Spray on Suit

You handler was ecstatic. He texted you the week before saying that he was chosen by a popular online kink and gear store to test out a new product with you. He didn’t tell you what it was, all you know that this was ‘cutting edge’, secretive and he could not wait to use it on you.

When you got over to his house, he greeted you at the door, full of excitement and anticipation, now that he was finally able to show you what he had in store for you.

It was a spray can of latex spray that is supposed to adhere to the skin and make a custom ‘true fit’ skin tight latex suit for anyone, regardless of size or proportions. Apparently this is a new prototype from the company, and your handler had to pull some strings to get it shipped to him, under the guise of beta testing the product for the company.

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This is a great multi-party story! Love it 🔥🔒