So I had to get up at like 5am to get ready for school because my school library opens at 6.

    Why did I going to the library?

    Because my step brother is a retard and broke my laptop 🙃 he literally downloaded a virus and the laptop has a blue screen so I lost all of the drafts of my essay that were due today

    I got into an argument with my step dad because he didn’t want to give me a ride to school. He’s literally such a little bitch the car he’s driving is a car my real dad bought for my mom so idk why he acts like he’s so entitled. Anyways I was so mad I didn’t bother having breakfast. Now I’m at school hungry, upset, my head hurts because I didn’t have coffee. Luckily I finished my essay but I’m very very sleepy 🙃 and I wanna die.

    Hows your day going?


    Hope you killed it on the essay! I think you should try and relax this evening.. maybe get in some meditation.