Artists “filling in.” Last week I quoted Frank Stella, who said that some Abstract Expressionists, despite their intention to explore allover compositions, had a tendency to focus on a few significant gestural marks and then fill in the space around them with less important marks. This week, as a response, I selected two artists whose compositions seem to derive primarily from the act of filling space.

    Tony Fitzpatrick (American b. 1958).Man With a Gun 2011. Five color etching, edition of 45; image size 7 x 5 inches. Source.

    Tony Fitzpatrick (American b. 1958). The Waterfront 1999. Etching, 6 x 5 inches. Source.

    William T. Wiley (American b. 1937). Unobjective Abstraction with Burning Buddhists 2011. Acrylic paint, canvas, charcoal, 61.5 x 74 inches. Source.