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2020-07-03 19:20:35

    <>Goyim are banned from talking about the holocaust until you learn to behave yourselves.

    Things I have seen compared to nazi Germany in the past WEEK:

    -angry trans ex-Harry Potter fans burning hp books


    -snitching on neighbors who break quarantine

    -the IRS and tax auditing.

    <>Our oppression is not your neat little prop to push your political agenda.<>

    Goyim are encouraged to reblog this

    i completely agree with this, but we also must be conscious to stop excluding romani gentiles from our discussions about the holocaust. they also faced (and like non-romani jewish people, continue to face) genocide and ethnic persecution.

    That is a very good point. The original post has been edited to say that.

    My apologies to the Romani people. I will make a better, conscious effort to include you in my discussions about the holocaust.

    Hey reblog this version actually

    Now that the Terror Bill has been signed into law and will take effect in 15 days, a little reminder for my PH mutuals:

  • Set your social media to private
  • Do a clean up of your public posts
  • Block everyone of your friends who have voiced pro-government sentiments. You don’t know who will sell you out.
  • Do a check of your facebook groups. If you’re part of anti-admin groups, make sure it’s legit and not a fake group used to redtag.
  • Increase your email security
  • Stop signing petitions vs terror bill on change.org as this is what they’re using to redtag (remember the influx of fake accounts? Yeah)
  • Instead, send emails to your representatives using a vpn
  • Have your lawyer’s number on standby
  • Be aware of your rights (i will post a refresher here later on)
  • Look out for your friends and family
  • Yemen is facing the worlds largest hunger crisis and the world is too quiet.

    And it’s the children that pay the highest price. An estimated 85,000 children have lost their lives to extreme starvation alone. Every 10 minutes, a child under 5 dies of preventable causes in Yemen. When choosing what charities or goals you want to support during the last few days of Ramadan, I urge you to keep the children of Yemen in mind. And if you’re not celebrating Ramadan, or are not religious.. you’re still human.

    These are a few of charities that I know of that you can donate to:

  • https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/how-you-can-help/emergencies/yemen-crisis?
  • https://www.muslimglobalrelief.org/yemen-appeal (100% donation policy)
  • https://oxfamapps.org.uk/yemen
  • https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/yemen-crisis-appeal
  • http://sharethemeal.org
  • Remember, it’s the smallest donations that build up or even just rebloging/sharing would help. May Allah smile upon us all, and relieve the children of this world of their heartache.

    <>The entire population of Yemen is expected to die by the end of this year.

    <>If Yemen was 100 people:<>

    80 need aid to survive

    60 have nothing to eat

    58 have no access to clean water

    52 have no access to health care, however since Covid-19 their healthcare system has effectively collapsed

    But Yemen is not 100 people

    <>It’s 30.5 million humans

    <>For<> <>those who can’t donate, you can still hel<>p! Please:

    -<>Download the freerice appand play their multiple choice games.

    Through ads it donates grains of rice to people in need through the UN’S World Food Programme for every right answer you get

    -<>Educate yourself with:


    “Yemen” by Conflicted,

    “Yemen’s forgotten War ” by the Documentary Podcast

    “Voices from Yemen”


    “Yemen: A History of Conflict” by Foreign Policy Association

    “Why is Yemen at War?” Aljazeera English

    <>Sign petitions including:

    “Stop the flow of weapons to Yemen” by amnesty.org


    “Compassion and action for Yemen crisis refugees” by Change.org


    “Stop the war and end famine in Yemen” by Change.org


    “Save Yemen from extinction” by Change.org


    “capitalism is a new slavery” thread

    When I worked at a fast food place, one of my coworkers(btw all of my coworkers were single moms, not ‘lazy teens’) got her foot run over.

    I don’t remember how it happened but all the bones in her foot were broken in multiple places and her doctor told her that she needed to stay off her feet for 6 months.

    The company gave her the bare minimum of paid leave which was only like <>two/three weeks<>.

    And you cannot sit down working in food service. No matter what. She had a signed note by her doctor, and she had to pay completely out of pocket since neither of her two jobs provided health benefits. She asked our corporate for at least another few weeks off to heal.

    <>They denied her. So, with a toddler to feed, she had to stand for 8 hours to work. The doctor gave her a boot so it wouldn’t be too bad for her but she said that her foot would never heal properly.

    She will always have a limp. Forever. Because a multimillion dollar company wouldn’t give her adaquate medical leave.


    Y’all need to go to standwithbre.com and sign the petition. It takes 60 seconds.

    When you sign the petition, it sends and emails to 20 officials who can charge the men responsible for her death.

    Bre, a black woman, was shot dead by white police officers in her own home. They had the wrong house and shot her for being home while black. The officers have not been charged.

    Stand for her like you did Ahaud. Black women are not incidental victims of police brutality, we matter. Fight for us. Sign the petition.

  • George Floyd - change.org
  • George Floyd - amnesty.org
  • George Floyd - colorofchange.org
  • Get The Officers Charged
  • Charge All Four Officers
  • Breonna Taylor - moveon.org
  • Breonna Taylor - colorofchange.org
  • Breonna Taylor - justiceforbreonna.org
  • Breonna Taylor - change.org
  • Breonna Taylor - thepetitionsite.com
  • Ahmaud Arbery - change.org
  • Ahmaud Arbery - change.org 2
  • Ahmaud Arbery - change.org 3
  • Justice for Oluwatoyin Salau
  • Pass The Georgia Hate Crime Bill
  • Defund MPD
  • Life Sentence For Police Brutality
  • Regis Korchinski - change.org
  • Tete Gulley - change.org
  • Tony McDade - change.org
  • Tony McDade - actionnetwork.org
  • Tony McDade - thepetitionsite.com
  • Joao Pedro - change.org
  • Julius Jones - change.org
  • Belly Mujinga - change.org
  • Willie Simmons - change.org
  • Hands Up Act - change.org
  • National Action Against Police Brutality
  • Kyjuanzi Harris - change.org
  • Alejandro Vargas Martinez - change.org
  • Censorship Of Police Brutality In France
  • Sean Reed - change.org
  • Sean Reed - change.org 2
  • Kendrick Johnson - change.org
  • Tamir Rice - change.org
  • Tamir Rice - change.org 2
  • Fire Racist Criminal From The NYPD
  • Jamee Johnson - organizefor.org
  • Darius Stewart - change.org
  • Darius Stewart - moveon.org
  • Abolish Prison Labor
  • Free Siyanda - change.org
  • Chrystul Kizer - change.org
  • Chrystul Kizer - change.org 2
  • Andile Mchunu (Bobo) - change.org
  • Eric Riddick - change.org
  • Amiya Braxton - change.org
  • Emerald Black - change.org
  • Elijah Nichols - change.org
  • Zinedine Karabo Gioia - change.org
  • Angel Bumpass - change.org
  • Sheku Bayoh - change.org
  • Angel DeCarlo - change.org
  • Sandra Bland - change.org
  • Sherrie Walker - change.org
  • Darrien Hunt - change.org
  • Cornelius Fredericks - change.org
  • Elijah McClain - change.org
  • James Scurlock - change.org
  • Darren Rainey- change.org
  • http://www.pb-resources.com/
  • https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/
  • <>Do something!