Fetish Weekend

From the time I arrived at the cottage it took them about 15 minutes until they had me in gear: They had me put on my rubber catsuit and the dog hood, gagged me, locked my chastity belt on me, and put paws on me. Then they proceeded to lock everything on me – without the keys nobody would be able to free me from my gear.

“Are you comfortable in your gear, puppy?” I nodded vigorously. “Good boy! Now, because you did so much work during our last fetish weekend, with you cooking all the time, we decided that this time you won’t have to work at all. You’ll just be our puppy for the weekend.”

“And to remove all temptation to let you out of your gear, we’ll lock you in for the next 48 hours.” With that, he dropped the keys in a time lock safe, spun the dial, and pressed the lock button. The safe locked with a mechanical “whirr-click”. He showed me the display; it read “1 day, 23 hours, 59 minutes.”

There was no way out for me for the next two days now. With the paws on I wouldn’t be able to do anything – they’d have to feed me, take me to the toilet, even wipe my arse. And he’d also locked the keys to my chastity belt in there – I was going to be a chaste, horny puppy, no way to get off, surrounded by hot guys in gear playing to their heart’s content.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you. And the safe will open in time for us to have a nice long session with you before we leave.” He hugged me tight through my rubber skin, and I could feel myself growing hard … until my dick ran into the confines of the chastity belt.

This was going to be a long two days as a puppy…


Woof!! *dreams*