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    So can we all just report her


    “Harassed” she attempted to poison her roommate in numerous ways, who as a result was left incredibly sick and traumatized.

    The victim, Jazzy Rowe, has a GoFundMe that I haven’t seen being spread: gf.me/u/j5anmn

    She hasn’t met her goal in 9 months.

    You may not be able to donate, but you better believe I’m judging every single one of you if you don<>t reblog this to atleast spread the word like yall do for all these wyt pipo claiming to need $100k for vet bills or $75k for school supplies.

    As of April 11, 2020, she still hasn’t reached her goal, please boost!!!

    This disgusting behaviour left a girl physically and psychologically ill. On top of medical bills to pay, this young woman was unable to attend school due to illness, and now has to pay for wasted student loans. She worked extra hard to get to college, only to be literally poisoned by an aggressively racist room mate, for which she continues to pay dearly. This is unacceptable.

    Please help Jazzy Rowe recover from this. If you can’t contribute financially, you can still do your part by passing this on.

    We’re a little closer!!

    <>People may be seeing this and thinking it’s old because they’ve seen it for a couple years now; it was created May 2018 and TODAY ( May 5th, 2020 ) she has STILL not reached her goal!! Please at least reblog and give her a boost.


    America is legit sending kids to juvi for not attending zoom classes? Is America trying to compete with the onion?? This is horrifying

    the us government doesnt give a shit about children. and in this age satire falls short when the truth is far more horrifying.

    This is attempted murder of a child and that judge should be punished:

    This is proof of antiblack judges making racist judgements that inevitably lead to the school to prison pipeline. They curate environments where black children are not suppose to thrive and then punish them for it.

    Again, in these times of corona this is not just ruining this childs life for being black, having adhd and struggling with school, this is also a threat on her life made by the judge who clearly is incapable of dealing with children least of all black children.

    This judge is trying to kill children, specifically in this case a black child for struggling under times that are difficult for everyone, where she should have extended her courtesy she made an attempt on her life.

    Judge Mary Ellen Brennan is a racist who has put a poor child’s life at risk and she shouldn’t be allowed around children because of it.

    She talks about the concerns of corona for children while throwing this child to the plague. Hypocrite and an attempted murderer, no I am not changing my wording.

    This is the face of a child abuser. This is the face of a woman who attempted to murder a black child who could not keep up with her schooling. This is the face of a menance to society.

    Also, the social worker who reported her didn't actually talk to the girl's teacher before reporting her as noncompliant. Her teacher said her work was on par with the rest of the class.


    "But Grace’s case worker, Rachel Giroux, filed a request that she be detained before ever confirming whether she was or wasn't completing her academic requirements. According to ProPublica, Grace’s teacher later told Giroux that her student was “not out of alignment with most of my other students.” Additionally, Grace was scheduled to have one-on-one help with a special education teacher the day after Giroux reported the alleged probation violation to Judge <>Brenna<>n." Source

    This was a racist act that shows no regard for this child’s wellbeing and only further endangered her for no legitimate reason anyone decent could see fit.

    This case worker shouldn’t be around children. This judge shouldn’t be around children. Least of all black children. They are all incompetent and provably harming children as their actions with this child right here is already too far.

    They should not have jobs. This should be seen as attempted murder.

    someone not wanting to see kink shit at pride is not homophobia oh my god

    just to clarify

    this kind of thing?

    totally fine. go nuts. stay hydrated. try not to overheat. (seriously how do yall wear all that leather shit in the middle of the summer??)

    but this shit?

    hmm no. save it for folsom.


    exactly why you should keep it at home

    Pride parades should be a safe place for queer kids. If you want to organize private adult only Pride events then more power to you, but Pride parades and other public Pride events should be kid-friendly. It’s important for queer kids to see healthy displays of queer affection but you should not be doing anything sexually explicit or kinky at a Pride parade. Save that for adults-only venues and events.

    Pride should be safe for all queer people and queer kids are a subset of queer people who are especially vulnerable and especially in need of a safe place thanks.

    Reblog this PLEASE

    so now that Cullen’s shitty VA Greg Ellis has come out in full support of JKR’s transmisogyny (in addition to listing a bunch of alt right people as #inspiration and saying he supports Trump) I need to see all of y’all putting pressure on BioWare to not work with this guy. idgaf if you hate or love Cullen, Greg Ellis should not have a job and should absolutely not fucking be in DA4. They can hire a new goddamn VA if they have to but Greg Ellis’s shitstreaked ass better not come into contact with the series ever again.

    Support of JKR (x) (x

    Other clinically bad takes (x)

    Also he did a series for the Quillette podcast where he reads their essays with winners like “PewDiePie’s Battle for the Soul of the Internet” and “How a MeToo Mob Tried to Destroy My Life.” 

    remember to cry for help without guilt-tripping. i know it feels like you’ve been abandoned and betrayed, but it’s probably not true, and it’s not okay to accuse the people around you of something they might not have done.

    “i guess none of you like me” could be better phrased as “i feel unloved right now”

    “but nobody cares anyway” could be better phrased as “i feel insignificant and i need reassurance”

    rather than assuming others’ feelings, give them time to explain them. you’ll usually get a much better answer.

    This is really important for future predictions, too. “You’re eventually going to leave me” is impossible for someone else to disprove without just sticking around forever, but no one wants to stick around when they’re being constantly accused of future abandonment. Giving someone no choice but to either stay with you forever in order to prove you wrong or leave you and prove you right is incredibly emotionally manipulative, whether you mean it to be or not.

    “I get scared sometimes because I’m afraid of being alone again” is easier to address and doesn’t leave your partner(s)/friend(s) feeling as though they’re being preemptively accused of something.  

    stop normalizing celebrities running for president with no fucking knowledge or background in politics

    This isn't even a new issue. This is how Reagan, a Hollywood actor, became president. And thousands of gay people paid the price for that with their lives when Reagan and his incompetance deliberately exacerbated the AIDS crisis. Stop voting for celebrities and joke entries!


    dante basco did an interview once talking about how he was feeling nervous going in to do the ozai & zuko scene in the day of black sun part ii. cause that was the iconic father son scene of atla. and mark hamill was in the most iconic father son scene of ALL TIME in his scene as luke facing vader

    Skeleton: [in a cartoonish voice] I have a joke for you!
    Black Hat: What?
    S: What is a skeleton’s favorite snack?
    BH:[mumbling] I dunno.
    S: Go on, guess.
    BH: Death?
    S: Nooooooo. Go on, guess!
    BH: [giggling] I dunno! [starts laughing harder]
    S: [yelling] COME ON, GUESS! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING, I HAVEN’T TOLD THE PUNCHLINE YET! [BH giggles helplessly] WHAT IS A SKELETON’S! FAVORITE! SNACK!! [Pause for an answer that doesn’t come] GUESS!
    BH: [laughing] You’re putting me under a lot of pressure-
    S: GUESS!! FUCK! [bangs skull against box twice] GUESS! GUESS GODDAMN YOU!! [BH is giggling uncontrollably now] WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER ME!! WHAT IS MY FAVORITE SNACK!
    BH: Bones?
    S: [stunned pause] [resumes yelling] NO!!! [bangs skull against box twice] NO!!!
    BH: Jeez, this is a-
    S: WHAT IS IT?! WHY MUST YOU FAIL ME SO OFTEN?! [pauses] [BH giggles uncontrollably] RIIIIIIIIIBS!! SPARE RI<>IIIIIIIBS!! FUCK!!


    LET HIM KNOW 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    This like *just* happened. Here’s a wapo link, which includes video of the moment. His name is Mike Gelin, and he’s a councilman for the city of Tamarac, FL

    Also, this isnt up for dispute.

    Gelin recorded the entire incident on his phone, which caused the charges to be dropped when the video evidence directly contradicted what the cop wrote down in his report.

    The cop was caught falsifying a police report and still is considered a stellar cop.