Thick girls just taste much better.
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    Karla thought she was compliant with her diet plan and she was sure she lost weight and reached her weekly goal that Madame Samantha set for her.

    Karla was shocked, disappointed and most of all scared to death once she learned that not only she missed her weekly target by a lot she also lost less weight than all the other girls at the finishing school. She knew what was coming.

    One stroke for each pound she didn't lose. From that day on everytime she sat on her sore ass she remembers her ordeal and wouldn't dare put anything other than water in her mouth.

    - Dakkota what is this ? I told you the blonde in the ultra girl costume. I'm not paying for the 3 of them.

    - You said the girl in an ultra girl costume at the Halloween Party. There was more than one so I brought them all. Not my fault you didn't give me a picture.

    - Yes I didn't realise this many girls are into Ultra girl. Oh well. 3 for the price of one?

    - Ha! in your dreams Missy you'll pay for the 2 blondes and I'll keep the brunette. I'm sure I'll find her a new owner by the end of the night. After I finish playing with her of course.

    On every inch of that couch lurked temptation as Mrs. O'connor couldn't take her eyes off her daughter's friend Sultry beauty and sensual feet commanding her attention. It felt like a cat and mouse game. Now it feels like the young girl is just playing with her feelings and emotions, leading her on continuously.

    She was done, overcome by weakness and desire. So, with a mixture of arousal and nervousness she kneeled before her and offered her herself.