Don't Cut Be My Slut
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2020-11-25 16:16:06

    Pleasure eases pain and you deserve ALL the pleasure you can get.

    Check out all the other bath week fun on my page along with stories and masturbation instructions.

    Bath Week- like Shark Week but better

    You can change some things to fit your needs or taste but the basic idea will stay the same.  My brand of domination is not just fun but also can help calm some of the bad things in your life.  You can do it even if you aren’t fully submissive but you have to learn to let go of everything else.  Like humiliation meditation with an amazing good feeling at the end.

    There’s a lot of POV porn but not much from the Female point of view.  Would you all like some more GIF’s like that?

    What are your fantasies?  Let me know and I’ll make you something.

    If you want to try out edging or like it already do this one.  If you want to try another I have plenty of FMI’s that I made you can look through.

    Another new FMI for you to enjoy.  I love getting messages from my followers even just to say you like the blog.  Anon is fine.  I also love getting picture submissions.  They drive my stories and keep me excited to do these things.  If you don’t like this one I have plenty of FMIs, fun games, and stories.  Not every one is made for each person, so look around a bit.

    Have fun with this or try out one of my many other FMI’s 

    If your blog allows share it with others so they might find some excitement in them too.

    Something that was requested.  I hope you enjoy it.  This is also a thank you for someone who sent a private submission to me.  If you want to write me anon or not that’s cool.   I love to hear from followers of my blog.  Even if you just want to say that you enjoy it.