So I’ve recently found my new bait girl and went back to straight dude catfishing. Oh how i missed baiting all these horny straight men. At any given time, I bait 3-5 guys at a time. Oh, too many straight dudes to bait, so little time. My new collection is growing (started two weeks ago). The old collection through the years is still a very good jerk off material though! 

    Happy Baiting! :D


    How is it hanging ? LOL Well im here trying to find another guy that has Access to any porn sites. So we can shared accounts and get the most out of our Money. I have access to Two Gay Porn Sites! MeN and NExtDoORworLD … Please is you have any others ones and what to Share. Send me a Message with the Site name, and ill check it out and we can trade !!! Well lets have some fun.

    I have a paid subscription to one of the hottest private tumblr blogs for naked straight dudes but sorry no sharing. :D


    So I saw this guy on my “People you may know” on facebook and he looked very familiar. He was the firefighter who fucked me. Thanks to facebook, I found out he’s not a firefighter but a cop. A lieutenant. Hot.

    While browsing his photos, saw a dude who also looked familiar. His son looked familiar. Lo and behold, his son fucked me two weeks before I met him.

    MInd. Blown. But too fucking hot.


    Dad keeps on texting me, but I want the son. Son has a bigger cock lol. :D