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    I took edibles today and I was sitting across from my straight best friend looking at him and thinking how cute he would be as my pet dog. I’d love to see him crawling on all fours with his little tongue hanging out. His wavy and thick blonde hair flopping as he bopped around like a cute puppy. He’d crawl over to me, lying down on the couch and crawl onto the couch and get on top of me and start licking my face. He’d take breaks to pant and give cute little barks, but he’d keep licking me. He’s eyes would be so wide and happy he’d be panting and wagging his little butt as he slathered every inch of my face in big, wet licks. My face would be soaked in his saliva from his puppy boy tongue. But I would lay there and bask in that for hours on end and just let him clean my face.

    I almost suggested this to him today cause the edibles got me feeling bold. I’m glad I didn’t, but now I wish I did.


    Edibles are good like that 😏🐶 ARF!


    Living Doll Procedure

    “Wakey wakey , buddy….” the first thing you heard as you emerged out of a dark and dreamless sleep. Coming out of your unconscious, the first thing you recognize is that you are laying flat on your back, on a bed of some sort.

    Opening your eyes your vision slowly begins to focus on the ceiling, adored with stale fluorescent lights. Feeling incredibly groggy you let out a groan as you muster the willpower to turn your head toward the direction of the voice you just heard. 

    You lay eyes on your handler sitting on a metal chair by the head of your bed, from the curtains and medical equipment on the walls you could tell this is a hospital of some kind. As you focus on your handler try muster up the strength to say something,  but before you could speak he asked point blank, “What do you think of your upgrades?” While your memory was still covered with the fog of coming out of a sleep that particular comment sent a jolt of adrenaline coursing through your body.

    Whipping your head downwards you saw exactly what your handler was talking about, before you was your body laying on the bed. From neck to toes it was covered in shiny black latex. 

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    Great story!! *dreams*


    Spray on Suit

    You handler was ecstatic. He texted you the week before saying that he was chosen by a popular online kink and gear store to test out a new product with you. He didn’t tell you what it was, all you know that this was ‘cutting edge’, secretive and he could not wait to use it on you.

    When you got over to his house, he greeted you at the door, full of excitement and anticipation, now that he was finally able to show you what he had in store for you.

    It was a spray can of latex spray that is supposed to adhere to the skin and make a custom ‘true fit’ skin tight latex suit for anyone, regardless of size or proportions. Apparently this is a new prototype from the company, and your handler had to pull some strings to get it shipped to him, under the guise of beta testing the product for the company.

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    This is a great multi-party story! Love it 🔥🔒


    Fetish Weekend

    From the time I arrived at the cottage it took them about 15 minutes until they had me in gear: They had me put on my rubber catsuit and the dog hood, gagged me, locked my chastity belt on me, and put paws on me. Then they proceeded to lock everything on me – without the keys nobody would be able to free me from my gear.

    “Are you comfortable in your gear, puppy?” I nodded vigorously. “Good boy! Now, because you did so much work during our last fetish weekend, with you cooking all the time, we decided that this time you won’t have to work at all. You’ll just be our puppy for the weekend.”

    “And to remove all temptation to let you out of your gear, we’ll lock you in for the next 48 hours.” With that, he dropped the keys in a time lock safe, spun the dial, and pressed the lock button. The safe locked with a mechanical “whirr-click”. He showed me the display; it read “1 day, 23 hours, 59 minutes.”

    There was no way out for me for the next two days now. With the paws on I wouldn’t be able to do anything – they’d have to feed me, take me to the toilet, even wipe my arse. And he’d also locked the keys to my chastity belt in there – I was going to be a chaste, horny puppy, no way to get off, surrounded by hot guys in gear playing to their heart’s content.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you. And the safe will open in time for us to have a nice long session with you before we leave.” He hugged me tight through my rubber skin, and I could feel myself growing hard … until my dick ran into the confines of the chastity belt.

    This was going to be a long two days as a puppy…


    Woof!! *dreams*