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    A Cuckold Birth

    Victor and Shelby had been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year and a half. Never once had they imagined it would be so hard, all of their friends had done it so easily, if not entirely by accident. And yet, every month, despite their dedication to getting knocked up, still there was no baby. Frustration and emotionally exhausted after so many failed attempts, the pair finally sought out a medical professional. The the couple’s surprised, it turned out that it was not a medical problem with Shelbie, but that Victor’s sperm count was low. The end result, however, was tragically unchanged. It was unlikely that the otherwise happy couple would ever be able to conceive. Both parties were devastated by the news, spending the next couple of months in quiet mourning for the child it was almost certain they’d never get to have. One fateful day, after reaching out to friends, the pair were enjoying a meal at a restaurant, finally admitting that they couldn’t conceive naturally, and were looking to adopt or perhaps have a sperm donor. One of Shelbie’s guy friends, a man by the name of Kyle, piped up and said he’d be more than happy to lend his sperm. Everybody laughed at the boldness of the suggestion, shrugging off the idea of it outwardly. But the proceedings took on a different tone, something of mingled suspicion, concern, and curiosity. Later, away from her husband, Shelbie sent the bold friend a text message. Not to take him up on his offer, of course. Just to see if he was serious. “I’ll do it, but I want to naturally inseminate you. I would also want to be there for when the baby is born, being it’s father and all.” The increasingly desperate wife thought they were odd requests and admitted she’d have to talk to Victor about it before coming to an agreement. When she told Victor he was aghast, though not about the birth part. Frankly, he could care less about someone wanting to watch his wives clown hole blow open. But to actually make love to his wife was something he couldn’t stomach. Shelby began tearing up claiming that she had wanted a baby for years now and she was afraid she was getting too old. Hearing his significant other’s tearful pleas and defeated tone eroded Vicktor’s resistance, and after much protesting the concerned husband agreed to allow him come over. Under the request that he was present for the whole thing. Part of Victor hoped that his demand to watch would make his wife change her mind. Instead, Shelbie announced through tears of joy that after her next period Kyle would come by in the evening, on the dates she was expected to ovulate. =+=+=+=+=+ One evening, when Victor was getting ready to leave work for the day he got text from his wife. “Hey Kyle’s here now” “What? Wait for me to get home” “Lol he wants to start now, I think he’s nervous. It’s adorable, it’s making me so wet…” Victor stormed out of his work office and sped as a man possessed to make it home in a state of sheer rage. By the time he got home and into the door he could hear the bedroom floor upstairs heaving and his wife moaning. He burst into the bedroom to find Kyle thrusting into his wife while she lay on her back with her legs spread apart. “Oh… H-Hi honey! I’m… ohhhh… s-sorry he just…. f-feels so good, I couldn’t r-resist him… oh god, hon, he’s inside me, he’s gonna make a mommy!” she crooned and panted, arousal turning the naked woman’s every word into a seductive purr or a needy whimper. “Uhm… oh it’s so d-deep… y-you can sit in that chair. O-over there, in the c-corner oh god don’t stooop….” Back stiff, hands clenching and unclenching, Victor watched helplessly as this man had sex with his wife. No… no, not “had sex”, that was too cold, to clinical. Victor watched as this man made love to his wife, her beautiful body eagerly experiencing every thrust, not a single note of shame in her pleas for more, her breathless tone one that her husband knew well. One that said his lover was on the cusp of orgasm. Kyle pushed his wives legs back to either side of her head, and the furious cuck couldn’t help but become aroused between the sights and the sounds. He didn’t know she could be so flexible, so raw and sexually charged. Then, in a husky, breathless tone that got louder with every syllable, Shelbie cried that she was cumming. The pair paused briefly the orgasming woman giddy with pleasure. Victor the cuck felt sickened, and his fury surged. As Kyle kneeled over the woman he was determined to impregnate in front of her husband, he began fondling her clitoris. P-please… please w-wait oh g-god I c-can’t!“ she whined, voice shaking as the trembling woman tried pushing her lover’s hand away. “It’s t-too sensitive right now, PLEASE!” But he held the screaming woman’s arm back and continued to rub her. Within moments she was arching her back groaning with pleasure, gripping the bedsheets tight while gasping for air “Oh my god” Shelbie cried, erupting with another orgasm at the same time Kyle began grunting. The man pressed his lips againt those of Victor’s wife as her husband saw his balls throbbing, cum emptying into his wife’s belly. Victor was burning with rage. +=+=+=+=+= Regardless of his feelings, however, Kyle’s sperm took, finding the egg that victor was too weak to be able to fertilize. The next couple of weeks Victor was very irritable, frustrated and angry at his wife. He kept trying to have sex with her but she insisted on being too tired or having morning sickness. Over the next 9 months, Kyle frequently was in contact with Shelby either by phone or in person, enjoying each other’s company anytime the pregnant woman wasn’t home, which was an amount of time that seemed to be growing almost as quickly as her belly. Victor couldn’t get over how close the two had seemingly become in no time whatsoever. He supposed since Kyle was the biological father it had bonded them in a way he might not ever get to know. =+=+=+=+=+ Shelbie was going into labor. Kyle was the first one she told, and the only one with her by the time someone bothered to inform Victor. By the time he got home, his wife was deep in the throes of labor. It had been apparently decided without telling him they would have a natural home birth for the baby, Kyle grinning sheepishly as he was told. As the laboring soon-to-be-mother groaned in pain, Victor did his best to breathe with her and soothe her. Kyle suggested clitoral stimulation. The compassionate husband opened his mouth in protest but his wife glared at him, a furious tone accusing the man of wanting to see her suffer. Shamed into silence, Victor only held her hand while the man that had impregnated his wife, given her the child she’d always wanted, the one that Victor could never, would never be able to give her began to rub her clitoris. Shelbie began to breathe faster and harder, hips beginning to rock into his hand rhythmically. With an irritated grunt, the laboring woman pulled her hand from her husband. Kyle grinned, seeing the motion, feeling the woman who was struggling to deliver his child grinding eagerly against his palm and shunning the attention of Victor. “Hey…” the man said softly to his lover’s defeated husband. “Maybe you should wait outside. I mean, it’s not even really your baby, right?” Silently, feeling as though he’d been slapped, Victor turned and left. The cuck waited outside his own bedroom door to hear the unmistakable, impossibly sexy sound of his wife wailing, being brought to orgasm multiple times. Unfiltered rage with no outlet surged through the helpless man’s entire being. his dick still embarrassingly hard as a rock as a result of the sounds of his wife, his soulmate being brought to climax by another man as she birthed his child. By the time the impotent man was allowed back into his own bedroom, it reeked of the potent, primal scents of sex and birth, the duality overwhelming him with aimless lust. Shelbie’s pussy was drenched, the opening quivering and twitching from her arousal. The freshly pleasured woman was giggling, completely naked with her swollen full-term belly very relaxed. Before long she was fully dilated and bearing down, a telltale bulge traveling down from her swollen belly telling the world that the baby’s head was coming out. “Ok… alright, oh… so much p-pressure…  I think you’d b-better hurry Kyle, it’s almost time!” Shelby panted. In what was clearly a practiced move, the soon-to-be-mother got on her hands and knees facing away from Victor and Kyle on the bedroom floor. Presenting her heart-shaped ass to whoever wanted to enjoy its perfection. Her pregnant belly was grazing the ground along with the laboring mother’s engorged milk filled tits. Kyle reached into a nearby bag he had and pulled out a bottle of lube. The confidant man poured lube over Shelbie’s bulging asshole amply and rubbed some it on his thick cock. Panting in a mixture of the pain of labor and desperate need, Shelbie bit her lip, her pussy oozing with juice as Kyle got into position and slowly popped his cock inside her tight asshole. Crying out in an overwhelming surge of sensations, Victor’s wife began straining, pushing the head down her birth canal. Bit by bit, it began pressing into its own father’s cock, making it even tighter. “Oh god! I feel the baby Shelbie! I feel out BABYYY!” he exclaimed, busting a nut inside his wife’s ass, somehow remaining hard, the pressure great enough to keep him from losing wood. The one that had made this woman pregnant remained attached as said mother-to-be drooled in ecstacy. “If I knew birth could be like this I would have gotten knocked up years ago!“ As Shelbie pushed her vagina bulged and parted further, gradually opening from its teardrop shape to a slow wide crown, the head reaching the widest point. Cheekly, the laboring woman looked over her shoulder, grinning at Kyle and gasping; "I’m C-cumming so h-hard right no, c-can’t stop, so g-good!” Victor watched, horrified, as the baby’s head was slowly birthed. Kyle shuddered, firing a second thick load deep inside the cuck’s wife as the head finished crowning, the widest point holding for one glorious moment before it popped out. At long last, Shelbie’s ass finally loosened up enough to be able to pull out. Kyle, trembling form pleasure, satisfaction, and vindictive pride, got down on his knees and helped deliver the baby. As soon as she was birthed the baby cried immediately and the woman how married Victor beamed at Kyle. “I did it. I gave birth to our baby… I’m a mommy…”, Kyle nodded with a soothing murmur and a smirk at Victor. “You’re a mother now. I’m so proud of you.” Warmth crept into the smile as the father of Shelbie’s child kissed her on the forehead. Victor was sitting on the floor against the wall, completely lifeless. He was in shock from the last couple of minutes, unable to do more than watch limply at the pair he’d been utterly removed from, talking about the baby. Shortly after, the new mother birthed the placenta with no effort. “Honey what’s wrong? Don’t you want to come and see the baby?” “Oh he’s probably just exhausted, ol’ Vic came home from work and has been up all night for the labor.“ Kyle grinned with a wink. "Well, I better get going, it’s pretty late.” The panicked look that crossed his wife’s face for a moment was not lost upon the impotent cuck. “Are you sure? You can sleep here, we have spare rooms. I’m sure Victor won’t mind.” “Nah it’s alright.” Kyle replied easily, recognizing the tone and knowing he’d won. “You guys deserve to enjoy some time alone with the baby, I’ll be back in a couple days to see you again.” The man who had inserted himself irremovably from Victor’s life and had put his child into Victor’s wife got up and began putting his clothes back on, the baby latched onto Shelbie’s breast, eagerly suckling. The first of many that Shelbie would eagerly give birth to.

    (Written by myself, message me for the editor)