Feeling out Daddy

    It’s been almost a month since Daddy @onelittlekingdom and I have embarked on this beautiful adventure into a dynamic together. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time, care, and attention that Daddy has given me. There have been a couple stumbles and a multitude of orgasms and a few punishments along the way. Which brings me to my most recent punishment.

    So, I’m a bit of a brat. And I like to push buttons to better explore the dynamic. ESPECIALLY with a new partner and Daddy. This little girl apparently likes to learn the hard way.

    I have been breaking small rules and purposely being a smidge naughty to test the waters (going to bed late, skipping meals, not asking for permission to cum) and this girl got one heck of a punishment that pushed her back into compliance. The guilt associated with my most recent punishment was overwhelming. I have been pushing buttons and poking the bear all the while I have had an extremely patient, caring, attentive, and directing Daddy helping me be the best me every day. I felt really guilty. Every time I shift in my chair and my bum aches, I feel a little bad. That guilt drives me though, to be a good girl. To follow the rules. To listen to Daddy.

    Sometimes learning the hard way is the only way this little girl learns…. and boy does she appreciate her Daddy who loves and supports her as she continues I’m sure, to make mistakes.