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💗 Hiya, I’m Luna! I’m a 22 yr old diapered baby girl with a DDLG kink 💗 New tumblr: sugarylittleabdl

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2021-07-23 22:47:43

    Hi everyone so PocketStars has created their new platform that runs on cryptocurrency transactions. I know that I can withdraw my money in USD and I’m assuming you pay with your chosen currency and it converts it to crypto for you or something. There hasn’t been a whole lot of communication from the company so I’m not actually sure if you guys can subscribe yet. If anyone wants to be a guinea pig go ahead and try! Please make sure you read the description of the page before you subscribe though.



    Would you ever be a mommy to a little?

    It’s fun playing mommy roles in videos but I wouldn’t be a mommy in a relationship! I’m a little. If I’m being dominant I like topping from the bottom like being the bratty princess that tells you what to do…or a sadistic girlfriend 😝


    I'm pretty sure at least some level of urges during calf raises are pretty much inevitable tbh. Do you have trouble with control during exercise?

    Yeah sometimes or I just feel like I really have to pee even if I just did 😭 Especially calf raises though. It’s funny cuz this month’s story vid is about going to the doctor for a weak bladder and the toy I bought for it is actually made to help strengthen your muscles supporting your bladder!

    Also side note certain core exercises make me cum, seriously. I get coregasms!


    Hi sugar!! Love your content. How often do you get to wear diapers? Also, any reason you seem to prefer pull-ups/baby dips over adult abdl diapers?

    Thank you!! 💗 I wear to bed usually and then also just whenever I’m little or just feel like it! I would say my little age is between like 5 and 7 so I’m in the bedwetting stage hehe.

    I like wearing goodnites while I’m out bc they’re more discrete than adult diapers and more secure than baby diapers (also more comfortable bc they don’t squeeze my hips). I really do love the feeling of adult diapers tho, however they’re just pretty bulky so I only wear them to bed and if I’m just sitting watching movies, coloring, etc. I have a preference for filming in baby diapers bc I like how they leak and I think they look the sexiest in a video! I also would say a larger percentage of people following me have a preference for baby diapers (Telling from ManyVids sales).