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    This is how I risk to become, if i do not stop using this electric vacuum breast enlarger pump. But i cannot help it, i desire so much to please Very Masculine Michael and any Man sent to my place, and service them as a sissy homosexual slave prostitute, that I am afraid I will be using my breast pump again soon.

     in short notice


    You're no longer his girlfriend's annoying little brother....

    ....and she's no longer his girlfriend.


    I am trapped. First it was just a humiliation game my ex-gf did, forcing me to watch gay porn and making me say loud I desired a Man, that I wanted to have large breasts to please a Man, while She put an electric vacuum breast pump on my breasts.

    But after my ex cuckolded me and dumped me, I kept looking more and more at Men. The only way I could cum, was masturbating using the breast enlarging pump, while watching homosexual porn. Now, I can only get hard for Men, and I am desperate to have a Man kiss me like this. I was never able to have another gf. I am now full blown homosexual, and desperate to have a love relationship, but I am too ashamed to do anything. I need to be blackmailed to date Men and have a boyfriend, no other way out of this trap.


    I tried to stop using this electric vacuum breast expansion pump, because it does enlarge my sissy breasts, as everyone can se in this picture, making it ridiculous on a “man”, so much that all girls now just laugh at me and only dominant Man seem to enjoy using my tits to make me moan.

    Now, I am trapped in my desire to please Very Masculine Master Michael I need to please Him and to have large breasts will look better under a feminine blue dress, He likes His girl slaves in a blue dress.. I need to be His submissive sissy girl slave