I took edibles today and I was sitting across from my straight best friend looking at him and thinking how cute he would be as my pet dog. I’d love to see him crawling on all fours with his little tongue hanging out. His wavy and thick blonde hair flopping as he bopped around like a cute puppy. He’d crawl over to me, lying down on the couch and crawl onto the couch and get on top of me and start licking my face. He’d take breaks to pant and give cute little barks, but he’d keep licking me. He’s eyes would be so wide and happy he’d be panting and wagging his little butt as he slathered every inch of my face in big, wet licks. My face would be soaked in his saliva from his puppy boy tongue. But I would lay there and bask in that for hours on end and just let him clean my face.

I almost suggested this to him today cause the edibles got me feeling bold. I’m glad I didn’t, but now I wish I did.


Edibles are good like that 😏🐶 ARF!