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    I know a lot about redlining and how highways were built through “areas of urban blight” i.e. Black neighborhoods. And how Black neighborhoods were purposefully ignored when most of the nations parks were being built, but that article really opened my eyes. It’s easy to gloss over the fact that systemic racism is indeed systemic. That seemingly innocuous things such as no parking signs, overpass height, even the temperature of a pool are apart of that system. It’s truly wild how people can go to truly illogical lengths just to be racist and evil.

    The article I’m talking about is The lingering effects of New York City’s racist city planning

    smh it sure took them a minute

    Bitch wtf?

  • <>Ted Yoho, House Rep, R-FL, 3rd district. He is not running for re-election in 2020.
  • <>Thomas Massie, House Rep, R-KY, 4th district. He is running for re-election in November 2020, if he wins the candidacy in the republican primary on June 23.
  • <>Justin Amash, House Rep, Libertarian-MI 3rd district. He is running for re-election in November 2020, and ran an unsuccessful campaign for president this year as well.
  • <>Louie Gohmert, House Rep, R-TX, 1st district. He is running for re-election in November 2020, and has already been declared the Republican nominee.
  • So to our friends in (click the link to see a map and find what district you are in!):

  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Texas
  • VOTE THOSE BASTARDS OUT, and fill their seats with the most progressive candidate available!

    Louie Gohmert is literally bat shit insane. even more so than what is usual for a racist texan.

    why are there so many posts about asexuals being immune to sirens. people. sirens don’t lure you in with sex (necessarily). they sing about whatever it is that you want most. they could sing about mothman or cinnamon toast crunch and guess what then your asexual pirate is fucking dead

    this is the only kind of ace discourse i ever want to see on my dash. the only kind. ever again. good job

    Do you think the sirens would be grateful that they finally get some variety? 

    “Oh my god we can finally just sing about pasta thank the fucking gods.” 

    I’m not asexual but I’m fairly certain sirens would do a far better job luring me into the depths with a song about pasta rather than sex…

    I mean



    This is true; Odysseus heard them promising him knowledge of the future.  So the next time you see artwork like this:

    Remember those sultry naked chicks are saying “We’ll tell you the winning lotto numbers.”


    Them: “We have unlimited wifi at incredible speeds~” Me: *diving headfirst into the water*

    This post is a blessing

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    Oh my god sirens were literally scam websites

    Oh my god they were phishing

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