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    What exactly do older men do better

    Everything. Treat women respectfully. Earn and spend money. Travel. Eat. Fuck.

    Older men have patience, in and out of the bedroom. Foreplay doesn’t start (or only last) five minutes after you get naked. With us, it often starts hours in advance and never really stops. We understand that your mind and your heart are the most important sexual organs and we know how to expose and nurture them.

    Older men want to draw out your pleasure. Not simply so that you can have a bigger, better orgasms (and you will), but because they enjoy watching what they do to you, and how your body reacts. There’s no wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.

    Older men believe in ladies first, and often. Our goal isn’t to simply cum and be done. And even getting that one orgasm out of you is not a goal. We love foreplay, we don’t mind working hard for your orgasms — plural. We take pride when we provide orgasm after orgasm that leaves you shaking, breathless and weak. Personally, I like when you lose count. And believe me… I will make you count them out. I’ll even let you pick the number you want ahead of time. And then I’ll obliterate it, no matter which number you pick.

    Older men, in general also have better control over their bodies, whether it’s experience or maturity… we take longer to finish. Older men can give you multiple orgasms, spend hours on foreplay, have sex as long as you want, changing positions fifteen times, and still not have an orgasm of their own.

    Young men don’t necessarily grasp that the point of sex isn’t necessarily to get yourself off. For us, sex is about the connection, the intimacy, and the shared pleasure.

    For me, cumming is nice, but it’s not necessary for me to have an absolutely amazing time. For me, it’s all about my ability to provide you with pleasure and my absolute command over your experience, whether it’s a quickie or a six hour solid afternoon fuck session.

    Try us. You’ll love us.

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    Love his answer unfortunatly the source is deactivated. Now I can reblog it forever 💋




    But you’ll totes spank me for losing count…


    She knows. Get to know an older, married man who knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t want to take over your life. He doesn’t want drama. He just wants control and good sex.

    Cheating sex is the best sex.