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    A video game that all creators of Too Kyo Games will concentrate their abilities on. The genre has not revealed yet. Kodaka and Uchikoshi will make the scenario together.

    An anime in collaboration with Studio Pierrot. The original author is Kodaka and the character designer is Komatsuzaki. They will depict the image of action films in the 1990s such as Pulp Fiction and The Professional.

    This is going to be amazing. Possibly for all the wrong reasons.

    "A good portion of our fanbase is actually female," he says. "Probably 30% to 40%, for sure. Age-wise, 20 to 25 is the main bracket - not teenagers. Everyone I know who plays the game and likes the series falls within that category. It's a surprising thing."

    and yet another loser utterly blown the fuck out because he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    Fact = Streaming offers less quality than downloading.

    Fact = Supporting the western anime industry is almost entirely pointless, and if you waste money on it, you’re not only an idiot, but you’re throwing away money that could actually support the creators in Japan.

    Also just to jerk myself off

    This is how you support a series:


    This is not how you support a series:


    Class dismissed, now I’m going to go lock myself in the bathroom as this virus destroys my insides.