Speedo Zone
Last update
2020-11-24 22:30:51

    The current situation

    Guess it's time to address the elephant in the room... As you all know, a huge shift will happen soon on Tumblr, after which most of the Tumblr we know will either seize to exist or be censored (more like neutered) to the core. I am not leaving this platform...yet, but am fully aware that this party won't go for long. I've been running this blog for the past 4 and a half years and am so grateful for each and every one of you that followed it. Really. Never expected it to gain any kind of traction, as it was mostly started just so I could follow some blogs easier, but ended up with almost daily updates. You also know that there was never full nudity here, hence the title, but it could still get hit by tumblr's censorhammer. Right now, I am downloading the backup of this blog and backing up all of my likes (these are private still and wayyy more nsfw). I will try to keep this Tumblr page running as long as I can, but also looking for alternatives that are more open for this kind of content. Soon, you shouod be able to find me at speedozone.blogr.xxx but keep an eye for more updates. I also got Pinterest with more artsy stuff, but, y know, still bearish: https://www.pinterest.com/speedozonetumb/

    New year, new speedos

    Hey everybody, I'm back from my hiatus, the holidays are over and it's time to start posting speedo bears again.

    Hot stuff is coming soon and I've also learned that Slavs have a tradition of ice swimming in speedos so expect pics of that soon.

    Love ya all, SZ


    Wow! Just... wow! 

    I wasn't really expecting any kind of following, joining tumblr in 2014 (two years already!) was mostly so I could save, well.. stuff I like and share a pic or two of my findings.

    Thanks for staying with me, for all the shares and stay sexy :)