Community Property - Angel

    There’s always that one girl in the workplace that everybody is eyeing out for. There is that girl who everyone is waiting to fuck when the opportunity comes. There is always that young xmm or intern that wears fucking tight clothes, revealing and showing off her bouncy butt and tits. Everyone knows the real reason why she’s hired- to be used as a fuck toy and a cock sleeve. Basically she’s community property- everyone’s fleshlight to fuck and pass around the office.

    Angelis that office slut. Coming to office in short skirts and body-con dresses, you just want to grab her by the tits and pound her from behind. As she walks to the pantry you follow behind, with your raging boner. Plus she barely get any work done coz she spends most of her time dancing like a whore on tiktok.

    As she bends over to open the fridge her plump round anal-worthy ass props up against your face, inviting you to fill it up. You push your cock onto that ass push her up against the wall. “Dirty whore, I know you have been sucking dick and eating cum everyday, passed around the office like a sponge to soak up all that jizz. You give her a tight bitch slap, and grind hard against her ass, squeezing her erect nipples underneath her bra-less top. “Ow! I’m so sorry Boss, I promise I’ll give you a blowjob after work!! I’ll work harder and be a good girl”

    You ain’t gotta take that shit- this bitch has joined for 1 month and she hasn’t even let you give her a facial yet, let alone creampie her pussy on the office desk. This cheeky cunt Angel has been too complacent, and you need to put this slut back into her place. This slut needs to be fucked in the ass, to have her shitter stretched open like a good whore as punishment for her not meeting her cum-collection quota.

    “No more chances for you bitch, since you love showing off your ass on tiktok, you’re not leaving office today without a sore asshole”. Without hesitation, you whip out your dong and use it to lift up Angel’s skirt. At the same time you put her hands behind her in an armlock and maintained a tight grip on the slut. 

    “My ass hasn’t been used since Sec 4! I don’t think I can take your big -ooh!” Angel shook a little as her poopchute was plugged in one thrust by your cock. Relentlessly you pound her against the pantry wall, stretching her asshole wider and deeper with every plunge. Angel cant help but moan at this familiar feeling of having her ass broken open, and takes it like the whore she is.

    As you prepare to finish up, Angel’s almost virgin-like anus still grips tightly onto your dick. The constantly slapping of your balls against her bubble butt has caused quite a stir in the office, as all the guys start investigating where that “piak piak piak” is coming from. Just before the flood gates open, you pull out mercilessly from Angel’s ass. 

    Taste your ass, slut”. Before Angel has time to even whimper, you grab her by the hair and shove it into her mouth, forming a sexy bulge on her cheeks. “MmmMmmssschhhm” Angel’s slut instincts kick in as she taste the combination of your cum and her own asshole, and she immediately swallows to waste no juice.

    “Hey bro what’s going on? I didn’t get the memo for a gangbang? Seems like we can finally anally r@pe her today?”  The rest of the co-workers gathered at the pantry, like sharks drawn to the smell of fresh blood. Angel raised her cum-stained face, only to see five more dicks above her, and gave a cheeky little smile. Looks like Angel’s going to be working overtime today ;)

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