Living Doll Procedure

“Wakey wakey , buddy….” the first thing you heard as you emerged out of a dark and dreamless sleep. Coming out of your unconscious, the first thing you recognize is that you are laying flat on your back, on a bed of some sort.

Opening your eyes your vision slowly begins to focus on the ceiling, adored with stale fluorescent lights. Feeling incredibly groggy you let out a groan as you muster the willpower to turn your head toward the direction of the voice you just heard. 

You lay eyes on your handler sitting on a metal chair by the head of your bed, from the curtains and medical equipment on the walls you could tell this is a hospital of some kind. As you focus on your handler try muster up the strength to say something,  but before you could speak he asked point blank, “What do you think of your upgrades?” While your memory was still covered with the fog of coming out of a sleep that particular comment sent a jolt of adrenaline coursing through your body.

Whipping your head downwards you saw exactly what your handler was talking about, before you was your body laying on the bed. From neck to toes it was covered in shiny black latex. 

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Great story!! *dreams*