Don't Cut Be My Slut
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2021-01-27 22:32:14

    We’re fucking in the back seat of the car.  Somewhere out of the way but still publicly parked.  We’re not supposed to be fucking but we are.  What do you want to hear me say to you while we fuck?

    You can anon message me or private message me but you WILL say “When you fuck me in the car you say....”

    Don’t hold back now.  HERE is where you’ll do ALL the dirty things and have good feelings that push the negative things in your life away long enough for you to heal a bit.  Be a fuck doll.  Be a slut.  Touch yourself right now for me,

    I had to pop this request to the top because I was really feeling it tonight.  I have a lot more to do this week but please feel free to send ASKS with any questions you have or things going on in your life or letting me know how you like the blog. I love to hear from you all.  I love to get gifts of sexy pictures of you to inspire my blog but what I love most is bringing you on fun adventures and leading you towards amazing orgasms.  

    Here’s a new story for you all or it could be for a muse who inspires me to make things on here.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I love leading you all toward orgasms. I love adding adventure to your lives.  I love when you share with me and inspire me.  You are important to me.  More fun to come.


    So I’m talking to this guy. He has a massive cock. Much too big for me. But it looks so goddamn delicious I can’t resist. But he lives in another goddamn country so I can’t visit him. I was wondering if you could do something for me to ease my wetness~

    I can ease your wetness.  But things might get wetter before they get better. I want you to put everything you’ve got into this fantasy.  I mean, I want you to dress up for it and light some candles for it.  I’ll give you my best and you give me your best.  


    Got a story for the recently heartbroken? Something tender?

    I’ll do this for you.  This weekend.  I want you to know that you have so many more adventures to come.  I know it doesn’t seem like it now but you can rise above this and be better.  You will.  For now.... I’ll make something tender and exciting.  MY way.

    A story for you based off an image.  It’s easy to imagine taking off your clothes and fucking you so well.   Wanting to pleasure you from head to toe.  Is it easy for you to touch yourself for me?  Bring yourself into this fantasy.  You can imagine anyone you want because all I want is for you to get to an amazing orgasm when the time is right.  

    Girls reblog this if you agree so others can read it.  Guys that are cool do the same.  I know you might not agree with all the things I do sexually but even if you don’t agree with my sexual choices I think we can all agree on the ideas of consent and fairness.   Feel free to write me if you have any ideas about this.  I’m always willing to talk about anything.

    Thanks for the inspirational pictures.   You deserve the best orgasm you can have an I want you to give it yourself for me.  

    As for the rest of you I want you to get lost in the story and take a break from your stressful life.  You can think of the other person as anyone.  It doesn’t have to me.  If you want to see my dick in the actual campground shower you just have to be brave enough to say “I want to see your dick.”