Death Grip/ P.I.E.D. training method:

    "Death Grip" refers to excessive masturbation that results in the skin of the penis becoming numbed and less sensitive to touch and stimulation over time. This happens because the friction created by the firm grip of your hand is a lot greater than any friction that's created through regular vanilla sex, thus leading to the nerves around the head and shaft of your penis to be overstimulated. This is quite uncomfortable if you have an overly sensitive penis, so the body naturally adapts to this by making the skin around your penis thicker with less nerve endings so that you can take more stimulation over time. This simple bodily function can easily be taken advantage of in order to become as sensitive or as "numb" as you want to different stimulation! Making vanilla sex way less stimulating and even resulting in erectile dysfunction in most cases.

    (Though the opposite effect can be achieved through eliminating all things that touch your penis often so that you become more sensitive to touch in that region. (search "resensitization")).

  • P.I.E.D. stands for Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction
  • Which basically means that the parts of your brain responsible for becoming sexually aroused are now desensitized to the entire process of regular vanilla sex, it requires a lot more stimulation for your brain and body to become aroused because vanilla sex is no where near as stimulating as what happens in hardcore sex videos, porn hypnosis files, or any of the limitless filth that can be found online to bombard your senses with as you masturbate. Over time this leads to severe porn addiction, and the inability to maintain an erection without porn or other stimulants there to keep you aroused. Basically vanilla sex just becomes boring and dull, while porn becomes more and more stimulating, taking you deeper and deeper into different things that you were never into before, even brainwashing you and completely altering your personal identity, leaving you drained with nothing but crippling erectile dysfunction.

    Using this method requires combining both conditions into one, but be warned, once you start down this path it can be very addictive and difficult to stop. So if you don't have a strong mind I wouldn't recommend this method for you. People spend their entire lives trying to cure their ED, meanwhile this method is a sure fire way to develop ED very quickly.

    By squeezing your semi erect penis very firmly you're forcing blood out of the penis, when you combine this with a very fast paced rhythm you create a lot of friction which overtime will desensitize the nerves in your penis, now combine that with the sensory overload from your porn hypno files and you have a very potent combination. Your penis is less erect but recieving much more stimulation, you put in way less effort but recieve a bigger reward. Instead of actively having sex with a partner and working up a sweat with a hottie who is ready to fuck all night, your laying in bed alone humping away at your hand staring deep into a screen while you browse over all the hot porn you could want... Asian, Ebony, Interracial, Anal, Trans, Hypno, Etc. whatever your loser brain can dream of!

    Then when you have the oppurtunity to have sex in real life, you won't have any of those stimulants to help you out, and you will find it very hard to become aroused without them. Without those flashing images of big juicy porn asses and sweet round tits in front of you, it may be difficult to even achieve an erection. Even if you did get hard though, and you managed to penetrate her, you will soon realize that her soft wet pussy is nowhere as tight as the grip of your firm lubed hand and when you try to fuck her warm wet pussy you will find it impossible to stay erect without the the constant intense friction that your handpussy gives you. All out of breath and all out of options you will have no choice but to embarrassingly accept your fate as a limp dicked loser.

    DM me losers.