Ways to calm a little down!

    1. “Shhh caregivers here I got you”

    2. Rock us gently while giving us kisses

    3. Give us our comfort item (most of the time its our favorite stuffie)

    4. Paci’s (it gives us something to focus on)

    5. Blanky burritos (wrap us up in our favorite blanky)

    6. hold our hands or hold us with our head on your shoulder !!

    7. “I think cuddles could fix this”

    8. Ice cream or a cookie

    9. “Tell caregiver what’s wrong hunny”

    10. Offer us a nap (sometimes we’re just cranky cuz we are sleepy)

    11. Juice in a bottle or sippy (keep us hydrated cuz crying can wear us out)

    12. Put on our favorite cartoon

    13. Tell us a story

    14. “Its ok baby caregiver knows just what to do”

    15. Wipe away our tears and talk in a soft + soothing voice (even a lullaby because a caregivers voice in general is a comfort)

    16. Snuggles

    17. Squeeze something squishy!! (Like a stress ball or if you have an actual squishy)

    Caregiving tips for your indecisive little!

    If your little tends to be very young and/or indecisive, when asking them questions give only a few choices instead of open ended questions.

    For example, instead of saying “which cup do you want?” pick 2 of the cups and say “do you want the red cup or the blue cup?”

    Eliminating the number of choices will ensure they are not overwhelmed and makes the relationship more interactive and fun for the both of you!

    Instead of “what movie do you want to watch?” pick 2 or 3 movies and say “do you want to watch Peter Pan, A Bug’s Life or The Little Mermaid?”

    Caregiver tip: If you’re not in the mood for a specific movie, don’t pick it as one of the choices it unless they specifically ask for it, that way you can both enjoy movie time!

    Instead of “what do you want to eat?” I suggest only offering one meal at a time instead of a two or three part choice.

    I only say this because if you have a hungry baby you might get a “I wan both!” (I know this because I do this a lot) and then you’ll have to make two meals (unless you want to make two meals, it’s up to you!)

    I hope that helped! comment with any questions, I’d love to answer them!

    *dni if ñs/fw, thank you*



    what are some red flags that littles should look out for??♥️♥️♥️

    This is not a complete list, but these are some important things to watch out for:

    -Desperate/thirsty. An established dom is not hurting for sex. He won’t be just trying to get nudes or hook up. If they’re pushing for nudes right away, that’s a flag.

    -Assuming Dominance. If they assume dominance and start giving commands without getting to know you or get your consent, that’s a flag.

    -Too You
    ng. If he’s 20 something and calling himself a daddy, that’s a flag. A dom, maybe. But not a daddy. He’s going to cause harm even without knowing what he’s doing.

    Hot Temper. A Daddy is someone who is in control, first of all he’s in control of himself. Any person who cannot control their own temper has no business being a Dom. Ever. That’s a flag.

    -Poor Communication. It is absolutely essential for a DD to be a good communicator. If that’s lacking, or if you’re always wondering when you’ll hear from him next, that’s a flag.

    Behavior. Sudden mood swings, changes in behavior, etc, are all red flags. Remember, a Daddy should be a calm and steady presence.

    -Unresolved trauma. A healthy DD will be working through his mental and emotional issues with a licensed therapist. This includes mental issues or disorders. If he’s severely depressed, Bipolar, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) or any other mental disorders, He should not be a Dom. If he says he’s figuring things out on his own without professional help, that’s a flag.

    -Only Interested
    in Sex. A healthy DD is there for much more than sex. While it is true the dynamic of the relationship is highly sexual, he must care for you beyond just play time.

    -Inflexible/uncompromising. A healthy DD will understand that sometimes things don’t work out according to his schedule, and he should be able to compromise and change with whatever happens.

    -Alcohol or drug dependency. Again, a DD should be in control of himself at all times, that means he should not be inebriated or high unless it is a rare occasion. He simply has too much power to allow himself to not be in control of himself.

    -Does not check-in or use safe words. A healthy DD regularly checks in with you to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re doing okay.