The performer is l l l三l l l三” and this is their only video, posted about a month ago.

    The instrument is a “telesen” (テレ線), an electronic version of a shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument.


    I am pleased to report that they have now posted several videos!


    I most likely posted this, but good to have this on my radar again.

    Stretchmarks - The Stretch m-ARKhives - funky, skronky postpunk like they useta make! And it actually is from 1988-91, just now being released for the first time. They even quote Defunkt in their promo copy! And look at all the namechecks! All of which would be for naught if they didn’t deliver the goods in the music, but they do!

    STRETCHMARKS: approximately 1988-1991 were M Wand & R Casswell of Stock, Hausen & Walkman notoriety, R Harrison of Dislocation Dance, Blue Orchids. M Hennin - loosely associated with A Certain Ratio members and that scene & Stern of The Grind, once drummer in Dub Sex & Suns of Arqa.
    STRETCHMARKS: often considered unsightly but just look at those secondary school art class Tattoos y'all sportin !  

    “AVOID THE FUNK! ‘cos it’s gonna get you… ANYWAY… ”
    Joe Bowie 1982

    the HOT AIR label obsequiously offers up for public consumption:
    STRETCHMARKS: the Stretch m-ARKhives
    on Vinyl Lp, Compact Disc & Downloadable Digits.
    released March 2018. catalogue number: airtight014

    THE BLURB ( or: What are these unsightly Stretchmarkings that you display before me? )

    short answer:
    A seldom heard band existing at the end of the 80’s comprising persons under the influence of Allen Ravenstine, David Moss, Gareth Sager, Sonny Sharrock, Bootsy Collins, Herbie Flowers, John ‘Drumbo’ French, Robert Wyatt, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Don Van Vliet, Gabi Delgado etc who attempted to meld the noisier end of free improvisation with a slightly more oblique and accomplished Funk than the manchester 'baggy’ sound of that era.
    An album release cobbled together from Studio Demo, Rehearsal Room and Live recordings.
    Appeals to? Enthusiastic listeners of: The Contortions, Boredoms, The Pop Group, 1st Golden Palaminos LP, P-Funk, Pere Ubu, Clock DVA, Captain Beefheart, Defunkt, A Certain Ratio, Liquid Liquid, ESG, Material, The Birthday Party, DNA, Stock Hausen & Walkman, Chakk, Butthole Surfers, John Zorn’s Locus Solus, 23 Skidoo, Rip Rig & Panic, Mr Bungle, Cameo, the Wee Papa Girl Rappers and everything in the next 3 decades that milked those influenc
    es to curdling point! 

    (Click through for the long answer.)

    mots 'n’ mouth: Stern
    low end: Martin Hennin
    beatings: Richard Harrison
    anti-plectrum: Rex Casswell
    divergent din: Matt Wand

    gestated, birthed, dressed up and waved under your adoring noses by Matt Wand @ Dickys Skull, Eccle