Beat My Ass Purple

Ecstasy from the BottoM. I’m the Bottom & I bring ecstasy to my Mistress (my top)...you get the idea. Oh yeah if you are under the age of 18. Enjoy those years. But not here. All good things in all good time. Trust me on that one. I would switch with you in a heartbeat. But for now. I must go get my Domme an evil switch. To beat “swoosh” my ass with. So go away. Your getting me into trouble. Everyone else. Enjoy!

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2022-09-29 06:50:15

    I find the lack of pictures of South East Asian girl's feet upsetting, since I think they are some of the prettiest girls on the planet (Filipinas/Thai/Vietnamese/etc). So I'm asking my followers, if you stumble upon any good pics of SEA girls, send them my way and I'll credit you in the caption post I create.


    I am one of those men. Though I have been licking your feet for over 10 years. Not to argue your position but My tongue has been your servant for over a decade. 😘