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    You stupid girl, sometimes I wonder why on earth I set you on in the first place.

    That’s a spanking from each of us, now back your naughty bottom on to this a little, and keep it there until we have finished tea. You deserve a good dose of humiliation! Every time I ring my spoon on my cup you will say “I am a naughty clumsy maid”

    After our tea you will sweep up, then you are going across the table you clear for twelve of the best with my cane.

    “What do you have to say to that?”

    She tries her best to push on to the brush handle as she squirms a reply…“thank you Mistress.”

    New artwork from @zeerageman & story from @majesticduxk

    With Mommy’s hand crashing down on his rapidly reddening behind, you’d think Crash’s thoughts would all be on his ass. And yeah, it hurt. But it it hurt in a way that made him feel… loved? How was that even possible? He was in trouble… wasn’t he? Caught in his thoughts, he barely noticed Mommy’s hand stop its Reign of Fury on his upturned ass. It gentled, rubbing the tender flesh, until he sighed contentedly. “Back with me, Baby?” Crap! That was right! He was in trouble (although if push came to shove, he would deny to his dying breath that those cookies were begging for him to liberate them), and Mommy sort of had a rule about naughty boys paying attention when they were in trouble… “No, Baby. Not in more trouble.” Crash snuggled deeper: Mommy wouldn’t lie. “But I do want to know what you were thinking.” Crash immediately ran over his thoughts: admit that spanking made him feel loved? How could he admit that? Face bright red, he buried his face in the couch pillows. “Tell Mommy what’s going on in your gorgeous little head.” The words were accompanied by a light caress to the back of his neck. “I… I like it when you spank me.” Silence. More silence. Fuck! He’d done the wrong thing! What sort of mommy wanted a little boy who- Before his thoughts could go much further, Mommy had questions. “What sort of like? Does your bottom feel good?” “What? No!” It hurt a lot! Mommy had a very hard hand. “Then can you try and tell me what sort of good? Mommy wants to understand her little boy.” Crash thought hard. Although the answer was easy enough. “I… I feel like you love me?” “Oh, Crash!” Without warning he was pulled up, Mommy’s arms coming round him soft, and warm and strong. “My beautiful little boy.” Swallowing, he had to ask, “That… That’s ok?” Mommy smiled, that big beautiful smile. “Of course it’s ok. After all, I spank you because I love you, because I want you to be my best boy. Speaking of which…” Crash jerked as he was flipped back over Mommy’s lap, and a hand came down – hard. “Let’s talk more about cookies.” ———————————————————————————————

    A huge thanks to @zeerageman for his wonderful art, it’s adorable and true to life… great job buddy! Along with a giant PantherHug for @majesticduxk who captured my feelings on spankings perfectly. I honestly don’t think I could have said it better. Thank you so much both of you ~ Crash