That doesn’t mean that I am into whatever fetish being described, but there has to be something of interest to me.  (You would think I would be into scat based on the amount of dirty butt munching I reference.  Nope.  Not at all.  Have no desire to do it in person.  But in a story, it’s always in the context of a mind fuck of some sort.  I love mindfucks.)  There needs to be a connection.  And I’m going to ask questions.

    #2.  This blog is about the spoken word of a sadist.  This is not about how a sub will submit, or a plot twist that is outside that structure.  Some activities are very difficult to verbalize from the perspective of a top.  Face slapping is a prime example.

    #3.  The pics I choose are usually older men, stereotypically masculine men, usually large men.  The men are usually narcissistic assholes.  That’s what I am turned on to.  They are usually clothed and in a casual setting.  Those photos tend to emphasize the natural masculinity of the subject.  (While there may be examples to the contrary, they are usually a photo attached after the story was conceived.)

    #4.  Also, the pics do not contain the sub, nor should it, as the sub does not matter.  I purposely objectify them.  I like using very degrading terms to define them.  I love using the terms ‘fag’, ‘faggot’, ‘cunt’, etc.  Those words are used to be extreme, and they definitely set the tone.

    #5.  I do like pushing boundaries, but I will not cross stories involving children, animals, or dead people.  Don’t ask.  Incest and women are not something I write about, but I may hint at them.  Sexual slavery is a fantasy—a fantasy for me and many of you out there, but I do not support it.  I do not know any real slavers, so I won’t be able to hook you up.

    #6.  I enjoy hearing from real sadists.

    #7.  Ultimately I do this for fun.  I need to get fun out of it.  I need to be able to pop a load off to it for me to consider it a success.  I don’t get paid for it.  Now, if I had a patron, I might bend some of my rules....

    Note: The pic above is of Rob Kearney, the gay strongman.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 2 – Story #124

    Here’s the original post.

    This is one that started out much different.  It was just going to be a man who had a long rough day at work looking to getting serviced at the rest stop on the way home.  I actually planned this to be a “nice” sadist story, where he’s controlling but not cruel.  But then I started to wonder what made his day bad, and how would he take it our on the fag servicing him.  Getting fired would definitely put him in a foul mood.  Then what about having the one who fired him be the one who is taking his frustration out on.  That would have been way too coincidental.  Whenever I construct an extreme coincidental turns in my story, I always ask what if it was planned out to look coincidental.  Then my juices started really flowing.

    What I love about this story is that I want to know a lot more about this man and his former boss.  I want to know about both’s home life, how long was this weekly service been going on and how did it develop into having the boss manipulate his company to have this man fired.  Does this turn into a long term findom (financial domination) story?  And most importantly I wanted to know just how the first time they have sex under this new dynamic was going to be.  I want way more.  

    This story is one of a new fetish in erotica—the unexpected sadist.  This man before this was aggressive, but not sadistic.  And here we get to see the moment that he switches.  I don’t have many of those types of stories, but when I do, I find them the most interesting.

    I have considered taking some of my stories and expanding them into short stories.  If I only had one story to do, it would be this one.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 3 – Story #149

    Here’s the original post.

    This is by far my favorite trucker story, and favorite slaver story.  My #1 fetish of men is that of the trucker.  The hypermasculinity of the archetype gets me going every time.  I have serviced many in the back of their cabs, standing on their running boards, along side their tractor, behind their trailer, next to the dumpster, etc.  I get so turned on when the driver feels entitled to my mouth as I approach.  He knows why we are both there—he wants his dick sucked, and he’s going to get that, either from me or some other hungry fag.  That entitled bluntness gets me going, makes me want to please him even more, and please him exactly how he wants it.  This driver’s pose alone says that he’s entitled to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and however he wants.

    I love manipulative intelligent tops.  In most of my stories, the sadist usually outsmarts the bitch at every step.  Here, every word spoken is either to dismantle the boy and transform him into a slave, or its meant to establish the command of the trucker.  He gets the boy to strip naked then hand over his possessions.  The gets the fag to collar himself.  With every step he offers the slave impossible choices to the point that the slave agrees to be chained to the cab with an ill fitting cock cage riveted on.

    This was one of my fastest written stories (of my longer ones).  And I truly attribute it to the pic.  That pose and demeanor of the driver was my inspiration.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 4 – Story #110

    Here’s the original post.

    When I came across this pic, I came.  What a sexy fucker.  Killer stache.  Thick body. Kissable face.  I had to write a story.  The shirt reminded me of the wonderful color of morning piss.  So, it was going to be a piss raunch.  I remember in the early 90s in Arizona, I used to go to this cruise park, and I met a straight biker type guy who liked to get off by a blow job, which I was happy to offer.  One night I saw him pissing into a two-liter bottle.  I asked him why since the park was nearly dark and he could piss anywhere.  He told me that a businessman from Scottsdale bought it from him twenty dollars a bottle.  I asked what did the guy do with it, and the man told me, “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”  That whole situation has stuck with me for years.  That’s why piss bottles feature heavy in my stories.

    This is my most popular post.  But it is not because of the story.  One reader liked my post enough to reblog it, but without the attached story.  It was a sizable number of blogs that reposted the pic and didn’t know about the story.  So it was hard for me to gage if the story was reason or the pic.  I do gage reactions to stories to help me craft others.  And I couldn’t tell based on the likes and reblog numbers.  This is why I ask anyone who wants to reblog just the pic to do so on their own.  It does not bother me when that happens.  I have been known to photoshop flaws in the pic.  So I know when someone takes my photograph (which I took myself from another Tumblr).  I smile.

    Here’s a link to more pics of this god.  (I have to link to someone else’s posts due to my alternate Tumblr account’s NSFW restrictions.)

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 5 – Story #214

    Here’s the original post.

    I typically do not like incestuous stories.  It’s not my thing.  Having said that, step parents,—typically of short time in that role—unrelated uncles, friends of the family are open game.  Also, I do not want to deal with sex with boys under 18, so I usually make a statement of age in the story somewhere.  Well, this story has an 18-year old and his truck driving step-dad.  There is another story I recently wrote of a similar nature (click here), which I love as well, that had a different end.  Why I chose this one is how the trucker exposes the boy’s fantasies including the reference to ‘How do I seduce my truck driving step-dad?’ and stolen underwear.  The fact that the trucker is flattered and turned on to it really what got my dick hard.  I usually don’t cum as I write these stories, but I did shoot as I came up the idea of him offering the boy a pair of his dirty underwear.  Damn, I’m hard just typing this.  I’m going to stop here and take care of that.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 6 – Story #210

    Here’s the original post.

    This story is all about cruising, old fashioned cruising, before the Apps ruined everything.  When I came across this pic, I knew it was going to be a man who approaches the mouth that just blew him through a glory hole.  I similar thing happened to me as I drove across northern Nevada and blew a husky man through the glory hole at the Valmy Rest Area east of Winnemucca.  He waited for me to come out and struck up a conversation.  He was from Elko and was essentially looking for a FWB situation.  I passes on that, but stupid me we didn’t swap contact info.  He could come four or five times a day, and wanted to fuck me right there.  I wasn’t clean at the time, so I gave him head outside the bathroom.  We were the only ones there.  I like to idea of getting unintentionally blown by someone familiar.  That has appeared in a number of my stories.  And I tried to imagine how that conversation would carry out.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 7 – Story #168

    Here’s the Original Post

    I came across this pic, and had to write a story about it.  Typical dad look that always gets me going.  This story was not going to be yet another story about seducing a best friend’s dad.  Dad needed to be a sadist.  He needed to be the one to do the seducing.  I could easily see him being a manipulative charmer.  I love the idea of him bribing his son into his schemes.  Why I consider it one of my favorite is just how in control he is.  

    Now on a side note, this man reminds me of a guy I knew years ago, that I first met in a cruisy patio of a bar that I rimmed while he was giving head to another guy.  One of the best asses ever.  I nicknamed him Tasty Butt.  Later we met officially and he told me my nickname was Rob the Rimmer.  Hey Tasty Butt, if you are reading this, PM me.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 8 – Story #226

    Here’s the Original Post

    There are a number of recent stories on this list.  Half are within the #200-#230 range.  Maybe it’s because I wrote 30 stories in one month; I had to come up with different takes of the same story.  I mean how many ways can I come up with a same sadistic truck driver story?  But this one, I had everything pretty much down, and I had to go looking for the right pic.  I turned the typical hitchhiker-submits-to-sadist storyline around.  I wanted the driver to be more sympathetic.  The tone changed.  I put in some humor.  I put some tenderness.  I even put in a Prince lyric.  The one thing I had to do was to make him sadistic.  This is a page devoted to sadists after all.  Piss drinking and ass eating seemed to go with the story.  I did not want the pic to be like the others I have posted.  This is one of the very few examples where I found the pic after I have the story.  Normally, I come up with a general idea and look through thousands of pics on my hard drive, or I would find a pic I would like and create a story around it.  I wanted the driver to be less of a physical presence.  It was a toss up between this pic and another of a driver at a counter.  That one I though would have been a little better, but it required Photoshopping out some distracting background BS.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 9 – Story #80

    Here’s the Original Post

    I don’t know the man personally.  I did find out his name after I wrote the story, and have seen his pics all over Tumblr.  When I wrote this, I was inspired around his smile.  Humor is something that is not usually associated with the visuals of S&M, and I don’t know why.  A lot of humor is based on us having sadistic thoughts, normally repressed, but the humor allows us to experience that cruel thought in a brief moment of irony.  Many of my stories have humor as a part of it.  Here, his use of humor on the helpless victim pretty much establishes the tone trivializing the victim’s predicament.  Couple that with everyday casualness, “Nah, let’s get you settled in.  We are just up the hill.  That’s you new home...” and the victim knows that the sadistic activities will be ongoing.

    My Top 10 Favorites: Number 10 – Story #200

    Here’s the original post.

    The man in the pic is a friend of mine. I came across a different pic of him and was going to write a story using it. My personal policy is that if I know the man, I will ask for permission. I did, and he was receptive. His background exposed him to much of the underbelly of society, so he’s seen a lot. After reading some of my stories he asked that I make the story based on him extremely dark even if that means incorporating fetishes/activities that he’s not into. So I did. I don’t think it’s my darkest one, (that would be Story #100), but this would be second. It turned out to be my longest one, as I wanted to include many taboo/severe fetishes in one story. And he liked the end result. The thing about this pis that gets me is that it does not really reveal just how massive this man is. Hot hot hot.

    On a side note, the name Dennis Moore comes from Monty Python.

    Some of you have asked if I have written anything longer.  Well, this is my novel.  I wrote it about 10 years ago.  It’s essentially an S&M love story, but don’t let that turn you off.  Sgt Tate is the quintessential sadist, and a lot of my writing here has the same vibe.  There is so much I put into this story.



    Hey all.  A number of you have asked if I have stopped writing.  The answer is no and yes.  I challenged myself in December to write 30 stories.  I met my goal.  I have decided to take January off for me to regroup.  While I love what I did last month, it’s very difficult to come up with something different.  

    I have started to review my own writing again, all 230 of them.  There are stories that I love what I did using such little wording (comparatively speaking).  Others are duds.  I have picked out what I consider my top 10, not necessarily the most popular.  I will be reposting them here, with a little write up of background material.

    I do want to thank @dads-beta-boy.  He’s the one that inspired me to do my own microstories.  Also, I want to thank those of you that share my stories.  It really surprises me which ones get shared and others I thought would be hot just fizzled.  And to those of you that post the photographs found on my Tumblr without the story as a new post on your own blog, rather than sharing/reblogging, thank you.  My stories are tied to the photographs that inspire them, and seeing them used elsewhere as someone else’s inspiration.  I have seen my photoshopped work on showing up elsewhere.  It brings a smile to my face.

    I will be back in February with more perversions.


    “What cha up to?... Just walking around stretching?  Well,` keep on walking.  I don’t have much time left to my break, but I’m looking for two holes to fuck.  That got you to stop walking.  Well I think you might have other reasons for walking about.  Well come over here.  I need to see if I want to fuck you.  You are on the small side.  But that’s fine.  Those titties look like they like to be played with.  Do they?  Fuck they roll in my fingers so well.  You look like you are in pain.  Maybe its because your T-shirt is in the way.  Lift up your arms, I’ll get that shirt off of you.  Naturally hairless.  I like that.  I do prefer a little more meat on your bones, but that’s passible.  Open up your mouth.  Don’t suck on my fingers.  Let them go wherever I want them too.  I’m going to be shoving my cock in there.  I expect a soft tongue and no jagged teeth.  Put your hands on the grill of my truck.  Typical fag, you have on sweatpants and sandals.  Easy on and off.  Now stick your ass out as far as you can, it’s time for me to inspect that other hole.  No, no, no.  I’ll pull down your pants.  I strip the faggots.  I take everything off in my own way.  I don’t give a shit that we are out in the broad daylight.  You are the only one that pulled in here for hours.  We can hear if someone approaches.  So chill the fuck out and shut up.  I’m doing my own thing here.  Huh, no underwear.  Typical.  Lift up your left leg.  And then the right.  Now that you are buck naked in front of me, let me ask again, ‘What cha up to?’...  Looking to get fucked is the right answer.  Is that looking to get fucked, or looking to get fucked and fucked and fucked all night by more men than me?... Figured you would be you fucking whore.  You want your holes dripping with trucker jiz, don’t you?  Damn, Fag, that’s an impressive ass.  Spread your feet apart wide.  I need to inspect your cunt.  Smooth.  Not a hair here.  I like that.  Your crack is silky.  And the cunt,... well, you come prepared.  You are prelubed.  Faggot.  Stop fucking squirming.  I only have one finger in.  We might as well go in for three.  I need to know if you are clean and if you can accommodate three fingers.  My dick is significantly larger than that, but I need to know that when I do that you aren’t screaming to take it out every five seconds.  Not that I would.  I just don’t want to hear it.  The screaming is fine, hell it turns me on, as loud as you can get it.  No the non-stop pleading is annoying as hell.  Now I think I felt something in there.  When did you douche out your cunt?  A couple hours ago?  Hmm.  Don’t move.  Keep your hands on the grill and your ass out high.  I’ll be right back.  I just got to get something in my cab.  Stay in place.  And here it is.  Stick that pussy out there.  I got my piss bottles, both of them.  You are about to get a trucker enema.  I have two bottles.  You are going to get a flush per bottle regardless of what comes out.  Relax your cunt.  The mouth of the bottle is at your cunt.  Hold still, the bottle full is coming in.  I squeeze fast, so you are going to fill up quickly.  Ok. You almost have it all.  Clamp down.  Hold tight.  Here stand up a little, enough to suck on my tit.  Rub your hands on my chest.  This is how a man’s chest feels, hairy, and a result of hard working and hard playing.  Other tit.  Mmmmm.  Now I’m going to count down.  When I tell you, shit out the liquid as fast and hard as you can.  You got that faggot?  Three.  Two.  One.  Squirt.  Harder.  Next bottle.  Back in the exact same position.  OK.  The same thing for round two.  Oh man, the second round is easier to empty my two day old piss into you.  Clamp down.  Good.  Now wait until I tell you.  Wait.  Wait.  Now empty yourself!  Harder!  Faster!  Good.  Good.  Now, let me see.  No, I don’t see any turds anywhere.  Aw fuck!  I guess I should have moved your clothes out of the way first.  Sorry about that....  Oh quit complaining.  You should have aimed better.  OK.  Let’s get you fucked.  Go in the middle of the parking lot.  Don’t give me that look.  You ain’t coming up in my cab with piss still dribbling out of your cunt.  I ain’t having that shit up there.  In the middle of the lot, go.  Get on all fours.... Um, is your car locked?...  It is, so, should anyone drive in, race to my truck and hide on the other side.  There’s no one in those trees; they go back miles.  Go, that’s where I want to fuck you.  Now!  I love watching you walk.  That ass is perfect.  My cock will destroy it.  On all fours.  I don’t have much time, so I’m going to fuck deep and hard. Scream your head off.  Fags usually do.  And it will really get me off.  I go right to the root.  Scream you mother fucker.  Scream!  Fuck yeah.  Don’t you dare pull off me faggot.  I’m in control.  My cock needs this cunt of yours.  Oh man, faggot, you are going to get a huge load.  You want it?  I’m going to flood your cunt with my seed.  Here we go.  Here we go!  Take it faggot.  Take it.  Urg!  Urg! 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    “You Dave?  Your pics matches your profile.  I’m not good using these queer apps.  They are so similar to the straight ones, though.  Did you read my entire profile?  I’m very specific to what I want.  I’m not gay.  I'm not into sucking or fucking.  Hell, I don’t even want to see you naked.  I’m looking for a guy that’s into licking assholes especially if they are sweaty.  I had a one night stand with a woman who ate my ass out.  I loved it.  I even ate her ass out for a bit.  Didn’t care for it.  But man she knew how to rim.  I cannot find a woman that will spend all that time with me sitting on her face.  When I searched online, all I was finding was fags who were really into it, like you, but no women.  About a year ago, I was drunk and connected with a fag who ate my ass for a couple of hours.  It was real stinky, but he didn’t care.  I passed out and when I woke up an hour later, he was still going at it.  First of all, can you go hours?  Good.  You like being in tight spaces?  I have a chair specifically designed for this.  I couldn’t stand those toilet seats on legs.  Fuck that, those things are uncomfortable for a big buy like me.  And those legs do not look like they would support my 6′4″ and around 300 pound body.  But leave it to the Germans.  They created this device where I can sit full weight on a padded seat and have a fag lying under and behind me tonguing me deep.  There’s an adjustment that let’s me control that.  There’s almost no room for your head to move.  I love the idea of your lips creating a seal to my lips down there.  The only place for your tongue to go is inside me. You interested?  Keep in mind there will be no sex between us.  So?...  OK, let’s go.  This way.  I will be wearing a jock strap, so you won’t see my dick.  Thought, you’ll feel my full hefty balls resting on your forehead.  This loft is not known by my girlfriend.  I come here to enjoy myself.  I wanna be able to jack off to porn—and that’s straight porn—when ever I want to.  Or watch football.  I used to play for the NFL a few years ago.  Tight end.  No fucking jokes about that.  My knee fucked me out of the league—well that and my weight gain resulting from the pain pills.  That’s why I can’t sit on those toilet seat with legs for too long.  This is my building.  Upstairs, and I’m in 2B.  Yeah, I love the location.  I just got this place.  My landlord recognized me from when I was playing.  So I got it cheap.  There’s not much is in it.  As you can see, it’s just my 80″ TV and that seat.  I finally got it set up.  You are going to be the first one under it.  You wanna see what you are going to be eating?  Why don’t you get behind me.  I know you perverts like to be told what to do.  I have no problems telling you either.  Get on your knees  This is it.  It is all American beef.  Meaty and manly.  Sniff it.  It smells nasty huh?  You’ll be the one to lick it clean.  Sniff it deep there.  Ha ha ha.  Wasn’t expecting a fart?... Were... you?  You seemed to really like that, did you?...  You sick bastard.  When I’m sitting on your face, you will get all that I can produce.  I’m not going to hold back.  Let me ask you this, you really like nasty smells?...  Fuck yeah!  Fuck yeah!  Stay right there.  When I come here, I turn up the heat and start to work out.  I get real sweaty, real nasty as much as I want.  I love it.  I have my lucky jockstrap that I have worn in every NFL game.  I have never washed it.  It reeks.  Let me get it.... I keep it in a ziplock.  The guys used to tease me.  Here, smell.  Nasty isn’t it?  Want me to put it on for you?  I should have you turn around, but fuck it, your tongue is going to be in my shithole soon.  Look all you want.  It’s huge isn’t it?  Nine inches long of USDA Prime uncut meat.  Look at how I fill out this pouch.  Smell it.  Get your fag face an inch away from it.   Close your eyes and inhale like your life depends on it.  You really need my smell on your face.  I like your hair; it’ll make a great handle.  Don’t fucking pull away.  I’m giving you what you want, your face grinding in my crotch.  I’m putting my scent all over your fag face.  That’s my stale piss you’re smelling.  That’s my smegma.  Damn, you really are enjoying being there....  Aww fuck it.  Don’t you dare tell anyone.  Open up your mouth.  Take my fucking dick in your fag mouth.  Clean me up.  Get that tongue in my foreskin.  So much cheese fermenting there.  It’s all for you fag.  Suck it clean.  Your tongue is amazing.  You are going for that cheese.  I have never had a girlfriend that didn’t freak out over that.  Clean me out.  The next time we meet, I’ll have it real nasty.  I can’t wait to get it up my ass.  I’m so close to cumming, so let’s do that.  Get under that chair, NOW!  Oh man, I need your tongue.  You look natural in that seat.  Here comes my fat ass.  Get that tongue inside my hole.  Just like that.  Now tongue fuck me.  Oh fuck yeah.  Flick your tongue around as you dig in there.  That fart just slipped out, but I don’t care.  I bet it stinks down there.  And it seems like you don’t care either.  I’m gonna cum.  I’m gonna cum.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Goddamn it faggot!  Fuck this is a huge load.  Keep that tongue going.  No one told you to stop.  My shooting my wad does not change your ultimate purpose here.  Say, you want my load?  Of course your do.  Here, let me slather it on my shithole.  Then you can lick it off.  Fag, enjoy my spooge.  Keep licking.  Fuck that was hot.  I’m ready for a nap right here, and you are ready to eat my shithole for a few hours.”

    “Wow, I never thought I would see you walking to my house, let alone at the beginning of a snow storm.  What’s going on?... Your truck is too far down the embankment?  Well I’m glad you are safe.  Why me?  Why did you come here for help?  Johnson’s farm is actually closer to your truck.  Don’t even answer.  You thought that because I’ve fucked you that I would do it again.  Well, the answer is yes.  But, when I kicked you out of my house last summer, I said don’t even consider coming back to my place unless you agree to do what you said no to before....  Don’t remain silent.  Are you submitting to me in my nice warm home, or are you continuing to go to Johnson’s farm?...  If you can’t make up your mind, I would suggest start walking now....  What was that?  Did I hear you say ‘Yes?’  It’s strange that the word ‘Sir’ did not precede and follow that ‘Yes’....  That’s better.  Don’t make that fucking mistake again.  You know, by going into my home, you agree to do all the things you said no to. Everything.  Your pubic hair removed and added to my collection.  The hair below your chin will be removed.  Normally facial hair is removed too, but damn I said it before, and I say it now, you have the perfect beard.  You didn’t have problems with this before, but you will drink my piss,  In fact this cold is making me want to use your face as a urinal.  On your knees.  Right here in the snow.... Good, no hesitation.  Open your fucking mouth and realize that I’m aiming for your face not just zeroing in on your toilet hole.  Before you go into the house, I want to see piss-icicles in your beard, your hair, your eyebrows.  Oh man, does that feel good.  Looks good too.  If you want the last few drops, you have permission to take my cock head in your toilet mouth.  Speaking of which, you will eat my shithole regardless of its condition.  I know you are a heavy duty pain pig, but as I told you before, that long term training would involving you becoming a walking septic tank.  To get the pain, you get the raunch.  That was a ways off then, and it still will take a lot of training.  Having said that, should your cunt be not clean when I am fucking you, the mess you create on my cock will be instantly cleaned off with your mouth.  Same thing for my arm.  Yes, I will definitely be fisting you.  Tonight in fact.  It will be going in your cunt, regardless of the pain it creates.  If need be, I will knock you out first.  Hand me your belt.... It’s a good belt.  This will be what I will use on you.  Take your pecker out.  You are probably hard.  You are.  Stick it out.  Goddamned that thing is huge, just like everything else on you.  Let’s see if my aim is just as good in the cold.  Fuck yeah it is.  Shithead, stand up.  Let’s go into my house.  Take it nice and slow.  Strip as you do.  I don’t give a shit that it’s cold.  Leave your clothes out here in the snow.  Pace yourself accordingly.  Begin.  Start with your coat.  Pay no attention to me, I will be belting up your back as you go.  That was the first one.  Continue.  That’s number two.  Number three.  Now your t-shirt.  Now I this will go to your skin.  Fuck, I can’t wait to get that hair removed.  Shoes come off too.  You will be naked in my house at all times.  You must remember that.  Those welts are coming up nicely on your back.  When we get to my porch stop.  No underwear?  Fuck yeah.  Ok, two swats to each cheek.  Kneel on the porch facing my front door.  True to form, the pain pig is rock hard.  Go ahead and jack off.  Here’s an empty mason jar.  Jiz in that.  I’ll be right back.  Cum quickly.... ...Did you cum?  You did.  Good sized load there.  Ok.  This is the collar you will wear.  It’s an electric dog collar, and it will deliver one hell of a shock to you.  Put it on. Here’s the padlock.  Lock it in place.  Good.  Now listen up piece of shit.  What we did months ago is going to be the norm.  You balked then.  You know what’s expected of you now.  There’s no backing out now.  Back then the safe word was “Stop.”  Today the safe words are “More Sir, I can take it.”  You came here for a reason.  And it wasn’t because your truck went off the road due to the conditions.  No, remember I have cameras everywhere.  You drove rather gingerly off the embankment.  And you walked directly here groping your cock along the way.  You want this don’t you?  You and I know that you are not here just for the snow storm, you are here permanently.  You want to be turned into that mindless beast that lives for whatever the fuck I want to do no matter how raunchy?  You understand there’s no turning back?  Speak!...  Good bitch, let’s go in.  Those piss-icicles in your beard look great.”

    “C’mon in and shut the door. Aww, Jerry shut the fuck up. Sit the fuck down. I don’t give a shit that you’re angry. Your opinions matter to me about as much as a used wad of toilet paper I flushed away last week. You’ve been screaming to everyone on the site that I’ve been fucking your son. Everyone between here and Phoenix heard you. So let’s get this out of the way—we have a lot to talk about—yes, I’ve been fucking your son Greg. Every day my cock slides into his pussy and unloads. Ever notice that he arrives hours before you get off after using your truck for the day, and he goes to my trailer supposedly for the air conditioning and the internet? He’s all ready douched out and lubed up for my cock to slide in. I’ve been fucking him since this summer. Aww, shut the fuck up Jerry. There’s way more I need to tell you than your son being my pussy. It was all due to this. Look at my computer screen, recognize that woman? Or how about the man she’s about to blow? If I’m not mistaken, that’s you, and that woman is my cunt wife. I figured she was cheating on me, and I set up that camera last spring. Wasn’t expecting it to be you. I felt hurt—not by her, fuck her—but by you. So, I got pissed. I wanted to get you back in the worst way. Fucking your wife would be pointless seeing you two have been separated since… well, the spring. Interesting timing, don’t you think? No, that’s when I decided I wanted hurt you by going after the pride of your life, your son. I fucked fags back when I was in the Corps. I loved to smack them up and toss them aside. I was going to blackmail Greg into giving me his ass, fucking him up royally. All I was waiting for some of the paperwork to show him—you know, for the blackmail—when he did something I wasn’t expecting. Remember working on the Cortez house in the middle of nowhere north of Scottsdale, and we had a special trailer for bathrooms and a shower for you all to clean up before going home? Well I was taking my shower an hour before you all clocked out. When I was done, Greg was outside the shower watching me come out. He was very obvious of his interest in me. He took his own shower, but he left his curtain open a little. I could see him jerking it. I decided to let it go, but the next day when he came in for the AC and the wifi—two hours before you got off—I said I had to step out to take my shower. Wouldn’t you know it, he came in for a shower not three minutes later. All I said was ‘Get in here.’ He was in that tiny shower on his knees throating on my cock. He’s been riding my pole ever since. Remember last month when you spent a weekend visiting a friend in Tucson, the same weekend my cunt wife went to go hang with her sisters in Vegas? That just happened to be the weekend that Greg said he was going camping in the desert. Well, everyone was lying. While you were fucking my wife on my dime at the Bellagio in Vegas, I was fucking your son in San Diego, well actually, all around San Diego. We went back to the cruise parks where I used to pick up fags, and we did three ways, four ways, and many more ways. That weekend is when I truly found out that your son is a pig. I mean, he’s one twisted sick puppy. He got me to, no begged me to smack him around—like I did way back when—in front of the other guys at the park. I don’t know who all showed him, but for a twenty year old he’s well experienced in some really kinky shit. When he joined me in the shower I offered to piss on him, and was on his knees begging to drink it. If it was up to him that’s all he would drink. He refuses to let me wash my pits, ass, and feet. He takes care of cleaning them up for me. He pays very close attention to my ass. His tongue not only cleans my rank sweaty crack, but it goes so far up my shithole I swear he’s tasting my thoughts. He so wants me to take a dump in his mouth, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that…. Heh, heh, heh, ahhhhh. You know what I am enjoying? This moment. I am just watching your face. For the past five minutes I have told you that I know about your affair with my cunt wife, I’ve been fucking your boy, and the sweet and innocent boy is one giant sex pig and has been for a few years right under your nose. Your jaw has been on the floor, and you haven’t moved a millimeter…. No, no, no, don’t start speaking now, there’s more, oh there’s more. I was waiting for everything to come into place before I was going to tell you, but seeing that I’m putting it all out there, why wait? Not only have you been screwing my wife, but you have been screwing my company. Once I saw the this video, I looked into you and her. By my counts, you have embezzled nearly two hundred thousand dollars from my company over the past two and a half years. You’ve been purchasing duplicate equipment, pocketing the money, and play dumb should someone look for it. Totally clumsy. And, you got my wife wrapped up in all of this. That’s my favorite part. This is what I was going to blackmail Greg with. It was going to be either you going to jail or him offering me his pussy. He was too much of a whore that I didn’t even need the blackmailing. So! To let you know, I am going to file for a divorce. With the iron clad prenup in place, she will get a quarter million. If the two of you don’t contest any part of the divorce and let the process move quickly, she and I will be divorced in about 60 days. She’ll get the money, less the amount the two of you stole. Hey that leaves the rest to begin your lives together—happy and not in jail. That will leave Greg for me. You will not interfere with us. In fact you will be totally supportive of us. I don’t give a shit if you aren’t, but he’s not to know. I’m going to call him in. Yeah he’s here. I get a notification on my phone when he arrives. I have a remote control butt plug in his ass. The app alerts me when he’s in proximity. Throughout the day I can send him a vibration to tell him that his pussy is mine. There’s even a setting where I make the plug vibrate in a specific pattern as a signal to come here. You know your boy worships me. He loves to tell me that I am ‘perfect, but not perfect enough.’ Ain’t that cute? My favorite part of him is something I never had with my three wives, or even most of my friends. He’s not interested in my money. He’s never asked me to buy him anything. He lives to make me happy, satisfied, pleased, comfortable, and so on. Fuck. He’s an awesome kid. I have to say you and your wife did a great job raising him. And here he comes…. Greg! Your dad and I were talking here. He knows that I’ve be fucking you. Oh don’t panic, everything is cool. I even told him how much of a giant pig you are. Drinking my piss, eating my ass, even begging for more. He’s still processing all that now. He’s not only shocked about that, but just found out that I have known about him having an affair with my wife. Needless to say, she and I will be divorcing. And when that’s done, Greg, if you want, would you like to be my wife number 4? I’m serious. This ain’t a joke. I would ask your dad for permission, but he’s just too zoned out staring into the void that is his mind at the moment to form a sentence. Jerry! Jerry! He’s still in shock. Jerry! We’re done. You can go to my cunt wife and tell her I’m filing for divorce…. Or, stick around, but Greg is going to be giving me head. You are more than welcome to watch. Jerry?… Ok Greg, you are up. I don’t care if he watches. Do you?… My god you are one sick puppy. I love you.”

    “I saw what just happened.  Have a seat.  Name’s Neal.  You?  Tim.  Nice to meet you Tim.  Where you headed?  Ft. Lauderdale.... From Seattle?...  Wow, Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale is one mighty long drive.  Let me guess, a road trip with dad?  Kinda figured.  That shit never ends well.  You think he’ll come back?  Your dad looked quite pissed.... Well the way he tore out of here, it doesn’t look like he much cares about that road trip.  When he pulled out, he got on the westbound on-ramp.  He’s going back to Washington.   Are you going to stick around here in case he comes back?...  Hey kid, he might.  Driving for thirty years, I have seen a lot of strange shit.  Sorry if it seems like I’m asking too many questions, but I don’t get to talk to non-drivers that much.  Let me ask, if he were to come back, would you want to go with him?...  That long pause tells me two things.  The first is that you wouldn’t go back, and the second is that you don’t want to hear yourself say that.  I understand.  So, was your father correct, are you gay?...  Another pause.  Look, I’m not asking if you want to come back to my cab and suck my dick; I’m just asking if you are gay.  Are you?...  See that wasn’t difficult  So, you wanna come back to my cab and suck my dick?  He he he.  Kid, that’s just the way I joke around.  The offer is genuine, but you don’t have to answer it.  It’s getting time for me to get back on the road.    I feel for you.  I do.  Look, I’m headed to Georgia.  I can take you as far as Atlanta.  And kid—wait, how old are you?...  20?  You look younger.  As I was about to ask, if you want to ride with me you can.  I just need to know ahead of time.  My cab has a top bunk which you can use once I get my shit out of there.  You can sleep up there and I won’t cross that line.  But here’s the deal.  When we stop for the night, I know the rest areas and vista points where I can pick up a faggot and pile drive my seven inch hog into.  I’m gonna kick you out when that happens.  Once I throw the fag out, you can come back in and we will be in for the night.  My dick is king; that will not change just because you are there.  Now, if you want to come back to my cab and suck my dick, I’m going to require a lot more.  I will pile drive your ass, I will skull fuck you, and I will sit on your face.  Wow, that’s a shit eating grin if ever there was one.  Oh, I’m not into that at all.  You will eat my ass—that is the one thing I like more than anything else.  And it may be funky back there at times, but I don’t do the shit thing.  The way you are licking your lips, you want to do this don’t you?... OK let’s do this.  Did your dad take all your stuff?  Figured.  Asshole.  Let’s head back to my truck.  Well, you won’t be wearing clothes inside my cab.  I like to drive naked myself, and I expect you to do the same.  I said my dick is king; I mean it.  I will use your holes when I want.  Now, you probably aren’t cleaned out, I’ll need to show you how to douche out the cunt on the road.  Yes, I get verbal, very verbal.  Your hole is a cunt—made for pound fucking.  You ever drink piss?...  Well, you will try it.  Between that and tongue fucking my shithole, I will probably refer to your mouth as a toilet.  And, I really get off on calling fags a faggot.  I know your dad called you that before smacking you across the face and pulling out leaving you stranded.  The thing is that after I call you faggot and smack you across the face and dump a load in your cunt, I won’t pull out.  Instead, I will collapse on you with my cock still inside.  I will hold you tight and hold you long and together we will drift off to sleep in the silence.  And here we are.  Get in, get naked, and get in bed.  I have to do a quick check around and I will be up to sit on your face.”