Don't Cut Be My Slut

I look at life like an adventure so join me if you want and we'll have some fun. I don't get off on causing others pain but I do have the cure for it. You may not be into the same things as me but I like talking with people about anything so send me a message. Anon or not I don't care. I love to hear of things that make you smile, your secret dirty desires, or be there for you when you're disappointed with the world. I'm very creative and willing to make life more interesting for you. All you need to do is give me some place to start our adventure. This blog is for people 18 and older. Don’t send me pictures if you are not old enough.

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2022-09-25 15:31:27

    I hope you all are making the best of this summer in a crazy year.  No matter what goes on around you always make sure you have fun and be good to the people you know.   I’ll do my best to make my blogs as good as I can.   Sometimes my head tells me I’m worthless and that everyone hates me.  It’s hard in those times but I’m stronger than those feelings.  I want you to know that if you have hard times you can come to me.  I’ll do my best to give some advice or just listen to you.  If you want to tell me something you did today and it seems lame but you want to tell someone or want someone to be proud of you feel free to write me.  If you want to tell me some of your hopes and dreams feel free.  If you want to tell me some dirty fantasy you have…. I might even write about it.  And if you to tell me how you feel about the blog please do.  I always love to hear from you all.  Most important I want you to know you always have some place where you’re cared about.  I care about you.  And Oh my god…. I hope you REALLY enjoy this story.

    I made this for a follower who wanted me to make that gangbang a little more degrading.  Thanks for reaching out to me this week.  The more you all inspire me the more I will make and the better it will be.  I love hearing from you or getting sexy pics.  It’s more fun for me to make things for someone in particular than just to make something for no reason.  Also you all are important to me so let’s make sure to ease some of that stress from the world by having fun.  *Kiss*


    I wish I wasn't so shy to not be anonymous but your writing makes me really wet...pent up, hips move involuntarily, lip biting...🥵

    I do have a request, and since I am an anon, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't look twice or if you just dont have time, sir. But it doesn't hurt to ask? 🥺

    I have a little clit...and I donno if that's why but I struggle to cum so much. I've only done it once with a partner from PiV with a big cock and the only other times I can reach orgasm is grinding on my Hitachi wand full speed quickly - usually reading your stories. 😳 and when that happens I am a mess like should have put down multiple towels. 💦

    I get so worked up, but struggle so hard for release. It's frustrating that this is my only...way that works right now.

    So um anyway, my request is a story for a strong capable man teaching this poor frustrated girl how to cum?

    Okay now that I typed all this up I am gonna go hide under my blankets and pretend I didn't hit send! 😳😳😳😳😏

    Mmmm You’re cute hiding under your blankets.

    Damn! Ok… hips moving involuntarily. Lip biting! Soaking wet makes my mouth water. I can picture looking right into your shy eyes while you sit on my lap facing me. GRINDING on this thick dick.

    I haven’t felt very inspired to write but maybe I will. Today I’m feeling more inspired. You need to promise to wave that magic wand for me. I’m feeling greedy and I want to take you to several orgasms. Are you starting to feel greedy too?

    A fun story someone can follow along with using their sex toys.  A follower just got their first ever sex toys so this if for them to follow along but you can all enjoy it too.   It’s really for everyone.  This blog words best with a good muse to inspire me.  I love finding a real connection on here.  I also appreciate any inspiration you all give.  Your sexy bodies and your words.  Anything you share with me is private unless you ask me to post a picture of you on my other blog because getting exposed turns you on.  Otherwise I keep it between us. 


    Thank you for all the orgasms.

    It seems so bad to admit but you've made me soak more times in the last year than my partner who barely tries.

    I feel like I'm at my sexual peak and he is content to be done. So your blog is my release, over and over and over again while I am a "faithful" wife fucking my cunt to another man's words, your words, whispering that I am your filthy fucking toy. Muffling my moans while I sit hidden in my closet furiously maturbating with a toy my earbuds in listening to you tell me to cum...

    I know it's a bit wrong but I also can't stop, I get so horny and achey. Like I am now after scrolling this morning and I am gonna go sit in the closet like a bad girl.

    FUCK.... I feel your thank you so much and I appreciate it. I LOVE giving you orgasms. I'm not done at all. You can still be "faithful" and get all the orgasms you need. Believe me I LOVE giving you orgasms. Like getting in that closet with you and you're on your back looking up at me "I'm not supposed to..." "Shut up" Is say and get on top of you. We don't just fuck. We kiss. My hands grip. I get you ALL worked up with my words and my hands and my lips and my tongue. I'll use toys on you. Anything that I learn gets you soaking for me. I'll take you on secret adventures that nobody needs to know about. You're gonna cream for me. Those orgasms are for ME! You're going to FEEL fucked because I AM fucking you. I want you to get in all kinds of positions. I want you to always start with relaxing your neck and shoulders and the back of your head. FEEL yourself relax and open up fully for me. There's no need to hold back. Get ALL the pleasure you deserve. Let it flow through you. Try out all kinds of things. Acting out scenes. Holding your throat. Pinching your nipples. Spanking. Gripping your body FOR ME. Your hands are my hands when you violate yourself for me. Believe me I feel it if you really MEAN IT. Mmmm I LOVE your creamy cunt and getting you all worked up. Imagine that after I lick you and get you all creamy wet with toys you sit on my lap and look at me. Sitting on my thick dick. It's going deep in your warm wet pussy. Hold it tight. "Are you gonna be my bad girl? Hmm?" You nod. You're blushing. You're thinking too much when you're here to get pleasure. You deserve this. I grip your throat and ask again "Are you going to be MY bad girl?" Your voice is a shiver. "Yes, Sir." "Then grind on it. Slow to start." Think of how good and dirty it feels when we're open mouth kissing and you're grinding on my big thick dick. My hands moving up and down your body as I feel you up. I GRIP your ass cheeks. I slide my hands up and take hold of your hips. I start to FUCK you up and down on my dick harder. HARD! So hard you moan in my mouth. Is this how you like it? I slap your ass and lean back saying "What do you need?" "Your dick!" I slap your ass again harder "Do you need some orgasms?" "Yes, Sir." I move up and press my face to your face while humping up into you. I growl and say "You're gonna get SO MANY orgasm." I say with my sweaty forehead pressed to yours. "You better get greedy for me." I tell you and lean down sucking on one of your tits while I fuck you. Then I grip your hair and turn your head. I put my lips to your ear and say "If I have to come and take care of this pussy that means it's MY pussy right now. Whose pussy is this?" "It belongs to YOU right now, Sir." And THAT is the phrase you will say over and over just before you flop your wet tongue out of your mouth the next time you orgasm for me. A guilt free orgasm. In that closet. In that space. When you're MINE... you give me EVERYTHING and you allow those orgasms to swallow you up and push all stress and pressure off and away from you. I got you, baby girl. I WANT you.


    @herdarkangelrulesherinnerkitten Get on your reading assignment.  Your assignment is to consume some filthy fantasy.  Act it out in your mind while you relax your body.  Then put yourself in all kinds of fucking positions.  Filing with filthy thoughts.  More and more desire.  Let it swell up in you.  Do the things you know get you excited and then be a little experimental.  Try something else.  Nipple pinching, anal play, choking, slapping, eat sugary fucking cereal in a bowl on the floor like dog while you rub your cunt.  Try SOMETHING new with your “tried and true” and when you feel an orgasm coming stick your wet tongue out and let it SPILL.  Loosen your body and let it spill out with no holding back. 

    A new story for you all.  Hopefully I’ll have time to get to a few more this week.  I’m still catching up on requests but you can always send asks with any question you have at all or if you want to say how you like the blog or tell me something going on in your life.  I always love getting sexy pictures sent to me.  They fuel my stories but anything you send it always between us unless we discussed otherwise.


    If you want to see my thick dick go to my other blog....

    If you want to get on your knees and rub yourself while you think of touching it.  Or open your mouth wide and dream of sucking it while I spank your ass.  Or get on all fours and wonder how wide your pussy will open when I slide my dick in slow and deep. 

    OR if you want to see what you should be thinking about when you read my stories go check it out and rub yourself creamy.  You can dream about anyone or anything while you read my stories but if you want to dream about my cock you can….



    Lol Are you not entertained? 💪

    Now that my eye has healed more I can start making more stories.  I hope you know I plan to give you so many good and exciting feelings this Spring and Summer.  Thank you for the inspiration on these stories and thank you to the person who shares their body to inspire me.  You are my muse.  I promise I will put into this blog everything that you put into inspiring me and so much more. I’ll have at least three more new stories before the end of the weekend. If you need to work up to an orgasm slow take your time and do it.  If you like to have a lot of orgasms story after story… get them!  Explore your body for me.  Try things out.