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2021-06-16 18:12:23

    Wanna buy some diapers I masturbated in or worked out in?

    Message me now! I’m stopping by the post office at around 3 so I can ship today :) $50 including shipping in the US. Will send you pics in the diaper 💗 US buyers only. Only accept cash app.

    I can’t pee in the diapers bc of shipping concerns

    PocketStars had to hide ABDL content

    If you haven't heard PocketStars was forced to hide ABDL content because of the payment processors. They're working on a solution. I think I can continue to post for my current subscribers, but my account his hidden so no one new can subscribe.

    JustForFans is where you can subscribe monthly for wetting vids still. But PocketStars was my platform for selling messing vids :(

    Opening up messing customs

    Hey everyone! I'm available for custom messing videos. Message me here on tumblr or on kik @sugarylittle. Don't message me just saying "hi" please. Let me know you're interested in a custom and what your video idea is :) I am also interested in doing more panty wetting vids (I'd prefer vid ideas that have a storyline).

    All customs will start at $100 and will be at least 10 minutes. I accept payment through cash app.

    Side Note: I really appreciate when people give me 5 stars on ManyVids. So if you really enjoyed a vid please rate it 5 stars!

    Why is Daddy making me wear diapers? I'm a big girl and haven't had an accident in so long! I feel like I should have to wear diapers BECAUSE I had an accident, not just for no reason! Therefore, if he's going to make me wear diapers anyways it's only fair that I piss on the floor. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

    | Watch this video "Daddy's Bimbo Gets Diaper & Anal Punishment" on JFF Daddy Vibes tier or purchase on ManyVids | 18+


    hi, wanna buy diapered by boyfriends mom, full version

    Hi! It’s on my messing PocketStars account.

    You can also privately message me and purchase it from me directly using cash app (only if you’re in the United States)