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    He had promised her he will be quiet because dad was there next room, but in the end, once his cock started working the magic, it was his mother who could not really be anything close to quiet!

    By the end of it, it left no one that whole neighborhood with any wrong impression of what was happening in the kitchen.

    As for his dad he never came and interrupted it, guess he understood that she was beyond saving and as for the boy, he never stopped pumping his cock deep up his mother’s cunt!

    Ancient Pagan Mothers and Sons: A Theory About Why Mother Son Erotica and Fantasy is Currently so Popular

    Note: First off thank you all for the hundreds of Likes/Reblogs so far (and sexy messages and stories from like-minded naughty mommies and boys :), it’s nice to know so many others share these thoughts and feelings. The ideas and information in this post are things I’ve gathered and theorized about after reading the books “Sex at Dawn”, “Gothic Incest”, and “The Spiral Dance”, as well as articles online. Full disclosure, I am a 38 year old single mother of a teenage son and we have always had a very close and openly affectionate relationship, with lots of cuddling and some kisses that may have lingered a little too long… I have always enjoyed Mother/Son roleplay, porn, and erotic stories, and have fantasized about him for a little while now (why I created this erotic fantasy blog as an outlet) and I won’t go into detail (I will save that for another post), but I will say that I recently found out he has the same feelings. Our relationship hasn’t quite gotten sexual yet, and I know I shouldn’t let it, but dear god I think the tension during this quarantine with just the two of us sharing a small apartment is driving us both crazy…

    The Mother Goddess Asherah (known by many names throughout the world) was worshiped in various ways, including through ritual sex. Although she was believed to be the Horned God Baal’s mother, she was also his mistress. Pagans practiced “sympathetic magic”, that is, they believed they could influence the gods’ actions by performing the behavior they wished the gods to demonstrate. Believing the sexual union of Baal and Asherah produced fertility, their worshipers engaged in sex to cause the gods to join together, ensuring good harvests. The priest or a male member of the community represented Baal while the priestess or a female member of the community represented Asherah. One of the goals of this ritual was to fully dissolve the ego and surrender to embodying the Goddess and her Son-God lover in sexual union. To transform into these powerful and primal divine feminine and masculine archetypes, producing a union where both partners were able to be vulnerable and connect to the masculine and feminine within themselves and the other. Some scholars believe that several pagan cultures around the world took this idea and practice of “sympathetic magic” even further. In the absence of modern taboo, they believed that sexual relationships between pagan mothers and their sons was a holy union, which pleased Asherah and Baal (causing them to mate), and created an even more powerful form of magic. Cleopatra famously married her son and described their relationship as being akin to Isis and her son Horus, and many statues and artworks from Greece to India depict a fertile Venus goddess with her attentive child and lover. This practice may have been even more common in ancient matrilineal clans where they lived in small, close-knit kinship groups, the patriarchal figure of the father was not as important or present, and fathers’ true identities were often unknown.

    In some cases where fathers would leave or die while hunting or through natural causes, sons would take their place as their mother’s lover. It is possible some sons would also mate with their mothers with their father’s knowledge and blessing. After all, these were small tribes that needed more people and prized fertility above almost all else, so it did not matter if a son was breeding a child into his mother. Especially when in terms of age a teenage boy and his mother would both be at the peak of their libido and would naturally be attracted to and close to each other, with a desire to bond that could easily get…physical. At this time people were unaware of the higher risk of genetic abnormalities that can occur when a mother has a baby with her son. In fact, it may have been seen as normal, even divine and celebrated. The perfect and fulfilling cycle for a woman, to create more life with the being she created and loves more than anything, while the boy gets to return to where he came from and seed her with new life, the two becoming one and connecting in a state of sexual ecstasy, just as with the God and Goddess.

    This is a theory for why Mother Son fantasy and erotica has currently become so popular. It is connecting us to something very primal and ingrained which may have played a large part in the history of our ancient ancestors who worshipped the Great Mother Goddess and her Son God lover. And the special unique closeness and love of the mother son bond is something many men and women both long for and can be easily sexualized and roleplayed. Just think about Back to the Future, Bates Motel, Boardwalk Empire, Sex Education, Nowhere Boy, Sons of Anarchy, or any number of modern shows and movies where Mommy Son sexual tension is explicit or just beneath the surface. Just because we now know that a mother and son having a baby is risky and truly taboo doesn’t make the idea or fantasy of it any less powerful or desirable, even if that’s something you would never actually want to do in real life. In fact the taboo fantasy combined with trying to suppress our natural urges for procreation makes it extra hot and appealing to many people.

    I truly think the huge recent rise in popularity and acceptance of Mommy/Stepmom/MILF/Cougar & Cub porn around the world is another expression of the rise of the Goddess we are seeing play out in many other aspects of society, as people long for less toxic masculinity, a greater presence of the Divine Feminine, and strong, sweet, nurturing maternal energy, men and women alike. Much of this erotica, whether taking the form of stories, captioned pictures, art/comics, or videos plays into evoking all of the primal feelings and naughty, lusty, exciting scenarios I discuss, reblog, like, and sometimes post (escalating teasing, tension, and seduction; Age-play, staying home from work and school, “innocent” cuddling and trying to behave, breastfeeding, keeping secrets or being exhibitionist, being quarantined/stranded, being at a resort alone together, pregnancy risk/pregnancy, sneaking behind Father’s back etc. I’m kind of a Fantasy nerd so ancient times and other worlds, royalty, fictional M/S characters, historical settings, magical creatures, Gods and Goddesses all sometimes also make their way into my M/S roleplay and imaginings :)

    The fantasy of sneaking behind Daddy’s back or him being “away” is very prevalent in all kinds of erotic fiction and videos, and it is extra potent and thrilling for both sexes. Not only due to the shared excitement, risk, and connection of participating in a secret naughty transgression together against “patriarchal authority” and trying not to get caught, but in that it subconsciously activates the idea of sperm competition for males and females which is very arousing, and makes the male want to be a better lover than Daddy in order to please Mommy, so that she wants and prefers to give him her love, sexual affection, body, and womb. And it is an empowering fantasy for women in that they get to play the dominant and erotically charged role of an independent and sexually unrestrained Mother, the object of desire by both males. In this role they have full control of their sexuality, and can choose if they wish to literally and symbolically shun the Patriarchy (Daddy) by denying a domineering or uncaring man who they may not have a relationship with or who wants to take their body, and instead make love with a more sensitive one who they love and have a close emotional connection to and may be more physically compatible with or attracted to. The taboo (in terms of relationship and age) fantasy of being with a young, virile, insatiably horny and attentive son who they “shouldn’t” be with is also very attractive to many women and vice versa with boys lusting after their mature mommy’s curves, caring, and experience. Many women admit to being aroused or having an orgasm while breastfeeding, but some may feel embarrassment or shame about it and keep it secret. Science says this arousal is a perfectly normal physical response, and “breastfeeding” a partner, an act where roleplaying as Mommy/Baby Boy feels natural and extra pleasurable, can release similar amounts of Oxytocin(the “love” or “bonding” hormone) and Dopamine for men and women, recreating this intense bonding sensation, but now with an uninhibited and free sexual dimension for both partners.

    In addition to the search statistics, and sheer number of videos and art, the most popular professional and amateur female porn actresses have embraced and seem to enjoy the Mommy/Son genre of porn and skew older, more mature, and curvier than in the past, while their male counterparts are much younger, thinner/less jacked and sweeter than before. And it usually depicts women as powerful, seductive, fertile, matriarchs or goddesses who are in a sweet emotional and physical relationship with their younger not overly macho boy, and not like a lot of porn where there is no emotional connection or tension between the characters, or that degrades and oppresses women or gives them no agency. It all adds up to a very naughty, primal, and potent fantasy with many sexy possibilities that is ripe for both partners to explore and play in. What do you think??

    'Martin's Mom'

    The 6th book in the A Different Bed series

    "Would you like to go to the lounge? The seats are more comfortable there" . . Mrs Beckford smiled and stood up, walking slowly from the table she turned and smiled at Matt "that was so good to say out loud" . .

    Mrs Beckford sat slowly on the sofa, readjusting her blouse slightly as Matt followed in behind her with the coffees. His hard on refusing to go away and pushing urgently at his his trousers. "So, what happened with you and your mother?" Matt sat down on the chair opposite Mrs Beckford and uncomfortably tried to sit naturally. "Uh, well, mom always had this habit of doing the laundry in her underwear. I dont know why, but I got used to seeing her wearing next to nothing and we'd joke and flirt. Never thinking anything of it. She's my mom, n'all that. But one day, I caught her bending over, putting stuff in the machine. Usually she kneels down, but I just got a raging hard on. Her ass was amazing, I knew I had to go and do something about it, so I was gonna head up to my bedroom, but I couldn't stop myself from going into the kitchen, so I kissed her and hugged her, I needed to feel her, so she joked and played it down, but I don't know if I saw something in her eyes, but I know she felt my cock against her, so, she went up stairs with the dry clothes and my mind was racing.

    Mrs Beckford undone one button from the top of her blouse and fanned herself with her hand as she listened intently to Matts story, eagerly waiting for the next part, Matt adjusted himself again "maybe you need to let him get a bit more room?" Mrs Beckford nodded to Matts crotch. He blushed and laughed nervously.

    "So, I went upstairs, maybe 2 or 3 three minutes after mom and went into her room. She could see how hard I was and said something funny like "do you need mommy to help you?" Mrs Beckford undid another button from her blouse, her cleavage was becoming very inviting, "so I walked around the bed and just stood in front of my mother. My hard cock only inches away from her face. It wasn't something I had planned, but I was almost on autopilot. She took hold of my cock and I leaned forward and she was sucking me." Mrs Beckford opened legs and found herself absent mindedly playing with her nipples through her blouse. "Your mom was sucking your cock?" Matt stood up and removed his trousers and sat back down, feeling much more comfortable as his cock continued to grow, "mm hmm. Feeling her cupping my balls and her tongue was so hot on the head of my cock, I will remember that first time, forever. The laundry was slowly falling onto the floor and my was sucking and swallowing and making mmmm noises and all I could think was 'THIS IS MY MOM! MY MOM IS SUCKING MY COCK' and we lay on the bed and we started removing the clothes we had and I was sucking her breasts and we were fucking.

    Mrs Beckford stood up, "do you mind if I take off my skirt?" Matt looked at her open mouthed "uh. . No . . No, carry on. . " she slowly removed the skirt while keeping eye contact with Matt the whole time, her breasts heaving forward in her blouse, barely being kept in place by her bra, she shuffled the skirt off revealing Bridget Jones style panties, she sat back down on the edge of the sofa and placed a hand inside her panties to play with her pussy. Matt repositioned his boxers and started to stroke his cock, "mom was looking up at me as had my cock in her pussy, she looked so happy, her nipples were hard and she pulled me in to kiss her, her pussy hair rubbed against my groin, it was heaven, her tongue was in my mother, her hands were in my hair and she was talking so dirty to me. I just felt like I was getting harder and harder. Fucking her on mom and dads bed was so good. There are some family photos on the wall above the bed and I was fantasising about fucking mom in those locations, I was fucking her harder and quicker and she asked me to cum in her mouth. . " "oh God!! YES.. . . " Mrs Beckford shuddered and leaned back onto the sofa, almost in the fetal position as her orgasm completely blindsided her, ". . She took me in her mouth as I came, sucking and swallowing me, looking up at me as she did so. . She said something funny and she wiped some of my cum off her chin and I left feeling a bit guilty at what we had done, unsure of what I should be doing next. . "

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    For everyone who has asked how everything started with my son and I, here it is.

    Everything started around the summer of 2014 when my ex husband and father to my kids had decided to leave us all and move out of country with a girl he meat on a business trip.

    I took it really hard and wasn’t handling it well but lucky my son stepped up and became the man of the house. With the help of some friends and my kids I was able to bounce back.

    Over the next year as he started filling out and really becoming quite the handsome young man my friends would tease me about how sexy they thought he was. One of my friends would tease him and I and try to get a reaction. He’d always turn red and shake his head.

    His friends used to call me a milf and tease him that sort of thing, after a while I noticed him looking but just thought it was normal being a normal teenage boy as I also caught him looking at his sister friends as well as my friends. Lol no big deal I thought

    When she’d come over for drinks she’d always bring up how sexy my son was getting and how she wanted to play with him, I’d turn red and blush and she’d tease me more. Then she started asking me questions, if I checked him out, seen him naked or caught him jerking off? I would get embarrassed and try avoid my the questions.

    One night after she left I really started to think of it and him. I noticed I got soaking wet and couldn’t help myself from playing with myself.

    A few days had gone by and things went back to normal. I came home early from work and had my friend drop me off as I was a little buzzed from having lunch and drinks with a friend. I went up to take a shower I figured I could sober up a bit and have Kye take me back to get my car later on.

    I got out of the shower put my rob on and decided to get started on some laundry while the kids were gone still at school and practice. I went to head to my sons room when I heard noises, as I got closer I could hear him talking but muffled then I heard a girl. His door was slightly opened I looked in and saw his sisters friend going down on him, I was in complete shock. I quickly cover my mouth as I gasped.

    OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!!

    I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them as I watched as she blew him. My pussy instantly got wet as I kept watching them. My son was so fixated as she was working her mouth on him. I couldn’t see his cock because of her head in the way but every once in awhile she’d stop sucking him and say she loved his cock and one time she said, “Ashley wasn’t wrong you do have a big dick!”

    Ashley is my best friends daughter and another one of my daughters friends.

    I was in such shock and disbelief of what vines seeing but yet so turned on, I knew I couldn’t stay quite as my pussy was screaming at me. I need to touch myself and I knew if I did I would make a noise and get caught, as I already started to involuntarily play with myself. I left and went to my room where I took my toy out and got back in the shower and fucked myself to 2 powerful orgasms. I couldn’t help myself I came so hard and loud I didn’t care if they heard me I needed to get off.

    Over the next few weeks the tensions grew high, I was so sexually aroused and frustrated, my son was getting some and I wasn’t. Sure I could go out and just fuck something if I wanted to but, I was still depressed and feeling low about myself I didn’t feel sexually attractive or confident enough to.

    One night I was with my best friend I told her about what had happened and then what I did based on how it made me feel.

    I told her to came over for dinner and drinks and that Kye and his sister were going out with friends that night and I need some girl time to talk.

    Well we were cooking dinner and drinking wine I started to open up and express my feelings about what happened and how I started to feel towards Kye.

    Becca- “I knew it! I knew he would finally get to you. So.....?”

    I told her the feelings that I’ve been having and didn’t know how to comprehend or deal with them. I felt so ashamed and guilty, because one he’s my son but guilty because how he looks at me and gives me compliments and has boosted my ego and self confidence these past few months.

    She said that I should just rock it and go with it and boost each other’s confidence up. That there’s nothing wrong with fun flirting, plus that I’m lucky to have such a hot young stud in my house. She also said that he’s grown into a strong mature man sincere my ex husband left us all and he hast stepped up and became the man of the house. I should be so Lucky and fortunate to have him, plus he’s yummy to look at. Lol that bitch!

    He started to look at me different and I started to like it . We talked about him looking at me, me enjoying it , we talked about more and but we both were getting embarrassed and ended the the conversation.

    A few weeks later it was just us and decided to go out for dinner. I noticed him checking me out a lot and he was constantly giving me compliments, I was really enjoying it and making me feel really good about myself and my confidence was boosting.

    We went back home and offered him if he wanted a few glasses of wine with me. We started to have really good, I couldn’t get him off of my mind, I was thinking of all the things my friend would tease me about, I was feeling really confident and sexy and I had this hot young stud sitting next to me and I was horny! I hadn’t had good sex or been fucked in a while and I NEEDED IT BADLY.

    I noticed him looking at me and gave me a complete look over with a smirk and look in his eyes I knew exactly what he was thinking and wanted, I asked him “ What do you think, does your mom look good for her age?”

    He moved closer set his glass down placed a hand on my leg,

    “ you look amazing mom, you are so beautiful and..... you are very sexy and look amazing for your age!”

    I blushed and felt a tingle rush through my body as his hand was on me, I was so nervous but I felt so comfortable with him and he made me feel so good and sexy.

    I took a sip of my wine and then leaned in closer,

    “Thank you hun, you are really growing to being a hot young man yourself.”

    We both just looked at each other deep into each others eyes giving each other the look and knowing what each other was thinking and wanting at that exact time. We both took another drink from our glasses, I set mine down as he took another drink I slide over and pressed myself against him running my hands over him.

    Feeling his body tense up he set his glass down and just as I was about to say something he leaned in and kissed me softly. Shocked but not completely shocked I was just in awe that he made the first move. I leaned in more kissing him back, it seemed like forever but was only for about 5 or seconds. We broke the kiss and looked at each other with such lust and without a word we began having the hottest makeout session I’ve ever had.

    He rooked me over on the couch so I was on my back as he got I top of me running his hands over my body. I wrapped my hands around him and then under his shirt and taking it off.

    Mmmmm he has such a hard and firm muscular body, I was soaking wet as I get his cock press against me. I wrapped my legs around him tightly then nibbled on his neck and ear moaning into his ear, “take me now I need you bad and want you!”

    He ripped my blouse off and exposing my tits and immediately started to kiss, nibble on my breasts as he squeezed them.

    As he was doing that I was undoing his pants, as I undid them I felt his massive cock in my hands and gasped and moaned at the feeling of him in my hands. I started to stroke him as we continued our hot makeout session,

    He lifted my skirt up pulling my panties down and started to rub and finger my soaking wet pussy.

    I began to gasp /moan harder and louder. I bucked my hips into him pressing his cock on and into my pussy. Feeling his cock spreading my lips apart as he slide his cock up and down between my pussy. I couldn’t take it any longer and guided him inside me.

    The first time I felt my son slide into me… I felt a little bit of guilt for allowing him into me but but few seconds later that feeling went away fast.

    I was so far gone with lust and craving him badly at the moment I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything. As I felt him entering me I wanted nothing more for him to feel me. I wanted him to know how I could make him feel, and I knew he would want that feeling for the rest of his life…

    I gasped and let out the biggest moan as he slide all the way into me. My legs wrapping around his waist. Looking into his eyes he began to make the hottest and most passionate love then and there on the couch.

    He rolled me over so he was sitting up and I was straddling him as I rode him hard and deep. I started to moan is name loud as it echoed the living room. His hands on my hips and ass, his mouth passionately kissing and nibbling on my breast and nipples. He softly nibbled on my nipple and I lost complete control of myself and couldn’t hold back any longer and had the most powerful orgasm of my life my hands on his legs as I arched my back and my head falling back as I Mohamed harder and louder now, my body tensed up and then I felt myself let go as I myself sitting on him and I lost control of my body and feel into him, wrapping my arms around him my head in his chest.

    He was still pumping into me as I felt his body tense up and his breathing picking up I knew he was close. I started to grind into him a little squeezing my pussy on his cock, wanting him deep inside me, I feel this I pulsating and throbbing as he Niamey and grunted filling me up as he came hard and deep inside me.

    Both of us out of breathing hard and catching our breaths, I lol up at him and him looking at me we look at each with such love, without a word being said we knew again exactly what each other was thinking and feeling, we kissed with such passion and love I came again from just our kiss. He broke the kiss looked me on the eyes and told me he loved me and kissed me again running his hands over my back, I broke the kiss bring my hands to his face telling him I loved him and that this felt so amazing that I didn’t want to stop and kissed him again.

    I felt so good and never felt this amazing after sex before. To my surprise he was still hard and I could feel my juices between us and his cum leaking out of me. I was so turned on I rode him a little more making sure he was staying hard, I then got off of him and got on my knees licking his cock. Mmmm omg it tasted amazing between my juices and his cum I turned into such a cock hungry whore licking his shaft all over to licking his balls and taking them in my mouth. Hearing him moaning turned me on more and then I slowly took him back in mouth. Taking all of him in my mouth, hearing him moaning louder was getting me more abs more excited I wanted, no I need him in my mouth. I started to stroke his cock as I ducked him off feeling him getting closer, I looked up at him asking him does it feel and am I doing a good job?

    “Mmmm omg Mom... Mmmm yes Mom you are amazing!”

    I went to take him back into my mouth but he stood him and bring me up with him. I was so shocked and upset I wanted him to cum, I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I so bad wanted to get him off and to taste him. Just like the girl I watched him with did. I was so jealous. I started to get back on my knees so I could finish him off, he grabbed me and kept me up. Just as I was about to say what the hell! He kissed me me and picked me up and started to carry me. He was taking me to my room. As we got to the stairs he put me against the wall and grabbing on to my ass I wrapped my legs around him sliding down on to him and he fucked me right there on the stairs against the wall.

    “OH MY GOD, who’s is this young man and where did come from!?” I thought to myself as he pinned me to the wall and fucked me. I haven’t been fucked like this in a very long time!

    I slide down off of him kissed him and then grabbed him by his cock and lead him to my room......

    I woke up early that morning with Kye asleep next to mr naked in my bed. I felt so guilty for allowing him into me but I wanted that feeling more than I had ever wanted anything. More than anything I wanted him to feel me. I wanted him to know how I could make him feel, and I knew he would want that feeling for the rest of his life… I’ve given him everything I had even let him fill me with his seed. I’ve given him everything I can… and his omg amazingly perfect cock fit me perfectly… I was overwhelmed when he ended out in me and thrust himself into me over and over… filling me up with his massive loads... our bond has never been stronger… I’ve never been closer to anyone than I did in that moment of orgasmic love…


    This is one of the hottest stories ever 😍❤


    My mother and I discussed everything prior to meeting at the hotel and getting a room together.

    I remember her hands trembling at the kitchen table as she reached across to grab mine.

    “I know about your struggle honey…”

    “What struggle?” I said surprised. My heart began racing.

    “Well, some of your reoccurring google searches. I noticed some peculiar ones..”

    At this point I was beginning to feel sick. She knew. She had to know. It was obvious we were both uncomfortable but mom did her best to keep it together to comfort my anxiety.

    “Honey, it’s ok,” she said, “ let’s talk about it. How long have you been struggling with…well with being…in love….I mean in sexually attracted to…me…”

    “What did you find on google?” I was trying to make this harder than it needed to be.

    “Well, mostly forums asking for help with your….well your attraction to your mother,” she said “me.”

    I finally had to come clean, “I’m sorry mom, have you told-”

    “-no I thought it was best not to tell your father about this.”

    There was an awkward silence. Mom felt like she needed to lead us out of it.

    “So what did you find out…from others about this?”

    “Some said it would pass. Others told me to act on it if you were…well you were up for it. They said it might get it out of my system. It’s been years now mom. I’ve tried everything.”

    “Ok, we can fix this. There’s nothing we can’t get through together honey. I love you and we will figure this out.”

    She got up and went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine…it was her defense mechanism. She always drank wine when she was nervous.

    “So just for the sake of argument and so we go through all of our options…has there been any cases where acting on this fantasy actually helped the younger…man…get over it…”

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My mother was actually considering allowing me to act on my desire for her. I knew from most of the cases it didn’t really help and only strengthened the desire between both the son and the mother…but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that. I knew this might be my only chance to feel my mother the way I wanted to…so I lied…

    “Most of the time the guy was able to move on…they got it out of their system.”

    She looked back at me, “are you sure?”

    “I think so,” I said while getting up and moving towards her. I felt my penis starting to push against my pants.“

    “Wait,” she said putting her hand up, “we aren’t doing this here. If what you say is right then we’re going to do this somewhere that…we’ll it’s not our home. If this really is only a fantasy then that’s where it has to stay. It can’t ever move into the real world. Do you understand son?”

    “Yes m'am.” I thought I was dreaming.

    “Ok, well the sooner the better. Your father won’t be back till Friday. You don’t have any tests or anything tomorrow do you?”

    “It’s my senior year of High School, mom. I’m only taking shop classes at this point.”

    She shook her head. “Ok, meet me at the Hilton in the city tonight at 7pm. Wear a coat. Get a room. Just text me the number. I don’t want to see you from now till then. We’re going in separate cars too. Now mommy’s going to go get ready,” she shook her head and started talking to herself, “who am my now Mrs. Robinson? No, not even Mrs. Robinson would probably consider sleeping with her son.”

    “What? Who is Mrs. Robinson?”

    “Never mind.”

    I called the hotel and did exactly as she said.

    I waited in the room for an hour. I kept kept texting her but she didn’t answer. I finally went down to the lobby, thinking maybe her phone died. I found her sitting at the bar drinking wine with a see through blouse. My penis and my heart jumped.


    She looked over quickly. Tossed some money on the bar and walked over to me quickly grabbing my hand.

    “Call me Jeanie if you have to say my name,” she said annoyed and dragging me by hand through the lobby.

    We finally made it to the elevator, we were still holding hands. We were both shaking.

    “Honey, be smart about this ok. We are about to do something that is…well it’s wrong.”

    “I’m sorry mom..I mean Jeanie.”

    The elevator was slowly making its way to the 28th floor. Mom turned to face me. She put her hand on my face.

    “I love you, honey. Tonight, we just need to stop thinking about it. Tonight…I…I just hope this works baby.”

    I could feel my face becoming flush. I felt embarrassed. “Thank you, mom.”

    “I’d do anything for you. You are my only son and I was lucky to have even you.”

    The elevator door opened on floor 28. Mom took the key from me and lead us to room 2810. She opened the door and lead me inside.

    “Go sit on the bed sweety.”

    I did as I was told. She dimmed the lights a little. She then faced me.

    “Are you ready honey?” You could hear the tremble in her voice.

    “I think so,” I said.

    She then removed her blouse exposing her voluptuous breasts.

    “Seems like only yesterday I was feeding you with these,” she said rubbing her hands downward on her chest, “and bringing you into this world with this.”

    She proceeded to take off her bottoms.

    My mother, the woman of my dreams, was standing naked in front of me. She moved forward and sat down next to me on the bed. She ran her fingers through my hair then slowly pulled her lips to mine. I felt her soft tongue slide into my mouth as she guided my hand to her breast and then to her vagina.

    “Good boy,” she said, “mom likes that.”

    At this point my pants were ripping at the seams. I kept having to adjust myself while I played with my mother’s slippery private parts.

    She moved back, “you are a pretty good kisser honey.”

    Mom then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and in one fell swoop removed my pants and my boxers exposing my hard penis staring her right in the face.

    “Are you going to-”

    “-stop talking honey. You can ruin these things with too much talking. Lesson one. It’s sexy when a woman talks…it’s annoying when a man does.”

    I shut up.

    “Only a little,” she said, “if I put my mouth on my baby’s big boy penis he’d come a little too fast. We got the room for the whole night.”

    She put her soft tongue on my shaft and teased the head a little. I could feel my scrotum tighten…I was about to lose it.

    “Mom. I’m…”

    She stopped immediately.

    “Ok, honey. Come here.”

    She moved back towards the pillows on her back and opened her legs.

    “Come kiss mommy right here,” she pointed to her lady.

    I bent over and tasted her wet spot. It was a fishy smell but I didn’t care. She bent her back up and moved my mouth deeper into her whole.

    “Yes, baby, mommy likes that. Kiss daddy’s hole.”

    I stopped and looked up. She could tell I was upset.

    “Oh sorry honey. I won’t talk about him while we’re here. Now keep kissing mommy.”

    I did as I was told. She then grabbed my face and pulled me up towards her. We were both shaking. She drew me in for a kiss, reached down and grabbed my penis and guided me into her silky hole. My eyes widened. I’d never felt anything this good before. We continued to kiss and I started to slowly pump my manhood inside of my mother.

    “Oh honey, I love you so much.”

    After she said that I couldn’t control it anymore. I felt my shaft stiffen, my testicles moving and I released every drop of semen I had into my mom’s soft lady parts. After I was finished I laid my head on her chest, breathing heavily.

    “Was it everything you’d hoped it be, son?”

    “Better than I could have ever imagined.”

    “You must have been a virgin.”

    “I was,” I said still comprehending what happened. I felt my penis getting hard again.

    “That’s my boy,” she said, “looks like mommy is in for an unforgettable night with her now experienced son.”

    We made love many more times that night. The time my mom guided me to manhood is a night I’ll never forget.


    Soooo hot 🔥


    I just hate that it’s so frowned on by society cause I have want this soo bad to this day. Yes, our bodies have aged but you have too or I need to make you understand that dosnt matter let me show you, let me prove to how good that moment and everything leading up to that moment when after a while of pumping and pushing it deeper faster and harder leads and forces the kissing to stop so we both can breath. Cheek to cheek I can feel you muscles and entire body tightening. Your legs, wrapped around my waist pulling my waisted into yours! Arms around my chest and shoulders squeeze harder and nails digging in my back like bombs about to go off and your holding on for dear life. I spit it out “Ohh My God, Mom I’m Gonna CUM!!!” And you respond in a voice almost begging “YES MY BABY, GIVE MOMY WHAT SHES BEEN WAITING FOR, WHAT MOMMY NEEDS. MOMMYS READY TO TAKE IT! GO AHEAD BABY, FLOOD MOMMYS PUSSY WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!!”

    You couldn’t have given me all the money in the world at that pointe! Feeling her vagina tighten and squeeze my already cum loaded and leaking cock that’s was harder than I’ve ever felt was the switch. The only way to describe it is I errupted in her and feeling her vagina milk my cock in a way Ive never felt or dreamed was all the proof I needed that this is how nature intended. This wasn’t the type of sex you have with your wife on your wedding night, It was completely different, and when mom finally understood that, like me, is when it happens. I firmly believe that if both parties really get that, understand it, there’s not only no harm in it, but it can be very helpful through out life. My fantasy finally came true after 20years. I don’t feel the need to keep searching for sex, as a boy or in my case man.😄😄😄 I wish and still hope she thinks about it in this way because it’s not bad and not just for my urges but I what to show her how good I can make her feel and sex can be just for gratification. I wanna show her I’m not like dad I do have magic fingers and tongue and know exactly how and where to use them.


    Does anyone want to see this slut mom naked? She’s a filthy whore that craves cock from strangers


    First set from the slut mom


    Love those tities, after flooding her vagina with my cock cream I’d pull it out to blast cum coating those sexy boobs, but I’m still not done, stick it deep up her again as hard fast and deep as I can and rip it out one more time to pump the last thick hot ropes of cock team I have all over her face… Fuck Yes. I want her bad. Oh yes, here’s a link to a vid of how bad.



    Mom Gets Consoled By Her Son

    Recently divorced mom gets some very special consoling from her well-hung son.

    Mom and I have been going through some tough times lately and she’s been really depressed and down on herself.  Dad recently divorced her because he said that he didn’t love her anymore and hadn’t for years.  We both think that he just wants to run around with his younger secretary who is much thinner than Mom.  Don’t get me wrong, Mom is not fat by any means …… she’s deliciously curvy.  Sure, in some people’s eyes, maybe Mom has got a few extra pounds here and there, but she works out regularly and in my mind she has a wonderful figure …… something that I hadn’t really paid any attention to … until lately.  Her hair is dishwater-blond that I think comes from being out in the sun when she walks and jogs.  She has rather large breasts, a firm looking ass and well toned arms and legs.  Over the months since the divorce I’ve tried to verbally console her, but to no avail.

    One evening after dinner, Mom goes off to her bedroom while I sit in the den flipping the channels on the television trying to find some exciting sports to watch.  A short time later she comes in wearing a pink terrycloth robe and sits beside me on the rather plush leather couch.  I think that this is a little strange because she’s not really into watching sports.  A rather large glass of wine is in her hand and she is sipping on it repeatedly. It’s obvious from the scent that she has just showered.

    She’s only sitting there for a few minutes before she turns sideways on the cushion and leans back against the padded arm.  When she does, she places one of her legs over my lap.  Although she will occasionally ask me to rub her feet when she’s come home from a long day standing on the sales floor, this action is something different from the norm … we are generally sitting facing each other to do that.  As her leg settles in my lap, the robe falls away from her legs to reveal part of the bright red satiny nightgown that she’s wearing underneath.  Nothing is said when I begin rubbing her foot without her asking.

    A few minutes later, she stands up and slips off the robe with this explanation, “I need to get this off …… it’s kind of hot in here.”  I’m about to reply that I think it is comfortable when I glance over and see rest of the nightgown.  It is really low cut in the front, showing off lots of cleavage and it’s actually transparent enough that I can see the dark circles of her areolas through it, not to mention the bumps of her hard nipples poking out.  I’m a little shocked at what I see since she’s never dressed like this in front of me before and I try not to stare.

    She then sits back down in almost a reclining position and this time she puts both legs up over my lap.  I’m hoping that she doesn’t feel my cock that has started to rise and harden from the sexy sight … after all … I’m not supposed to get turned on by my own mother! Once more I start rubbing her feet. A short time later, she says, “I sure do miss your father!  I sure wish that he was still here to take care of me …… of us.”

    Assuming that she is talking about the fact that Mom has to work longer hours to make ends meet since Dad has left us, I reply, “I know, Mom, but we’ll get by.  Everything will be okay.  When the semester is over I’ll be able to go to work to help out.”

    “I know … you are such a good son to me.  Thank you for rubbing my feet, they are pretty tired.”  She closes her eyes and lays her head back on the arm of the couch while I rub them.  Moments later she asks, “Would you mind rubbing my calves also?  They’re kind of sore too.”

    “Sure, Mom,” I reply as I slide my hands up and start massaging the tight muscles of her calves, alternately lifting her legs up slightly to get to the backs of them. I don’t notice right then that this activity causes the hem of her flimsy nightgown to slide up toward her hips. When I think that I have gotten her calves relaxed and I’m about to go back to her feet, I suddenly feel her hand on top of mine.  Without a word, she pulls it upward onto her thigh to indicate that I should rub there too. It is then that I notice that her nightgown is bunched up around her hips, revealing all of her thighs to me. What surprises me is that she doesn’t let go of my hand, but instead she guides my caressing.

    The skin of her thighs is so soft and smooth as she slides my hand up and down on them, alternating sides.  Then she parts her legs slightly and slides my hand along her inner thighs, which has even softer skin.  Just the thought of caressing the insides of her thighs is causing even more arousal in me! She spreads her legs a little bit more and guides my hand further upward, almost to her crotch.  Suddenly, I realize that I don’t see any panties! The blood really surges to my cock while I make a feeble mental attempt to prevent it from rising.  I shift on the couch so that her leg is no longer pressing against it and I hope that she didn’t feel it getting hard.

    I’m in total disbelief when she unexpectedly pushes my hand further upward, firmly against her crotch.  I know for sure now that she’s not wearing panties because I feel skin instead of fabric. She guides my hand so that my fingertips are rubbing up and down her wet, slick womanhood.  Of course this doesn’t help my dilemma with my cock!  It is now rock hard and aching and I’m thinking, ‘What am I going to do?  What should I do?  Get up and run?  No, I don’t think so.’  Then she reaches down with her other hand and pulls up her nightgown to reveal her mostly shaven mound with just a little strip of hair going down to where she is rubbing herself with my fingers.  Her eyes are closed and she in moaning while I am staring at her, the game on the TV totally forgotten.

    Surprisingly, after releasing my hand for a just moment, she rapidly lifts up the leg nearest to me up over my head and places it on the back of the couch behind me.  This reveals her whole private area to me, an area of her that I never thought that I would see, even in my wildest dreams. I gasp a little when I see her puffy pussy with the lips open with some of her dark pink interior flesh showing, something that I had seen only in pictures.  Then she grasps my hand once more and starts rubbing herself again. She moves it so that my fingers are sliding up and down her slit and then moves it in a circular motion at the top of it.  I can’t believe how super soft her inner flesh is.  This is the first time that I’ve felt a woman’s genitals since any girls that I have been with have never let me inside their panties.

    Her face is flushed and her voice is raspy when she demands, “Give me your other hand, Son!” Still somewhat in shock, I move to obey, twisting myself on the cushion so that I am nearly facing her.  I give her my other hand and she folds two of my fingers back.  Then she grasps my wrist and guides my hand until my fingers are sliding between her wet puffy lips.  Once more she astounds me when she commands, “Push your fingers inside me, Son.”  With her still guiding me, I gently push forward and I feel my fingers sliding into a wet and slippery tunnel.  “Oohh yeesss!!” she moans.  She uses her firm grip on my wrist to start moving my fingers in and out of her.  They are getting wetter and wetter while she does this.  In the meantime she is still rubbing the top of her slit with my other hand.

    In a few moments, her breathing suddenly changes and she keeps repeating over and over again, “Oh yes!! Oohh yeesss!! Ooohhh yeeeessssss!!”  Although I think that it is a little strange that she is using my fingers as sex toys to pleasure herself, I’m not complaining.  Her face is flushed even more now and not only is she moving her hands, she is also moving her hips up and down as well.  It is a super sexy sight!!  A few minutes later, she moans out, “I’mmmmmm ………… Gonna ………… Cum!!”   I had never seen a woman climax before so I wasn’t sure what to think when her body first tenses up before it starts trembling and she starts making lots of strange noises.  My hand starts to make sloshing noises as she continues to ram my fingers inside her.

    Then the movements of her hands stop, although she doesn’t let go of mine.  I really want to go off to the bathroom to jerk off my aching cock, but I am more or less trapped in place by her hands and legs.  Tremors continue to flow through her body which causes her pussy to clamp tightly around my fingers.  Her breathing settles down and she finally opens her eyes and smiles at me.  “Thank you, Son,” she says.

    “Sure, Mom, anytime,” I reply, still in a little bit of a daze.

    “I’m probably going to take you up on that,” she says with a smile.  “Help me to sit up, would you please?”  She releases my hands so that she can pull her leg down from over the back of the couch and then I take her hands and help her into a sitting position beside me with one of her legs tucked underneath her.  Quite unexpectedly she reaches out and lays her hand on the big bulge in my shorts that my hard cock has created.  “Did Mommy do this to you?” she asks sexily.

    “Ye … yes … Mom,” I reply as my face feels hot from embarrassment.

    She sees my embarrassment and comforts me by saying, “It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.  It’s a part of life.”  She starts stroking my hard cock through the fabric.  “You have a nice big cock, Son,” she coos.  Now I’m starting to worry that I’m going to shoot off in my shorts.  But then she commands, “Stand up and take off your shorts, Son.  I want to see your big cock.”  I’m super embarrassed and I hesitate.  She barters with me, “I’ll take my gown off if you will take off your shorts …… not that it hides much anyway.”

    “Uh …… uh …… okay.” I slowly rise up and undo the fastener on my shorts and slide down the zipper.  As they drop to the floor, my hard cock is making a big tent in my boxer shorts. And there is a big wet spot there too.

    Once more I hesitate, but I go ahead and slide them down when she starts removing her nightgown. My cock is sticking straight out with a pearly drop on the end by the time my underwear hits the floor.  Still embarrassed by my arousal, I step out of them. Mom reaches out and grasps my cock and her fingers barely go around it.  “It’s lovely!” she says …… just about how I thought that it would look, although it’s lots bigger than I thought it would be.”   Using my cock as a handle, she pulls me closer to her. After stroking it a few times, she leans over and licks up the drop of pre-cum.  Then she engulfs the head with her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. I moan out, totally astounded at her action.  But then she takes it out of her mouth and promises, “Sometime I’ll do more …… but now I need something else.   Sit back down …… and take your shirt off too.”

    I see that her eyes have this strange look to them as I peel off my tee shirt and sit back down. She rises up to a standing position in front of me and then kneels down until her knees are pressed against the couch on the outsides of my legs.  “May I sit in your lap, Son?”

    For a moment, I almost laugh at her request, but her face tells me that she is serious. Although I realize that when she does that, our genitals will be really close and I wonder how I am going to control myself, I reply, “Sure, Mom, whatever you need.”  

    “Scoot down a little bit then,” she requests.  After I do, she scoots up onto my lap and I feel her warm bare ass cheeks against my thighs.  But I also feel her wet pussy pressed up tightly against my cock and it almost makes my head swim.  She starts talking, “I need this so badly!  I’ve been so very lonely since your father left us.”   Her big breasts are nearly in my face and I resist the urge to reach up and touch them.  But she must be reading my mind because she grasps both of my hands and lays them on her globes of flesh.  “Do you want to feel them?” she asks.  “You haven’t felt them since you used to nurse from them.”

    “Ye … yes.”

    “Go ahead and play with them, Son.  You may kiss them too, if you want.”  All of this makes my cock throb and I know that she can feel it.  I play with her tits, slightly mesmerized by how her nipples get hard and the areolas get all crinkled up.  I lean down and kiss them lightly all over.  “Suck on my nipples, Son, just like you used to when I used to feed you from them.”  I begin sucking on one and she moans out, “Ooohhh yeeeesssss!!  That feels soooo good!!”  She almost immediately puts her hands behind my head, holding me tightly against her bosom.  Then she moves my head so that I can suck on the other one.  “Ooohhh gaaawwwd, that feels wonderful, Son!”

    At the same time, she starts moving her hips so that her open wet pussy is rubbing against my aching throbbing cock, making me wonder if this is what sex is all about. But a few moments later she says while she pulls my head away, “I’ll want you to do that some more, baby, but I need to do something first.”  I think that it is strange that she calls me ‘baby’ but I go with it.  She rises up on her knees and grasps my hard cock.  I feel her swiping the head of it along her wet slit before she holds it steady.  Then she starts lowering herself and I feel my cock sliding into a warm, wet tunnel.  I assume it is in the same place that my fingers were earlier.

    “Ooooohhhhh!!! Aaawwww!!!” I moan as my cock slides into a very tight place.  She is also moaning as she lowers herself slowly down, rising up slightly occasionally before sliding down some more.  “Oohhh, Mom; that feels so good!!” I moan out.

    “Ooooh, yeeessss, it doooeesss!!  Oh my gaawwd, you are so big!!  You are stretching out Mommy!  I’m so horny and your big fat cock feels so good!!”  A few moments later, she is once again sitting on my thighs, but this time, my cock is deep inside her.  Once more my head is swimming.  She leans in and puts her hands on the back of the couch which puts her tits right in front of my face.  Without waiting for a command, I reach up and grasp them and play with them while I take one of her hard nipples into my mouth and start sucking on it.  “Oh fuck yes!!” she moans and I am surprised by her use of the very word that I had gotten my mouth washed out with soap for saying several years ago.

    She starts slowly bouncing up and down in my lap and I feel my cock sliding in and out of the most wondrous place in the world.  I am moaning into her breast as she bounces up and down on me … my cock sliding in and out of her wet tunnel.  She starts out slowly at first, but rapidly increases her pace.  My moans get louder as do hers.  Her ass cheeks are slapping against my thighs with each down stroke. Occasionally she will sit heavily on me and rotate her hips around on my cock.  

    In the middle of one of her fast moving sessions I have the most wonderful feeling come over me, something that I haven’t really felt before.  I moan loudly and suddenly I realize that my cock is spurting deep into my mother’s womb.  “Are you cumming already??!” she asks as I involuntarily thrust my hips upward with each spurt.  I’m super embarrassed and unable to speak so I just nod my head.  But she doesn’t stop; instead she keeps bouncing up and down on my pole until she manages to have her own orgasm.

    As soon as it is over, she is dead weight upon me, but I don’t mind.  I had just had the most mind blowing experience ever!  She wraps her arms around me, holding me tightly against her, almost smothering me with her tits.  I don’t know how long we are that way but after a while she sits up and looks down at me and smiles.  “I really needed that, Son!  You don’t know how much I needed to sit in your lap and hold you and fuck you!” There was that word again.  I must have a shocked look on my face because she adds, “This is the proper use of that term, Son, not the way that you used it as a child.”

    “Okay, Mom, I’ll remember that.  And I’m glad that I could help.  I’ll gladly to that for you anytime.”

    “Oh, Son, I’m so glad that you aren’t upset with your dear ol’ mom.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I was so lonely and horny.

    “I’m not upset, Mom; but I admit that I was a little shocked.”

    “Yes, I know it was a quite a shock for you …… but did very well.

    “Thank you.  You can sit in my lap and talk anytime, Mom …… even if you aren’t naked.” I chuckle.

    Mom chuckles too. “You know that I’m going to take you up on that promise.”

    “Anytime,” I reply.

    Although with her sitting on my crotch, my cock stays inside her for quite a while but her active pussy muscles finally push me out a while later.  She rises up to reveal that my crotch is a mess.  She says, “Wow, you need to be cleaned up so you won’t drip all over.”  I fully expect her to go and get a washcloth or a towel or something, but she surprises me when she kneels between my legs and begins licking up our combined cum from my genitals with her tongue.  She licks my balls clean first and then around the base of my cock before she takes my flaccid cock completely into her mouth.  I think that we are both a little surprised when it quickly starts to grow again. In short order, it won’t all fit into her mouth and she has to stroke my shaft while she takes what she can into her mouth.  

    She starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock and it feels so very good.  I am moaning and involuntarily thrusting upward while I watch a good portion of my cock disappear into her warm and wet mouth. It seems like in no time I am starting to get those feelings again.  But she must sense it because she stops the movement of her head and clamps her fingers around the base of my cock.  She releases my cock and sits back on her heels before she asks, “If I lean over the arm of the couch, will you fuck me from behind with this big cock?”

    I stammer out, “Uh … uh … yeah … sure, Mom!”  

    I help her to stand and then get up myself.  She walks around to the side of the couch and leans over it so that her big beautiful ass and all of her privates are in full view.  My cock throbs at the sight.  She reaches back and spreads her cheeks and says, “Stick your big fat cock in my pussy, Son!  Fuck your mommy well!”

    Still thinking that I must be dreaming, I step up behind her and following her action a while ago, I swipe my cock up and down her wet slit.  Then I place my cock against her opening and start pushing inward. I’m about halfway in when she moans, “Ooohhh ffuuuuck yeeesssss!!  Give me all of your big cock.  Fuck your mommy!”  Moments later I am buried balls deep inside my own mother.  Working on instinct I grab hold of her ample hips and start slowly moving my cock in and out of her hot and juicy-wet tunnel.  “Ooohhh yeeessss!!  Just like that!  Let me feel all of your cock!”  I start pulling back all the way until I nearly pop out before sliding back in until our bodies meet.  “Ooohhh fffuuuuuck yeeeessssss!!  Just … like … that!!” she moans out.

    Then she surprises me again when she demands, “Spank my ass while you fuck me!!  Spank your mommy’s ass like I used to spank yours.” I let go of one hip and smack her ass somewhat timidly.  “Harder than that, Son.  Really spank me.”  I spank her again a little harder.  “Harder … and on both cheeks.”  I smack her even harder on both of her ass cheeks and she says, “That’s better … but you can do it harder!”  I slap her even harder and she says, “Ouch!!  Just like that!!  Keep spanking me!”

    After a couple more swats, I realize that each time that I hit her ass, her pussy tightens around my cock that is still repeated plunging into her.  I start to worry when her ass cheeks start turning a bright pink, but she hasn’t told me to stop yet, so I keep it up.  After about twenty or twenty-five swats on each cheek she tenses up and moans out the magic words, “I’mmmmmm ………… Goooonna ………… Cuuummmmm!!” Her pussy clamps down on my cock and her body starts convulsing over the arm of the couch.  She screams wordlessly the next time I swat her ass, so I think that she has probably had enough.

    I grab her hips once more and start fucking her even harder until our bodies are smacking together with each inward stroke.  After a few moments she screams out, “I’m …… Cuuummmmming …… Aaaaaagain!!”

    I just keep going until after her third or fourth orgasm I finally holler out, “I’mmm cuuummmmmming, Mmoooooooommmm!”  My cock starts spurting inside of her for the second time tonight.  The experience is incredible!!  I have never felt this way from jerking off my own pole.  It seems like I’m cumming forever before my body gives out and presses tightly against hers.  I place my hands on her back while my body tingles almost like I’m connected to a vibrator.  Her pussy clamps down rhythmically around my cock as aftershocks flow through her. That causes waves of pleasure to pass through me as well.

    It’s a long time before either one of us moves but she finally asks, “Can you help me stand up, Son?”  I reach up and grasp underneath her arms so that I can slowly get her up into standing position.  As she rises, my deflating cock pops out of her pussy.  I have to hold on to her because it seems like she’s going to fall. “I need to sit down,” she requests a few seconds later.  I help her to the front of the couch where she sits down heavily.  She pats the cushion beside her to indicate that I am to sit beside her.  When I do, she wraps her arms around me and she holds me tightly against her warm sweaty body.

    A few minutes later she says, “I needed that so badly!!  Thank you, Son, for fucking your mother so well.”

    “You are welcome, Mom.  I guess that I did okay.”

    “You did absolutely wonderful!  I’m still having waves of pleasure coursing through me.”  She is thoughtful for a moment and then she says, “I know that in many people’s eyes what we just did is very wrong …… so you must NOT tell ANYONE, okay?”

    “I’m not going to tell anybody, Mom, I promise.  It’ll be our secret.”

    “But I would like to do this again …… many times again.  Your mother is a needy little slut.  I need sex often.”

    “You are not a slut, Mom …… even if we do this over and over.  You are just a horny woman.”

    “Thank you, Son. But I am very needy sexually.  That’s why it hurt when your father stopped making love to me.  But now, Son, I want to teach you the right way to make love to a woman so that you will know what to do when you find just the right one.”

    I smile at her. “I’d like that.  But, I may not need any other woman …… I have the best one right here!”  I kiss her on the neck and I feel her shiver.  I file that away in my brain for later.

    “Oh, Son, it does my heart good to hear that!”  She hugs me tightly.  “I’m sure glad that we had this little ‘talk’.  You have consoled me so much tonight, lots more that when you tried to talk to me.”

    “I’m glad, Mom, because you have really been down in the dumps lately.  I know that Dad’s leaving upset you so much, but I didn’t know what to do.”

    “Well now you DO know what to do.”

    “Yes, Mom, I do. And I will love learning from you. I love you so much, Mom.”

    “I love you so much too, Baby, I mean Son.”

    “You can call me Baby anytime you want, Mom.”

    “Okay, Son. We’re going to have lots of fun together.  Do you want to sleep with your mommy tonight?”

    “I’d love to sleep with you anytime that you want, Mom.”

    She doesn’t answer, but she just holds me tightly as I feel teardrops falling on my shoulder. “These are happy tears, Son,” she explains.  “I’m so happy right now!”

    “I am too, Mom; I am too!”

    The End


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    This is sooo hot 🔥

    Reader Story: As A Mother, As A Woman (Chapter 1)

    Here’s a story for Sunday, as submitted by its author Snizzlefit. It’s a mom-son story… but maybe with a brother-sister element too. Perhaps that will come into play later. By “Chapter 1” I’m assuming we’ll see more, although I don’t know that for sure.

    Still, the story doesn’t leave you hanging. And it makes you want to see what’s next. Always a good combo, I say.


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    Where it all started

    I get asked all the time by my gorgeous followers “how did it start”.

    I’ve typed it out so many times, skipping over so many details to save time.

    But I wondered if I should write it up and post it for you lovely lot to read.

    Now I’m no J.K. Rowling, so please don’t judge my writing!!

    This is also a very brief description. This all happened over a long period.

    I’m a single mum and his dad has never been on the scene. My son and I have always been very close and can talk to each other about anything. I’ve always made it clear that I want him to tell me things without embarrassment or judgement.

    Well, when things started to change, he was 19 and I was a young at heart 39 year old. I think you can do the maths there.

    I was getting ready for a night out with the girl and I’d come out of the bathroom with my towel around me, as I always do, headed downstairs to where my son was watching tele and sat on the chair to his left. I pulled my foot up onto the chair to paint my toe nails. I looked up and noticed he quickly looked away but didn’t think anything of it until it happened again. I then noticed that as my knee was up, it had parted my towel and he could obviously see my whole leg, part of my stomach and quite possibly a tiny bit of my underboob! I blushed, adjusted my towel and carried on. Thinking nothing of it. Over the next few days, I noticed his gaze lingering over me just a tiny bit longer than usual. I was confused at first but also felt slightly flattered that this young hunk might, just might, be finding me attractive. Another night, while again getting ready for a night out with the girls I came down in my party dress. He stared at me, saying how amazing I looked, “sexy as hell actually” were some of the words he actually used. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was feeling so many things. Flattered, attractive again, excited but confused. But still his attention had opened a feeling in me of liking the affection he was showing. So I started to wear slightly less around the house. Maybe not bra under my top to start with. Then my tops got a bit tighter and my shorts a bit shorter. All the time his gaze was lingering longer and longer and his compliments got more frequent. Little did he know that the more he complimented me, the bolder I got. I’d noticed he had started to come into my room for a chat while I was getting ready. Or needing to get something from the bathroom while I was in there. All this was just adding fuel to the fire. I started leaving the door ajar, wondering if he would be peaking. Then one day I walked into his bedroom where he was naked and masturbating. I stared for several seconds before blurting out something and leaving. I couldn’t get the image out of my head. We talked about it later, saying it was perfectly normal. Everyone does it, even I do. He blushed but we laughed it off. But then things progressed. This time though, he “caught” me masturbating. I say “caught” as my bedroom door had obviously been left open while I pleasured myself. He stared, saying it was the most beautiful thing he had even seen, and I the most beautiful woman. I asked if he wanted to watch me, he nodded. He sat on the bed, while I gently teased myself to the most intense orgasm I think I had ever had. I asked if he wanted to relieve himself. Again he nodded and stood up. He stood next to the bed, and he jerked himself off right next to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and he just stared at me, until he came over my chest. It was the most erotic night of my life. From there things moved quickly night after night getting a bit bolder each time. Sharing showers, sharing the bed. Until we were in a full relationship with each other. Fully devoted to one another and worshiping each other ever day.

    Heaven on earth.