I know I was born to be a sissy gurl


    When I was about 8 I was sent to stay with an aunt while my parents went away. One day my aunty caught me wearing her lingerie she put me over her knee and spanked me while I was still wearing it. She followed up with a long talk about boys like me who were really not real boys and should have been girls. This made a lot of sense as I had so many girly feelings. She let me keep wearing her lingerie and asked if I would like my own. She also offered to make my face up but made me promise to keep it a secret and not to tell my parents. She told me that I was such a pretty girl. We talked about my tiny dick which made her laugh when ever she bathed me. She said it was not a real penis but it would make a nice clitty and that I should treat it like one. It was not to be played with without her consent and that she would tie my hands round my back when she was out. This kept me thinking more and more about wanting to be a girl.

    I had always enjoyed the self penetration of various small objects up my bottom. So when she showed me her dildos I confessed my habit. She saw this as an obvious request to try something larger. When I agreed to one she had strapped to her, she had me on my knees and my new skirt dragged up and over my back. My new panties dragged aside and something very cool squirted into my pussy hole. Her fingers deep inside me and sliding in and out making my moan in ecstasy. I had never known anything so good as feeling those fingers reaming around inside my pussy !

    I was in tears of submissive joy as she withdrew and began what she said was "pegging" me. Slow and not too deep while I got used to that horrible feeling that I was going to shit. She was so understanding about my initial reaction I felt a bit bruised and was relieved to feel her pull out. But was soon ready for more.

    I often wonder how things would have turned out for me if I hadn't been caught wearing her lingerie. I think I was very lucky.

    Since then I have made my own way. Much of it up but a lot of it down. I got tricked by a black gang who bought the room I was renting and conned me into owing an eye watering amount of back rent. They gave me the option of being pimped or having my legs broken. So I signed their contract of ownership of my body and mind and became their bitch and whore. The contract was that I was transferable should they wish to trade me and I worked for several cartels in their bars and clubs just for my keep. I was lucky to be spotted by my new Master who paid some ridiculous figure to take me home. He was a big black gentle giant and I was soon worshiping Him as my Master. He put me in chastity and got all the medical treatment I needed to get me healthy again. Lots of gym and jogging during my free times. He liked my boyish features and wasn't into body mods. As I mentioned before, I had a very petite feminine frame and features but my bottom was quite boyish. Also my breasts were my own. They were just small mounds with long nipples. Many men might have taken me for a girl who wanted to be a boy because I was so androgynous. Possibly this was what attracted my Master to buy me off.

    He put me on a three month trial while I learned how He liked to live and how He liked His house to be kept. Above all He taught me how he liked to be served.

    He was pleased with my development and offered me a new contract to be His live in housemaid/servant and hostess.

    I never knew a contract could be so erotic ! I remember getting very wet just going through the "likes and dislikes" list of sex acts which I needed to agree to to get the job. I was so comfortable with this man that I plowed through them with a breathless beating heart as I agreed to stuff I had never heard of but was too intrigued by it to decline.

    The following morning after the signing he placed a beautiful collar around my neck. He told me to go and shave my pubes and apply my creams. This I did after removing my beautiful collar and taking my shower. Naked and re-collard under my bathrobe iI returned to His bedroom where He was waiting for me. In His hand He held a shiny little steel cage.

    It was in two parts. One was a small diameter cock ring and the other was a compatible steel cage. I glanced at them knowing what they were for and closed my eyes. He told me to lay back and open my bathrobe with my legs spread wide.

    I obeyed and with my eyes fixed on the ceiling felt myself being placed in chastity for the next two years . Squeezing my balls to get them through the ring was for a second or two quite painful. He succeeded only when trying one at a time. This was followed by bending my little clitty into a loop and forcing it too through the ring. Fitting the cage was also quite fiddly. It had a built in combination lock and when I heard that click I knew that my life had changed for good. There would be no more stroking my little clitty now. It was all I could do to feel it through the bars of the cage. I would never know the combination even if I begged.

    What was so new to me was an even stronger need for sexual gratification. And to add to my desires my Master made me watch sissy porn to keep my clitty wet and hard for hours..

    Finally when the two years were coming to a close He offered me a further three on the same contract. We are now close to the end of this one too. If He tires of me I might be sold or passed to one of His friends. But I would be very happy to stay being His slut. We will see.

    ♠️ Bitched Out ♠️

    As my head was pressed into the wall and my ass was arched up getting hammered last night I had yet another experience that put me in my place and reminded me of what I really am and what I’m meant for in this world.

    Three hours I laid there last night, being forcibly taken and used like a sex toy for over three hours, poppers in my nose, sissy porn on the phone screen below me, giving up my sissy pussy like a whore in heat. This is what I’m made for I keep telling myself. This is my purpose I kept reminding myself through my load moans and screams.

    I can’t believe how girly I sound now whimpering and moaning as I get fucked. The deeper it goes, it’s like it hits a button that literally triggers sounds that only a girl would make. As my clitty shakes and sways in its cage, dripping, leaking and squirting all over the inside of my pink mini-skirt and the bed beneath me. This is why. As I sissygasm over and over I tell myself, This is why.

    I used to be a boy you know? Now here I am, dressed like a street hoe, in a dark room, high as a kite, getting raped like a bitch over and over for hours on a dirty mattress. The thing is, there is literally no place I would rather be than right here. I love what I’ve become. I’ve found my use in this life and now all I want is to be this girl I’ve become. I need to lift my skirt and to get fucked hard in my hungry sissy pussy.

    By the time I feel a hand on my hair, pulling it back, snapping my head up painfully, it’s too late, there’s no going back. The pain is irrelevant. The exhaustion doesn’t matter. My feelings of confusion are pointless. All there is is this. This moment, being useful, giving up my hole to please the person who’s using me. This is what it is to feel fulfilled, to feel useful, to be truly satisfied. I’m so lucky to be chosen, to be the one who gets picked to be used. I am proud to be the one that takes the aggression, the reason you find relief.

    There is no going back now. Best of both worlds. In heat, unending heat, like an itch that can never truly be fully scratched. There’s never enough. It’s never deep or hard enough and the more aggressive and violent and wrong it becomes, the more turned on and high I feel.

    No, not a boy anymore. Nope. Something else and never happier ♠️