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    I am addicted to watching my husband’s cock slide in and out of other women’s pussies. I also love watching them suck his long shaft deep into their throats. I can’t get enough of seeing his cock inside other women.

    I come so hard when my pussy is aching, empty and soaking wet while I watch his cock pounding another woman’s tight pussy.

    I love the taste of pussy on his cock, I crave it. I can’t get enough. Nothing is better than pulling his thick rod out of a tight cunt and licking her juices off him then shoving his fat prick back inside her. I really love it when he pulls out and comes all over her cunt so I can lick it off.


    Kelly Wang, Kelly Balthazar, Mayli.

    Every now and then, I see this picture (or a version of it) on tumblr:

    It’s a mixed-race girl who used the names “Mayli” and “Kelly Wang” to do some pretty hot porn, but only like two or three things as far I can find.

    Apparently her real name is Kelly Balthazar and she was the daughter of some pretty well-off and well-connected people and I can only assume the porn was done as a “I’m an adult and can do what I want thing.”

    Someone I follow reposted the above image and I got curious and went looking, and apparently she’s now an artist and model, making paintings and posing and not talking about her flirtation with porn.

    But it got me thinking.

    For every person who’s seen her like this:

    There are more people who’ve seen her like this:

    And part of me is wondering now - which is the true her?

    (And why am I so fascinated by her and what’s she’s done?)


    I love this update.


    she is worth rebloging forever


    Me So Horny by FT

    Me So Horny by FT

    I travel a lot for my … “work.” I had a few days before my next appointment in Rio de Janeiro, so I decided to spend the time relaxing at the El Diablo Royale in Cancun, Mexico. I’ve stayed there before and found that the staff and guests would do just about … anything I wanted.

    I first noticed her my second day at the resort, lounging at the pool. I saw her later that evening in the restaurant. A young Asian-American woman. Designer clothes. Expensive jewelry. Nice looking but no knockout. It appeared that she was vacationing alone.

    But what really caught my eye was how rude and obnoxious she was to the staff. Tossing a drink at a server at the pool. Sending her meal back three times in the restaurant. A loud argument with the concierge about maid service in the lobby. She was treating the staff like trash.

    The next morning I did a little more research. Her name was Susan. She was the 25 year old daughter of a California tech entrepreneur.  No job. She appeared to be living off daddy’s money. She was booked for a two week stay, in Suite 1001.

    So, I decided it would be in the best interests of almost everyone, to teach her a lesson.

    I was sitting in the dark in her Suite when she arrived shortly after 1:45 am. She saw me when she turned on the lights.

    “Hey. Who are you? What are you doing in my room?

    I said “I’m sorry Miss, but you’re mistaken. This is my Suite.”

    “What the hell. Get out of here you perv. I’m going to ….”

    I waved my right hand and she immediately went quiet.

    “Sit down Susan” I commanded. And she complied.

    Then I quickly scanned her mind. I removed the memories of her family and friends. Her education and knowledge was erased next. Just for laughs I also dropped her IQ a few dozen points.

    With the slate clean, I re-filled her mind with new memories, experiences and expertise.

    Then I made some minor physical changes. More Asian. Less American. Darker skin tone. A bit shorter. Bigger breasts, Finally, I dressed her in a schoolgirl outfit. Then we began the fun.

    “My name is John. What’s your name?”

    “My name Suki. Wat you want Mr. John?”

    “I do hand job. I do blow job. You fuck pussy? Or fuck ass? Watever you want Mr. John.”

    “Ok. I unnerstand. You want doggie … wuf … wuf? You pay hundred dolla OK?”

    “OK… We fuck now…”


    “Ohh … Mr. John … you cock it is so big … it fill me up … feel so good … me feel so horny Ohh … Ahh …”

    I fucked her for about an hour. After we finished I paid her the 100 bucks. She turned out to be some of the best Asian pussy I ever had.

    “OK Mr. John. If you want more fuck you call man at desk. You say you want best whore in hotel. He send Suki to you.”

    Before she left the room I decided to give her a tip. I gave her street smarts in order to help with her new career.

    [Note: story written in the style of the hot and nasty captions found at YAZZER’S CAPTIONS blog]


    Loved it!  Thanks for the mention!

    Real empowerment. Real liberation. Real equality.  

    Dumb twat doing exactly what it was born to do. Exploiting the real meanings of empowerment, liberation and equality.  

    Pay attention, cunts, This is what being born with a gash between your legs is really about  Make yourselves useful and embrace what being a porn pig is. Remember, you are seen as porn on and off the camera.