Premature? That’s For Sure!~: Chapter 2

part 2 of this little commission series i’m doing! Janice has a minor wardrobe malfunction on the train on her way to work! and when you have a cock as fucking *huge* as hers, a minor malfunction can end up being pretty embarrassing, especially when it happens right in front of a bashful older woman...~

sorry this chapter took so loooong :c i've been dealing with some pretty nasty motivation issues lately, but i finally managed to knuckle down and get this one bashed out!

Janice collapsed into her seat, and sighed with relief. She had run as fast as she could, and had still barely managed to catch the train! She’d worked up a bit of a sweat, to the point where her glasses had fogged up a little, but at least she wasn’t gonna be late on the first day of her new job. As she relaxed back in her seat, she allowed her legs to carelessly spread apart, closing her eyes for a moment as she caught her breath…

“Hhah! Oh my god…”

Janice’s eyes flickered open. What was that? She glanced around the clean, modern carriage, and realised that there was only one other occupant, sitting opposite to her, an older, matronly-looking woman with short black hair, dressed in similarly formal office-wear to Janice. Even though her outfit was hardly suggestive, it also didn’t do much to hide her body; Janice had to struggle not to stare at her huge, soft-looking breasts, and her cock gave a twitch as she imagined what it would be like to have them wrapped around her…

Janice was so preoccupied that it took her a moment to realise that something was up with the woman. She was wide-eyed, one hand covering her mouth as she looked off to the side with her cheeks flushed, and hands bunched up in the material of her skirt. What was going on?

Janice glanced around absently, at the relatively normal, empty train car, and even looked out of the window as Vihdale’s city centre whooshed by, wondering if anything was going on out there. Giving a mental shrug, she looked into her own lap… and felt her heart stop. 

In her haste to get out of the house on time, she hadn’t checked how well her new uniform fit. Sure, all of the individual components were sized properly, but…

There was perhaps a two inch gap between the hem of her skirt, and the top of her stockings. 

And that meant that she had been walking around with two inches of thick, twitching dickmeat totally exposed!

To make matters worse, the way her legs were spread was practically shoving it into the poor businesswoman’s face! No wonder she was so embarrassed! Without even thinking, Janice clamped her legs shut to hide her cock, and-


Her eyes rolled back as her cock was squeezed between her thick, meaty thighs, and Janice felt her body shaking.

Nooo… I can’t… not right in front of someone else…

Janice took a few deep breaths, glancing down again, before letting out a whine.

Sure, her cock was hidden, but in her haste to leave the house that morning, she hadn’t even put a bra on… and now her nipples were poking through the thin material of her blouse! Between that, the obviously lewd expression on her face, and the eyeful of girldick her new friend had already gotten…

Oh fuck, she thinks I’m some kind of perveeeeert… Janice whined internally, and even as she despaired, her sensitive, needy cock was begging for stimulation.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… y-y’know…” Janice looked up at the woman, and tried for a reassuring smile, but undercut it by biting her own lip, the feeling of the slick, cum-filled condom being squeezed around her dick distracting her. 

“I just, I have this condition where I’m, uh, I-I’m really sensitive, I’m so sorry, I just can’t control it…”

The older woman still wasn’t replying, and Janice was starting to panic. She didn’t want people to think she was some sort of exhibitionist. She wasn’t like that, really! It wasn’t her fault!

Nervously, the other passenger glanced around the empty train car. 

Shitshitshit, is she gonna shout for help or something? I’m so fucked, I’m so fucked, Im so-

And then the woman reached up, deftly popped the top three buttons on her blouse, and pulled the two sides apart, revealing that…

 Janice’s eyes widened. She wasn’t wearing a bra either! This stranger was flashing her soft, heavy tits at Janice in public, her breathing ragged as she shook her chest a little, putting an appealing jiggle into them. 

This was too much for Janice. She was trying desperately to keep herself under control, but this situation was just too perverted! Her hips twitched, and in one, two, three pumps between her thighs-


“Ohmyfuckinggodnooooo…” Janice whined, even as her eyes rolled up in her head, and her fists clenched with a handful of miniskirt each. In a moment, the situation had turned from panic-inducing to utterly humiliating, as her already-bloated condom struggled dangerously to contain her second load of the day.

As she managed to refocus on her surroundings, Janice saw a familiar expression of shock and pity on the flasher’s face. But rather unusually, it didn’t become one of disappointment. Rather, it looked a lot more like…

“Fuuuck… that was hot,” she said, in a distinctive Georgian twang, idly twirling a finger around her hard nipples, seemingly in no hurry to rebutton her blouse.

“Are you seriously that much of a quickshot? That’s soooo cute… and you’ve even got a little condom to catch it?” the woman stood, and strode over the space in the centre of the carriage, before dropping to her knees, and reaching up to firmly spread Janice’s legs open.

“W-wait… what are you-”

“I have to get off at the next stop, so I don’t have time to have any more fun with you, buuut… I’ll do a little trade with you,” she reached into her pocket, and extracted a business card.

“I’ll give you my number…”

She tucked the card into the pocket of Janice’s suit jacket.

“And you give me a li’l souvenir…”

“I-I don’t know what you- hhhaaaahhh…”

Janice realised that she had badly misjudged Hayley (the name she had seen in her brief glimpse of the business card). Rather than being embarrassed and bashful, it turned out that she was actually a total pervert! The only reason she’d looked anxious was because she was worried she’d get caught acting like one!

Janice squirmed as Hayley’s carefully manicured nails lightly brushed the still-sensitive base of her cock. Then she squirmed a lot more when she realised that Hayley was trying to slide her condom off.

“N-no, wait, I need th-that, you can’t just…”

“Pfft, come on, after dumpin’ a load like that? Those balls are nice and drained, honey, and I want a taste…”

Apparently Hayley was so fixated on getting a taste of Janice’s cum that she hadn’t realised that she was still completely hard, totally overwhelmed by the fact that a gorgeous older woman was kneeling in front of her, soft tits less than a foot away from her cock, and lightly touching it, carefully sliding off the stretched, blue latex.

“S-seriously, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

“Shout for help? Seriously? Come on, sweetie, just lie back and enjoy it…”

I’m gonna cum, you dumb pervvvv… Janice thought, but she could barely form single vowels, never mind a full sentence. She’d just have to try and tough it out. After all, if she came now, it wouldn’t just be embarrassing; Hayley had slid the condom almost halfway off her cock, meaning it would make a huge mess, to say the least.

Janice grit her teeth, closed her eyes, desperately attempted to ignore the sensations from between her legs, not to mention the soft cooing and moaning coming from roughly the same area...

“Fuck, what a nasty cock… such a waste, if you actually had any stamina, I’d have let you drag me into the bathroom by now… nnfff, this thing would stretch me out so gooood…” Janice could feel Hayley’s hot breath against every inch of slick, cum-coated girlmeat, and tried very hard not to think about what it would be like to feel her soft, plump lips against her dick…

“But just because your cock is totally worthless doesn’t mean your cum will be, it smells incredible…” Hayley whined, as the undeniably heavy musk that accompanied all of Janice’s oversized loads filled the empty carriage. 

“Almost… got it… there!” with a truly depraved sluuurp noise, Hayley finally pulled the condom free, leaving Janice’s cock twitching and leaking directly onto the floor of the carriage. Nonetheless, Janice breathed a sigh of relief. She’d actually managed to hold on! She felt very pleased with herself, right up until she opened her eyes, just in time to see Hayley lean in and plant a soft little smooch right on the tip.

Janice’s balls churned. Her cock twitched. Her toes curled. 

And she spurted rope after jelly-thick rope of nasty, yellow girl goo all over Hayley, the train’s floor, and even on herself!

For the second time in under five minutes, Janice gasped as she tried to get her breath back after blowing her load. She looked down at Hayley, who, at least, no longer looked quite so smug.

Rather, the older businesswoman had a completely stunned expression. Her clothes were ruined. Thick, yellow streaks of cum were clearly visible on her blouse, and her breasts were almost completely coated. Her makeup was also a write-off; with the consistency of glue, Janice’s cum drooled down Hayley’s face, and she blinked in shock a few times. 

For a few moments, the two sat together, in silence, until…

“The next stop is Jack Street Station,” a slightly tinny voice came over the intercom. At the same time, both women felt the train begin to slow.

“Well, this has been fun,” Hayley stood, rebuttoning her blouse as quickly as she’d opened it.

“But, this is my stop. Give me a call if you wanna do this again sometime, cutie,” she winked at Janice, before deftly tying off the overfull condom, and slipping it into her bag.

“Oh, and uh… you might wanna duck into the bathroom before anyone at the station sees you.”

Janice, still struggling to generate coherent thoughts, nonetheless managed to push herself onto her feet, wobbling dangerously on her shaky legs and tall heels. Hayley’s eyes were briefly fixed on Janice’s still-hard cock as it swayed back and forth, now totally out in the open as Janice’s skirt had ridden up.

“W-wait, but what are you going to-”

Janice stopped mid-sentence as Hayley reached into her purse again, and pulled out a pair of sleek, fashionable sunglasses. She pulled her suit jacket closed, hiding most of her ruined blouse, and then held her hand over the lower half of her face, as if she was deep in thought. 

“This isn’t the first time I’ve made a mess like this in public, dear,” she replied, as the tell-tale squeal of the train’s brakes indicated to Janice that she had maybe twenty seconds to get her cock out of sight. 

“Now go on, I’ll see you around!” she reached out, grabbed Janice by the shoulders, and turned her around, before pushing her in the direction of the bathroom. Janice stumbled, but managed to maintain her balance. As she pushed the button which slid the door open, she looked around just in time to see the train pulling to a stop in a crowded station, with Hayley standing at the door, waiting to exit. She turned, and removed her hand to give Janice a final wave, briefly exposing her cum-covered face, before the doors opened, and Janice ducked into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.