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I m looking for woman to BDSM games IN SPAIN 

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    Force me

    💞Make me drink too much. Make me get too high. Convince me the sleeping pills are a good idea. Make me do what you want. Please. Especially if it’s for your entertainment. Don’t let my stubbornness fool you. I want you to win. I am a pathetic girl with a need to please. My no simply means “convince me” or “I’m not drunk enough”. Things like “don’t you want to be good for me?” Or “ but, I thought you were a good girl?” will break me. Quickly. I AM a good girl and I will do anything you want to prove that to you. I will do anything for your praise. My cunt is aching just thinking about being manipulated and making you happy. Please take advantage of me💞


    I will force you to give me what I want. You want to be a good girl for me, right?


    Hi there, hope your fine. I wish to share with you the following confession. I cheated with a much younger woman at the office on several occasions but lately it’s taken on a different kinda twist. We both get immense sexual joy from humiliating my wedding vows. She made me take off my wedding ring and rub it on her erect clit and pussy while I told her how much hotter she is than my wife ( she really is) and she cummed all over my ring, I then proceeded to stick it over the tip of my tongue and started eating her out and she groaned so much dirty talk I shot my load as well. Do you recognise those pleasures and have you experimented with any like those to degrade the cuckquean? Thanks for all your content btw, much appreciated by « us ».

    Thanks for your confession. I won’t touch the cheating but as far as the degrading of the wedding ring, yes, I love doing wedding ring humiliation. Wearing her ring on a necklace, as a toe ring she has to kiss, him cumming on it, throwing it in a trash can. It’s all very fun!