Castration in progress. He’ll be much more content afterwards. And obedient.


    at this moment only thinkable for myself, IF ANY POTENTIAL ADULT FEMALE OWNER OVER me HAS REAL DECIDE OVER me zo change the gender real totally, by female hormones. then I would have to accept that real an operation will be actually the last step, when it had to change real the cock into females gender.


    This looks like so much fun!


    and actually realistic for me UNDER ADULT WOMEN. for me it's absolutely not fantasy that i really will have to accept that in absolutely reality life FOREVER UNDER ADULT WOMEN. formyself nothing will be able to change that reality, when it's start for me without any timelimits for myself, when the way ( what i go real, so long as I am be able to go formyself, without any allowed), is finished, means when i will be owned real BY ADULT WOMEN, without end, without possibility of timelimits, without possibility of returning for myself.


    i really know that one day i will be caged real BY ADULT FEMALE OWNER OVER me, also forever, in that times, where THE FEMALE OWNER OF me, don't need my services as for example as buttler. for me reality UNDER WOMEN, for me absolutely fact forever to be slaved totally real and radically, lifelong for ever for me as property EXCLUSIVELY OF ADULT WOMEN.


    i accept that i am absolutely rightless for life AMONG ADULT WOMEN, as soon as i have become the real property OF AN ADULT FEMALE OWNER, OR OF SEVERAL FEMALE OWNERS - i can no longer determine this myself. And just as deprived of rights as any domestic animal is UNDER ITS FEMALE OWNER. i will then be nothing else for the rest of my life.


    femdom archive: a collaborative masterlist


    1. About the Archive

    I’ve been asked a couple of times for femdom blog recommendations.  After Tumblr’s unfortunate decision to ban different types of (adult) content, many great blogs disappeared or simply became inactive. Additionally, there’s been a post circulating since forever - you probably saw it already - about a “femdom archive”: you reblog it, and your blog would supposedly be added to a certain type of online database of femdom-related content, so you could find more resources and content creators, but the idea never seemed to have gotten off the paper. At least, I never saw any results. So, since this is all about building a sense of community and creating together a space for free expression, I decided to take initiative and to start our own sort of femdom-archive: a collaborative one. Here’s how it works.

    2. What I’ve done already

    I just listed a few blogs that came to my mind which post content related to female domination in different formats (from femdom and female-led, to femme fatale aesthetics, role reversal, etc). If you’re looking for some people to follow, they might be a good start! I separated them between “dommes” and “subs”. (Please forgive me if I categorised your blog in the wrong section, it’s a lot of people to keep track of). I probably forget to include a lot of great blogs, so don’t take it personally or anything: I just listed down some of the names that came to my mind first and that featured lastly in my activity feed. 

    3. Criteria for including a blog in the list

    The blogs I’ve added are diverse with different aesthetics and they post about different things. Ideally, it would be perfect if we could list them by themes but that’s impossible, because (1) it would be too much work, and (2) people don’t necessarily post exclusively only about one theme all the time, after all these blogs are just as complex and crazy as we are, which is a great thing. Apart from the basics (e.g. blog being that of an adult +18/no minors), my main criteria for inclusion was asking the following question: has this blog been active at least over the past 2 or 3 months? If so, then they got included! 

    4. What you can do

    Reblog this and add some names of blogs you follow, recommend, etc. No need to separate them between “dommes” and “subs” like I did. Just reblog and add a few suggestions of your own.  It would be nice if you could add and tag at least 5 people. This way we can keep it going and discovering new blogs! But any of your suggestions will be welcome, no matter how many people you tag.  

    5. Important observations

    Please notice you might gain some followers out of this, and/or might witness an increase in traffic to your blog. If you’d like to have your name removed, contact the person that tagged you and ask them to remove you from the list (myself included, please). Also, if you’re following someone new, be respectful and polite: don’t approach people you see on the list with annoying questions, or being rude. It will only result in you getting blocked. So keep it civilized. 



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    please, reblog the hell out of this so it reaches everyone, and leave your suggestions!



    What a great idea to curate people whose interests run to Femdom, female led relationships, and bdsm.


    29th Domme on the list my favourite


    The AMAB Wardrobe

    Here is a post that AMAB trans folks might find useful. It is about how to do your makeup, feminize your voice, where to buy wigs etc. 

    Note 1: I have not used the shops listed myself, so I cannot give a review on them. Use the websites at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible for anything.  

    Note 2: Some of these resources are aimed at crossdressers, or crossdressers along with trans people. I am not lumping AMAB trans folks with cross dressers but I do feel that the resources could be helpful, thus they are included.

    Note 3: This post contains information on how to “pass.”  (I’m not a fan of the concept of passing) This post is not trying to make you into the cis world’s idea of a “perfect woman” but instead to give those who want resources for things that will make them feel more comfortable what they want. Remember, if you do all of these, some of these, or none of these it does not make you any more or less of your gender.

    Wigs and hair

    How to make short hair look feminine

    Hairstyle mistakes to avoid 

    Hairstyles that take less than 10 minutes

    How to do a french side plait


    Make up tips for AMAB folks

    Make up mistakes to avoid 

    Make up tips

    How to choose the right foundation

    How to feminize your face

    Covering facial hair

    1950’s makeup tutorial


    Voice feminization video

    Voice feminization mistakes to avoid

    Feminization voice lesson  1 (Her other lessons can be found on her channel) 

    Feminization voice tips

    Girl talk. The transgender guide for voice and feminization (also talks about behaviors)


    Breast Forms

    Tape for creating cleavage

    Breast forms

    Breast enhancers

    Breast forms

    Breast forms

    Making your silicone bead forms

    Finding your bra size

    Bras for under $10

    Rice bra (A clever and cheap idea!)


    Jewellery for £5 and under

    Hair clips, accessories and brushes for £5 and under

    Not badly priced bags

    Alternative accessories

    Affordable accessories

    More affordable accessories

    Clothing (does footwear in bigger sizes too)

    Dressing Emo/Scene for Trans girls

    Trans clothing swap

    Doreen (They are an actual physical shop that you can visit too!)

    What to wear if you’re broad shouldered

    Plus size clothing (gothic)


    Gaffs in sizes up to XXXL

    Padded panties

    Padded panties

    Padded panties

    Padded panties




    3 different ways to tuck


    Walking like a woman

    Walking like a woman in flats and heels

    Feminine body language part 1

    Feminine body language part 2

    Feminine movement mistakes to avoid


    Best shoes for AMAB folks

    Heels in bigger sizes

    Isy B- Search tool for feminine shoes in bigger sizes

    Payless-Does women’s shoes up to size 13 at affordable prices

    Feminine shoes in sizes up to a US 14


    I hope this information helps some of you

    -Mod Kira


    Another happy boy who truly submits


    i believe YOUR PICTURE GODDESS it's absolutely possible that this bottom being will be totally one day reality life FOREVER for me.if EVER ADULT WOMEN EXIST WHO ARE INTERESTED PRIVATELY TO OWN something like me, it' would be THE RIGHT OF ADULT WOMEN OVER me, that I will have lifelong beslaved absolutely real BY THEM.